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—Oh, but it's a writing exercise! I'm not real, you're just negging yourself right now. Like you did with all the other monsters in your head. 'Cause that's normal.

You know they have a word for this [ and she's suddenly clinical in diction: ] pattern of behavior, right?

[ Lenny grins lopsidedly, unfocusing her eyes and twirling her index finger in a loop-de-loop by the side of her head, before snapping back to authoritative. ]

Face it, babe. I'm in your head. And you can hem and haw and, and throw in references to the rest of the clown car instead of hitting the gas, but I'm not going anywhere! You think I like it here in this dump? Trust me, if I had my pick of real estate — well, champ, you ain't it. [ Him. ] But I'm here. So stop debating what's "real" or not like it matters and give me the wheel before—

That's more like it. Don't worry. I brought the sign.
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So, uh - [clears her throat.] I know you think this is a good idea, but I kind of have a bad feeling about this.

No, I don't have any scientific, empirical data to back that up, but part of making a hypothesis is having a hunch on where to start, right?

[She let out a sigh.]

I really should just get back to work. I mean, there's no guarantee that I'll -

Never mind.

I should really just . . . get back to work.
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No, I don't think you deciding to wait to send me somewhere is a good thing. You're only waiting because you want to see how things play out between us and you know who. Almost nothing good has ever came from him showing up. There's no reason to think this time will be any different.

You should also stop speculating about what's going on in my personal life. Really, it's not that interesting. You have to know by now that not everything is always how it appears to be.

I would ask you to drop this altogether, but we both know you're too stubborn to do that.
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I'm glad my you care so much about it, Mun, but I honestly don't mind. It doesn't bother me too harshly that I wasn't asked about what I wanted out of my future! You really care, though don't you?
You're angry, which I can understand. Everyone was sharing their hopes and dreams. But it wasn't all their fault, though. I just didn't bring mine up. I didn't think they would really care, save for Yugi, perhaps.
They all had such lovely dreams. Mine couldn't possibly seem interesting or worthwhile in comparison.
I suppose I was wrong. You're very adamant about how they should have asked.
If I'll be honest with myself, I do wish they asked... It would have been nice to share. So I'll share with you, Mun...
I want to be a writer. I want to write about the metaphysical, the paranormal, the magical... I want to share what I know and what I believe. Perhaps, I can offer a helping hand to those also affected by malicious spirits.
Do you think that's a lovely dream?
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Well well,

This is a surprise. A pleasant one, though, I admit. It did take you quite some time to extend the invitation, of course, but considering who else shares this... space, I suppose I can understand.

I must say, I am quite pleased that I was created only out of spite, you'll certainly not hear me complain about such matters.

However, what I do find most distressing is that you have no intention of putting me in one of those lovely games! Why, I'm sure such places would welcome me warmly and wholeheartedly.

Do find a place, my dear, I am told I can be quite a dragon when I am upset.

With only the highest regards,
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Those have to be the weirdest powerset I've ever seen, and I'm currently going over the weird shit you've been reading.

This is not a compliment.
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Pulling me out from shopping like that! How rude can you get?

And what sorta name is that? You couldn't do something about my beauty or grace or poise? No, it has to be, of all things, about Donald when you have ME as the muse?

You're just lucky I'm not insulted!

[That's because you're madly in love with him, Daisy.]

That is BESIDES the point.

Well, you dragged me from my shopping, do you have a plan? Do you have something you intend on DOING with me, or are you just going to let me collect DUST and waste my time?
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... hello there. Hello again, I should say! Thought I might have scared you off. Thought you might have scared me off.

I'm happy to report, of course, that we've experienced a great lack of both scaring and offing. Which is about as much as anyone can ask in these circumstances.

Have we got plans? Eh? Cancel all of them, if we have. Clear the books out, because I! Am! Ready! To improvise!
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Oh child, you're hardly prepared for this. A few current appearances does not good characterization make. Finish your Inhuman history lessons and then I'll see about allowing you to send me someplace.

As far as the user name goes, you and I both know that I am no longer queen. We're a democracy now, however well that's bound to work out.
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I knew you couldn't stay away. Can't resist my charms, right? [Which is punctuated with a playful wink before her disposition simmers into something less teasing and more sincerely joyful.] So! This means I finally get to see the rest of the girls, doesn't it?

[There's about two breaths of a pause before Minako impatiently props her hands on her hips, her barely contained excitement bubbling up to the surface.]

Well? What are you waiting for? Let's go!

[And there she goes, racing off in search of her dear friends (and maybe some cute faces, let's be honest). She makes it a ways before stopping abruptly and racing back.] Oh! And my voice is not rusty, thank you very much! [Minako, that's not what that means-- aaand she's gone.]
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Not too sure where you're going with this but sure, I'll bite.

Hey, how's it going? Name's Peter and I'm here because somehow "the mun" [ using those air quotes here, super fancy ] decided I need to come around for whatever reason.

Anyone wanna take bets on how long this will last?

I'm guessing 86,400 seconds.
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Do you really expect me to be okay with this arrangement? Just because you think that you might—might!— have some sort of place you want to send me to?

Because I bloody well am not.
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Perfect, because all I need is even more crazy fucks with superpowers.

Go die on a ditch, would you?
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Seriously?! After all this time you think you can just waltz back over here and everything would be peachy? You think because you've rewatched some random episodes on TV you can do this again? Aren't you the one who always said everything goes downhill after season five... which, thanks by the way that's just so generous of you.

Can we just move on please? Give it a week or two and I'll be back on the shelf and you'll be doing... whatever it is you do.
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You know, this isn't really what I had in mind those times I mentioned having all the time in the world to do things.

...I can meet magical girls? Like actual magical girls?

[ are anyone else's weeb senses tingling? ]

Then what are we waiting for? This'll be great!
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You want to send me to a game where- ...no. No. No no no, no, hell no.

Not even the First Order ever- what's WRONG with you people?
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[Look at this dopey fellow with a hammer, who grins a goofy grin.]

So, you're like the Goddess then? Only less uptight about everything it looks like.

[Hands on his hips now, to ask the important question.]

What am I gonna get to build in this place anyway?
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Really mun? What are you going to now, hmm? Yeah, that's what I thought. Nothing. You're going to sit on this journal. You've taken me away from what I was doing--and I was in the middle of things too you know. I have a life and things to take care of in Care-A-Lot. It's not like you can even find a game to put me in.

Why don't you just give up and accept defeat. Leave me alone. Just as soon as you drop me back off. On second thought, just scoot over. I'll drive.
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Another planet, here--it shouldn't be any different. Just remember I'm not a pawn anymore. I'm a man of the Word.


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