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You are all so surprised that I'm clever? Honestly, I'm surprised I manage to survive so long if that sort of a thing happens.

[He is just so very smirky.]

Really it wasn't even difficult, I even tricked you into going along with it. You mentioned constructs and well a bit of research, elbow crease and quite a bit of oddball, offbeat madness and suffice to say- I win.

[Waves off any attempt mun has to speak!]

Twaddle, simply have to rethink a bit or react...retract perhaps and obviously reconsider. That's all, nothing more. Ta!
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Luke will teach me everything I need to know. I'm ready to learn and I'm ready to face...the Dark. I can't run from it forever and I can't let it hurt anyone else.

[She is afraid, but she won't give into that fear and run anymore. Besides, where can she run? Away from Luke? What good will that do her?]
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Stop trying to "corrupt the chibi!" You're going to take what makes him cute and just pervert it, and then where will you be, yeah? And I'm not Jack. No 51st century need to spread out humanity and dance with everyone.

So can we lose the domestic approach for just a bit, and focus on some real things? Music's fine, but you know there's still giant spiders, a lot of timey wimey shenanigans, and fairies to deal with, yeah? Just a touch more important, don'tcha think?

And I would not try to "one-up" Sarah Jane like that! Lay off it already! Get your head onto other things! I bet Bill won't have to deal with these stupid problems. [Huff!]
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Hey, my spelling isn't that bad. And name one life-or-death situation where excellent spelling is going to save people.

I can read the important signs, that's all the matters, right?

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Apr. 9th, 2017 03:52 pm
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I-- well, I find it fun that you want to join a game with me.

Astral, even.

I just think ... well. May the Force be with you, right?
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Thanks, self. You had to bloody well make her immortal. What were you thinking? You know that isn't a solution to anything! You know it makes it worse instead of better! Were you so cross with her that you decided to torture her for all eternity?

If I ever meet you in person we're going to have some words, me and me. And if I don't smack you around that empty ball of nothing you call a head, you can count yourself lucky.
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Don't sweat it, you got this Sister. This will be SUUUPER easy!

Left hip up, left hand on hip, and right arm out. Now switch! Right hip up, right hand on hip, and left arm out. See? Easy!

[Franky, it's an app your mun has to write, not dance. =w=]

...what? You need to write something out?


Oh well. I'll send you dancing support from this end! You'll have an awesome week to do this! [He thumbs with a grin!]

[While his mun is =.=]

Which reminds me. Whenever I do drop in, I can bend my buns to steel right?
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Stop stop stop stop! It's bad enough when he licks wood and things, do ya really need to encourage it?

[ALL THE FACEPALMING.] I just want to focus on the musical. You already know the fallout after this is over is going to be intense, stop making it worse! One of him's poisoned, one's abducted by aliens, and the other's running away, and I just wanted to enjoy Grease the Musical without it being interrupted by Phantom of the Opera licking all the ropes.

I can't even go to the library without you makin' that into a production, now can I? Just slow yer roll and stop for once. Bad enough you can't even let me listen to music in peace. And now I have to find a steampunk prom dress on a week's notice?! [Double facepalm, biting back a scream. Evil mun is evil.]
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I get to be grown-up again?!?!

For a whole week?!?!

And Shadow and Zelda will be there too?!

....this is going to be GREAT!!!
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Stop it.

I care not if you think it would be cute. I care not if you think that Keith and I work well together, or whatever other combinations of people you want to muddy around with. I am not amused in the least by this and I am not searching for anything romantic! Especially not when it is going to result in embarrassing things like... Like... this!!

Keith and I are acquaintances. So what if he has helped me when I needed it in the past? That is no reason to push things to such a degree!

But of course you are not going to listen to me, are you?
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Babysitting teenagers for a week.

[Long pause.]


So between classes, how do you propose I find time to shove my hands in a blender?
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It's bad enough that I'm going to be human but really must you label all my clothing including my jim-jams with the words, "Jim jams are sexy"? And a t-shirt with,"Doctor Sexy is In."

You know I am aware.
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...Y'know, mun?

I don't even care that you're makin' me go to school. That's not so bad, even if I know some people might complain about it.

But... c'mon! You couldn't write my name into the backstory for it? You gotta make me go by...!

Ugh, nice try, but no way are you tricking me into saying it.

[Pouty fox is folding his arms? YOU BET'CHA.]

I'd like it a lot more if you could just write my name into it. I don't care if it wouldn't make sense, at least think about it!
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Okay, I'm all for trying new things. But, being in a school for a week sounds really, really, really boring.

No weapons or anything?

And everyone is gonna think they're students and not know they're Wakened? Mun, people are gonna try to beat the crap outta me.

...well, yeah, try. I can still fight.

Can't we just skip this one? Please?
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I don't care what you think, the fact that someone is going around and saying that I was in a threesome due to that last storm is ridiculous and not amusing in the slightest. All we did was kiss!

And no, we're not telling anyone else that this happened. Ever.
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Really? We're really doing this?

Because I gotta tell ya, mundane, I'm fine with the three of us. Its nice to have made a decent first impression on Link and Zelda.


Of course I'd like to see mine again. Hard to say if the feeling would be mutual though, ain't it?

...fine, do whatever, but get the idea of enabling villains out of your head?
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Your timing is the worst, mun.

Dealing with the Jedi is already an inconvenience. Dealing with them when they've gone insane is something else entirely.

And I don't appreciate you making none of my equipment work. I'm not helpless without it but it's a lousy trick to pull.
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...You plan to go through with this? So I'll go back to school?

[There is a soft sigh of relief. After the previous games her mun made her endure, this maybe the one game she likes. School, a friend, it's perfect.]

Thank you mun.

Please keep it that way. Long as you can.
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No, I don't need any back-up, player.

I can handle it all on my own.

And while I'm very up to any challenge, I could do without the extra competition.
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Mundune, I'm beginning to grow concern on why thar's more of me. Care to explain? Is the multiverse going to end and therefore trying to gather all of me up in one place?


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