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Yes, it would be ... nice to find Lucas. He is important to me.

That does not mean I am not capable of acting independently from him. With all due respect, while my feelings for the boy are strong, I am still very much myself and having much to live and discover before making any commitment. The likelihood of finding him is minor, and I will torture myself with such a thought. Just as you torture yourself over the consideration of a game for me.

Nothing with ponies. Or I will shoot.

W. A.
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This is only because you're having fun with Lavi, isn't it? [SCRUTINIZING HIS MUN] You better be ready to commit to this, because I don't intend to sit around and take whatever comes. I want to be active, alright? [points an accusatory gloved finger] Active!

And the cookhouse better be all-you-can-eat. And I refuse to work as a mercenary! And I won't allow you to alter my body with anything weird. It's weird enough. And . . .

[he deflates, his arm dropping uncertainly. his gaze darts away, and he smiles wryly] It would be nice if some of my friends were there. But that's a little selfish, isn't it?

[come on, Allen, don't say that! you'll chase them away!]
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You're being ridiculous.

Avoiding the issue isn't going to change what happens.

...no matter what, don't stop.

[ Potential spoilers in comments, but I'll try to avoid them! ]
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Stop trying to "corrupt the chibi!" You're going to take what makes him cute and just pervert it, and then where will you be, yeah? And I'm not Jack. No 51st century need to spread out humanity and dance with everyone.

So can we lose the domestic approach for just a bit, and focus on some real things? Music's fine, but you know there's still giant spiders, a lot of timey wimey shenanigans, and fairies to deal with, yeah? Just a touch more important, don'tcha think?

And I would not try to "one-up" Sarah Jane like that! Lay off it already! Get your head onto other things! I bet Bill won't have to deal with these stupid problems. [Huff!]
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Well... that's going to leave a mark.

And I know you never really decided how I got human, but if it happened after that, you'd better give me some kind of kick-ass scar!
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I knew you couldn't stay away. Can't resist my charms, right? [Which is punctuated with a playful wink before her disposition simmers into something less teasing and more sincerely joyful.] So! This means I finally get to see the rest of the girls, doesn't it?

[There's about two breaths of a pause before Minako impatiently props her hands on her hips, her barely contained excitement bubbling up to the surface.]

Well? What are you waiting for? Let's go!

[And there she goes, racing off in search of her dear friends (and maybe some cute faces, let's be honest). She makes it a ways before stopping abruptly and racing back.] Oh! And my voice is not rusty, thank you very much! [Minako, that's not what that means-- aaand she's gone.]
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. . .

[There's no immediate answer, and Shanoa looks almost pensive.]

I'm afraid I don't understand. There's no purpose to my being here. I have done my duty, my lady.

[Sure there's purpose, Shanoa. Sometimes people just enjoy one anothers' company for the sake of it. It doesn't always have to be about a mission. --And even with many of her emotions and ability to grasp such things stunted, it clicks and Shanoa bows her head for a moment.]

Ah, I see... [And there's a very sincere attempt at a smile here.] Thank you. I enjoy your company as well.

[A beat.]

Are we to seek out others now? It has been some time, but if you wish to try these... "memes" once more, then I will oblige.
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Aww! Missed me, huh?

It's alright, munny-poo. It isn't exactly easy to shake off this Al Bhed girl, so I don't blame ya.
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You are under a misguided way of thinking if you believe I want to see any Jedi in the city.

Encouraging them will only get them all killed.

Let that be your only warning.
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Okay, so. I guess this is happening.

When I said I wanted out of Angel Grove, this isn't really what I had in mind, you know?
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Woo!!!! Look at you choosing to jump on this cool wagon! Can't say you chose wrong here!

[He gives a wink followed by a little smirk]

We might be a little late to the party but I am so ready to do this! You have no idea what you're getting yourself into but no worries! I always know how to have a good time!
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"I'd have no reason to disrespect this man in this AU". That's your other priority?

Please, I'm not that petty. I know what good he does for my brother. I don't think he would have that much trouble adapting to this strange city, and that goes just as well for Dimple, Teru-san and... Suzuki.

[ :3 ] 

... If you make another "Ritsun" joke I'm not talking to you.

[ ooc: I already have a friend planning to be Mob! ]
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Oh so you're doing this?

Even before you finish the re-watch?

Alright, okay, alright, won't argue.

What are you really planning to do with me though? I mean, I know you've already got Eliot up here in the headspace, and I know you don't let him out much, and I also know you don't want to know what's going to happen with both of us cooped up in here.

Just saying.
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Oooh, now this is exciting! My first event in Wonderland, and I'm back in a lab! Just like home!

Well, except it's not home, and none of the walls move...

And... Weird creature things... Everywhere. Plus everyone's a kid for some reason...

Should be fun.
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[SOMEONE IS YELLING. But what else is new for Arietta the Wild.]

Stop it! I don't want to see any of them here! This place has enough terrible people in it without you trying to bring in those murderers!

I can get by just fine without anyone from the Order here -- just like I always have!
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Look, it's not my fault that it happened. And how was I supposed to know it would grow back? You wouldn't want me to tell him lies now, would you?

At this rate, you're going to have everyone thinking I'm the villain in this story!
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Are you sure you want to do this, mun? You haven't played me in years, and back then I was with Shinichirou. I'm not sure I want what you have planned for me. I'm sure it's all very nice, but being separated from him for that long?

Do you have too?

Yes, thank you. I'd love some tea.
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Oh ho ho! Dearest, kindest writer, you shouldn't have!

It's been some time since I've had such a fine lamb led to my altar. And one so dreadfully handsome as well! And here I had been fully prepared to be left out of these lovesick seasonal festivities. Consider me pleasantly surprised.

I intend to receive and enjoy this offering to its fullest extent.

You have my deepest thanks.


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