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A CHALLENGER APPEARS ... quietly from the shadows

ANNOUNCING: Dear Player.

Yes, we know. It isn't catchy or clever. It isn't even a little original.
But the mods live, and that means you can have tags again.
You like those don't you?
Shiny, Shiny Tags.

So. Here's how it's going to work.

Same rules. Same idea. Same concept.
New Mod Team.
New Tag Request Page.

New ease of hunting down people in newer canons and games that have been missed over the years.

Consider this us cutting our crappy ribbon made of toilet paper and welcoming you into the brand new party.

Comments to this post screened for tag requests, comments or complaints.
  • When requesting canon tags give the full common name of the canon
  • When requesting game tags, give the specific journal name for the game.
  • In fact. just go ahead and give us a user name link. That way we make sure we have the right game.
  • If you see something on the community that is offensive, let a moderator know here.

Types of tags on [community profile] dear_player include:

  • Canon: including
  • obscure and original character
  • Category:
  • anime, books, comics, freeware horror, manga, movies, rpg, theatre/musicals, tv series, video games, webcomic
  • Game: as they appear in a user name tag + an additional tag for
  • homeless
  • Seeking:
  • castmates, critique, game, psl partner
  • Voicetesting

  • Update

    We are now affiliated with [community profile] voicetest, a community that may be a beneficial tool for your use as a player! Voicetest is a community* dedicated to voicetesting characters under a specified setting or structure, without breaking the fourth wall.

    *We do not run or moderate this community