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It's been a while since we've been anywhere, hasn't it? I'm... not really comfortable with some of the ideas you've been talking about. They're not very nice are they?

But... you've been saying you want to 'put me somewhere' and... do you have to, really? You don't even have a plan yet. Do you?

...allright then I' you. Let's do this.
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Hey there Mun-person.
So you took the plunge huh? While I appreciate it and think this could be an interesting experience for us both, you'd kidnap me from important stuff. So I'm not all that pleased with ypou, but what can I do? I hope we'll run into some people I know and you'll let me do what I'm good at. That said... maybe it wouldn't have hurt if you brushed up a little more on the show before jumping into this. But let's see what this take us then, shall we?

Wyatt Halliwell
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Yeah, mun, you've probably missed the train on this one. But it at least seems to me that there're still a few RFA members floating around here and there, so don't lose hope!

Don't worry, I'll keep checking in on them. They're all busy with their own very full lives, but if I'm anything, it's reliable!
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You don't need more "muses" in that head of yours. Adding me to your "active" roster would bring that number up to six (you even had to look that up to even count accurately.)

Stop chasing moments and feelings that aren't coming back. It's better that way.
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You know so far I'm not happy with your idea of 'adventure'. No more of this. Adventure is one thing, but you've had me in nothing but bad situations since I got here. I've had enough 'horror' to last me a lifetime, thank-you very much.

.......... [Belle just groans]

No, just no. None of that either. I want romance, not a badly written bodice ripper.

Come on, just give me something with adventure and friendship... please? Maybe just a bit of romance?

............ [A sigh]

I know, I know. it's a long shot that I'll see Beast here, and that he likely won't be my Beast... but... I can hope can't I? I let you get away with an awful lot, let me have that much. Or at least don't try to pair me with someone that makes Gaston seem humble, I can't take any more of that particular brand of ego.
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Wow, I'm really flattered you like me so much that you want to send me somewhere! I think. But are you sure you're ready for this again? It's a big responsibility and I kind of have things I need to do at home. I can't leave Chat Noir to fight alone.

...I know I can't really change your mind, unfortunately but if you think you can handle it... if you think we can handle it, then I'm going to support you all the way, the same I'd do for any of my friends. Though I wish you wouldn't take me away from Paris where Adrien all the people *I* care about are...

I know you don't want to let anyone down. I don't either. But I have things to do too. Let's just make sure we're certain about this, and give it our all, okay?
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This is not a well conceived notion

I say this as someone who has extensive experience with notions that have fallen all along the 'not a good idea' spectrum.

But you know that and appear to be considering it anyway, which is not going to end well; for either of us.
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Yes, it would be ... nice to find Lucas. He is important to me.

That does not mean I am not capable of acting independently from him. With all due respect, while my feelings for the boy are strong, I am still very much myself and having much to live and discover before making any commitment. The likelihood of finding him is minor, and I will torture myself with such a thought. Just as you torture yourself over the consideration of a game for me.

Nothing with ponies. Or I will shoot.

W. A.
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Hey, I'm not late. I just had a lotta things to take care of. Worth the wait, though, right?

I know that time fog is some crazy stuff, but how many versions of me do you have now? Nevermind, all the alternate universe stuff makes my head hurt. But didn't you try this once before with Natasha? oh, and Jan too? Why would I be any different? The academy's just not that popular.

Don't tell Fury I said that. He keeps giving me the evil eye. I don't think he likes that I made them accept animals before I'd join up.

((cross posting to dear_mun))
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So we're doing this. You're going to actually keep me up and running regularly, now. Not just once every six months. I can - I can handle that. [He tries valiantly not to sound nervous.] I do kind of wonder if now's really the best time given how most of my... progenitor's associates? However we're referring to them, are doing. But maybe I could help. Seems like an extra set of processors might come in handy right now. If nothing else, I can at least make sure everyone sleeps and eats regularly. After living with Howard, that's become my special skill at this point.

I just have one question, though. I mean, I don't want to sound negative. And I'm sure this could all work out for the best. I was, uh, just curious - did you ever work out a way to explain me to people I don't already know? Because I think this might be weird for them otherwise. I don't really improvise well. I also don't like freaking people out, so. Some more planning might not be bad. Especially since I can't go most places. It's better if I get this right the first time around.
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Yeah, okay. So you say you want to 'make things better' for me. Have you ever thought that maybe making things better means leaving me alone? Go ahead and ditch me, everyone else does. It's going to happen eventually.

Yeah, I sound bitter, but wouldn't you? I'm in the middle of a shitty-ass game and suddenly I find myself in your head. I know it's a way of escaping but nobody else got to. Pretty sure I'm the only one that's going to move in. I get that Cassie's going to play Carlos, but who wants just him? At least find me an Akane. That'd be doing something right.

Okay, sorry, sorry. I know you're trying. And damn me if I don't want you to try. But it's hard to hold out hope that a game is going to go right. I don't exactly have good memories associated with the term 'game', here. Where are you even going to throw me in?

