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You know I seriously hate that you and the others are enjoying the fact that app is in.  

Yes!  I know that I've been wanting someone from my era there but I was thinking you know, maybe Desmond, or Becca.  

Would you stop cackling like a mad woman!
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This'll do. Color definitely helps, not to mention actually looking more like me than, say, old concept art of the Persona 5 protagonist. Do I wanna know why you kept the one of me as a pony? On further reflection, the answer is "no, no I do not."

Also got this makeover for Sara in time for [community profile] synodiporia to plop her in the 80's. Appropriate. Hope you're taking care of her - the Arcana do not screw around any more than the invaders do, even if they're more likely to talk about their great game.

...you're doing this because you plan to send Sara to a Dungeon at some point, aren't you? And you want me and her other... potential... partners ready to help whoever comes in to help her escape.

Hurt her and you, and the Arcana, will have hell to pay. I don't care if this is a timeline where we're together or not and GOD, I hate VN routing bullshit. She's my teammate and our best hope besides that. We are in the business of breaking into dreams. You hurt her? Buenos suertes, feo.
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Look man I know you figured the game was coming out years later when you used this, but as badass as having Lupin 3, Purseowner of the Main Character Arcana would be, Akira Kurusu I'm not. Besides, there's a reason you pegged me as Magician.

Just commission some icons of me and be done with it. You're gonna need them if you send me anywhere. Or if my actual Main Character Arcana social link gets thrown into a dungeon in Synodiporia. Or something.
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I am to understand that tonight you recounted, in song, a litany of improbabilities that led to your people's freedom, that you might recognize that each coincidence, each minute fragment of good luck, that your people prayed for came to pass - and that it should therefore be counted as a miracle. All while spicing your food with bitter flavors, in memory of bitter times.

I am feeling unusually charitable, then. I will not answer your statement in blue that the events recounted at your feast table were based on historical events. It is enough that you recognize that, had it happened according to your conjecture, it would have been - why, not one but several miracles.

Did you expect me to say "It would have been enough?" That is your ritual, player, not mine.


I am finding my first Jaunt as a piece on Justice's board a suitable challenge. I cannot - well, I can no longer - play the priestess, apt as the cult of Persephone is, and playing a sort of Socrates instead suits me. "I pretend to either madness or philosophy," you had me say. How droll, and how accurate.

Of course, all magic needs philosophy. I will not have to stretch my imagination to claim I am a Stoic.
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Okay, so. I guess this is happening.

When I said I wanted out of Angel Grove, this isn't really what I had in mind, you know?
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You do realize that my friends will realize I'm missing don't you?

I mean yeah, I'm glad to not have to worry about Bozaks... At least until you let me return home, but I'm worried about my friends okay? And the promise of an adventure isn't going to stop that. [ The childlike help pouts a moment] I don't care that there are other elves at that place. I don't want to leave Ansalon. So you can send me back home with whatever magicks you used to bring me here.

[ And here the pout turns into the angriest little scowl a preteen looking elf can actually come up with, complete with a foot stomp because why not.]
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You needn't fear for my sake— I want that to be clear. We have been through so much together and I am relatively happy with where we are now. Thank you... for staying with me all this time.

Yes, it has been a while since we've been there and I am glad for a second chance to see what is in store for us. The timing was off then, but I feel more hopeful about this. Nervous, yes, but ultimately glad.

[ And, uh, about that canon point...? ]

Ah... I must admit I wish you were picking some place in time that is a bit kinder, but... I understand. As long as you do not give up on me, I will not give up on whatever paths you set me upon, no matter the hardships I must shoulder.

Be excited. There is no shame in admitting you are looking forward to this too.
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You are right to assume a murder-game would bore me, Mundane. I have had my fill of murder between the last three gameboards I've borne witness to. The bloody taste of that particular genre has simply burned out my palate. Perhaps Lambdadelta would still find it sweet - but then, she always preferred the same, familiar candy on her tongue or in her mind. Perhaps for her, murder is to stories as konpeito is to food. I am not so easily sated.