Decide that, and maybe I'll be a bit more amenable. At least then I'll have an idea of what you're getting me into. Or maybe just get me a PSL or two. That's a thing, right? It's a way to start slow for both of us. Slow and steady wins the race.

To hell with slow and steady. I hate snails.
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Player, do not fret about getting my 'voice' correct! I believe the wtching of the episodes in question might assist you in this. As for this 'username'... I am somewhat fond of it. You shouldn't worry, you already have someone who is deeply interested in these PSLs you speak of. I am certain you will find others!

By then our fun will have doubled... no tripled! If you need my assistance, I will be here as always.
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I guess the third time really is the charm, right? Orrr I guess you'd say third game in this case? It's weird that it's been almost six months since you sent me to this Empatheias place, Mun. Time sure flies!

And it's pretty nice here! All of that magical emotion stuff can be super fun, plus there's a lot steampunk-looking things and neat places to explore, and all the people are really nice! [He frowns.] Well, things still do go wrong, and I- I guess I'm... ...It's weird being away from everyone for so long.


...But it's okay! One day I'll go home for good and be with everyone again, right? I'll be right back where I last left off, after that... um, that fusion training session that... didn't go too well... Anyway! That's besides the point. Just stop trying to wish that everyone would appear on that test drive thingy and let's keep on keeping on! How's that sound?

Wait, did you link it? Ohhh, now everyone's gonna think I'm just being sneaky! Oh well...
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 We're really going to do this now? But you haven't even finished my icons yet... I guess I can't convince you not to do this? Well, then, I'll just have to make this work. So long as I have Patamon, I haven't come across an obstacle yet I can't overcome. It would be easier with Yuri and Sonya here, though. Look for them, please? I'll do my best to work with what you give me; that doesn't mean I can do everything by myself. If I could I don't think Digidestined would get chosen in groups.

If you don't mind me asking, what's the plan for this? I can't go to a game. The Japanese Digidestined and I haven't spoken in a while, even if you say they'll probably show up. You know me, I need goals to work towards. Otherwise I'll end up spending all my time playing video games in my pajamas like Yuri, and nobody wants that to happen. Let's see... [Anna trails off, fingers drumming against her side for a moment.] I suppose I could lend some support to the non-humans here, since they're in the minority. Maybe I could get some kind of data for Sonya to process that would help us in the Digital World. Maybe I could play at being a superhero with Patamon? We've seen all the movies, it could work.

...don't give me that look. I'm trying to be productive, here!
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I...I have a few questions, mun, if that's all right with you.

Why the sudden interest in me? It's not that I don't appreciate it, it's can't really do anything with me until about a year and a third at best. And why me above any of my other friends?

Also...the username. Was that...was that really necessary? I'm not "phobic" of dogs, really! I'm just a little....wary of them. Y-yeah, just cautious, what with their sharp, pointy fangs and all....

Mun? That laughter isn't answering any of my questions.

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So, you have put some more thought into this plan of yours. I still do not think it is a good idea, but I will admit that it is an interesting one.

I would much prefer if you could decide what era to use at least, if nothing else, and whether or not I am still a part of the program or if it was disbanded as Marissa's was, or if I was able to escape from it in some other way.

I can also say that I do not approve of your plan to play out different versions and 'see what sticks', these are the sort of things you should know before playing with something like this.
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...So you really think Twilight would count this as part of my friendship studies?

Make a new account for me and get me to make new friends on this weird bit of multiverse known as [Squints eyes as she inspects the Dreamwidth page, she looks both up and down at the huge white page with the black font and attempts to make peace with it.] "Dear MUuuun"?

Whatever you say mun! I just well you know how I get about these kind of things. What if the people here don't want to talk, Or what if I make WAY too many friends at once I don't know how to handle them all?!

Okay, just breathe Starlight... you'll be fine.

You've managed just fine up until now I'm sure making friends someplace that isn't Equestria won't be any different. [Gulp and a swallow.] I hope.

[OOC: Mun saw Part One of the season finale today due to being in the UK So I'll avoid spoilers unless you're comfortable with them.]
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...Do you even remember what happened when I came across him that one time we found him on here?

There's no way I'd ever let you even ask any one one of these mun people to let someone like that anywhere near Dragonsbayne! Their world's dragons barely made it out without any scrapes... I don't want to imagine what could happen if he ever got his claws into the council and into my family.

[That's exactly why it would be so good though, Saft. Haven't you noticed that more than ever you're willing to fight for what little family you have?]

...I-I don't want to think about those things. And even if it did happen who would I turn to for support? Everyone hates dragons, there's no way anyone would come to help us if something that bad ever happened.
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Calm down already, you spaz.

[But more people learning about this canon! Possibly more canonmates!]

"Once in a blue moon" - those were your words. Shiny formatting and a new cover won't change anything. Don't get so worked up, all right?

[Sheesh, killjoy...]


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