And you know full well how poorly I take to being bored. That's the curse of witches, isn't it? How lethal boredom can be?

This [community profile] synodiporia is promising, I admit. A game where one is expected to shift tone, genre, aspect, and powers on jaunts beyond my usual liminal space... quite a promising variety of fragments for me to wander. I can only imagine how proud of yourself you must feel for finding a game that you think suits me that well. I go so far to admit that the Hanged Man is an apt symbol for me.

I understand that an old... acquaintance of mine will be there, and that if Battler shall join them that you intend to take me there as well? How nostalgic you must find it, to imagine us drinking tea together, and yet it's nostalgia for a game you've known of for so short a span of time. How very human of you.

You do realize that if I go there, it will not have a happy ending, don't you?

You do realize that I am a witch, right?
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That's the most random urge I've heard of, mun.

Just because I haven't yelled at Eren for a few months, doesn't mean it's been 'too long' and that it 'would be fun to do again in either game'. It's fine like this!

... a bit weird, since he's sometimes a damn idiot, but still fine!
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I guess... thank you, for gettin' me a little more time this way. I'm not that other guy, I didn't really want --

Doesn't matter now, I guess.

So when you gonna tell me why you keep gettin' sad about Angie? Don't think I've not noticed, because I have, girl, I totally have.

But whatever, if you're not gonna tell me about it I'll just have to figure it out on my own. Once I get in though (and, c'mon, I totally will get in, who wouldn't want me in their game, I'm great) you gotta let me meet some'a the ladies. It's mandatory, sorry, I don't make the rules.

P. Ham
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I'm going to Lightsbridge, not some strange place inbetween worlds. And this...'superhero jaunt' you describe sounds completely ridiculous. Don't they have proper law enforcement in these places?
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I am tired of being tired, of being surrounded by people I do not understand well, of this whole "infiltrating" business.

Yes, I am generally happier when under the impression I am not myself but then it ends and I... well. I am not the best at making friends with people.

Though I am... thankful for the experience of knowing Tazim.
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I'm rather torn, I'm afraid. You say that Alexander's there, and I would... [ small pause to collect herself ] I would, of course, give almost anything to see him again.

But the children need me. Angie has taken a turn for the worse since Alexander died, and little Eliza doesn't even understand why her father isn't coming home. And with father dead, it's just me and Angelica left of our family. How could I possibly leave, even to see him?

I truly hope you know what you're doing...
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My Dear Mun,

I must protest the indignity of this situation. It is simply the height of rudeness to 'play' me, as I believe it is called, without a proper introduction! Really, if you must control my every action, I would prefer that you at least endeavour to follow the proper protocol on these matters.

spoilers for book two and beyond )

And, as fascinated as I am by this "Liminal Space" you will be sending me to - scientifically it must be most fascinating, and I do hope that some of the current residents have made some proper studies on the subject - I am concerned about the lack of, shall we say, facilities. You cannot expect me to simply, well...simply go without! It's...indelicate! I shudder just thinking about it!

But I trust that you will follow my wishes in this matter, and I am most grateful for your time. Most sincerely, Lady Alexia Maccon.
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Really, mun? Are you really talking about sending me to a game right after the movie that's going to invalidate my entire life comes out? Doesn't that timing seem a little bit weird to you?

... you think it's funny, don't you? Maybe you should be playing Jacen if that's your idea of a joke.
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Didn't you say you'd play with Aladdin if you came back to this place? Hey, I'm serious, I'm pretty sure I saw you say something about playing with Aladdin and not me. You're testing things out? Why am I your experimental subject? And are you really serious about coming back even if you don't know how they do things anymore?

...What do you mean you'll just learn things as you go along? What do you mean you already have plans for me? What the heck does 'finding me a home' even mean? I'M HAPPY IN REIM and I don't need you dragging me to whatever stupid thing you have in mind!

Wait, what do you mean by 'start getting used to seeing other worlds'? What does that even mean...?
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So you've decided, then.

Just as well. I may not be able to carry out my task while there, but I'm more than certain I can find other activities to bide my time.

Who knows. It might be a good place to practice.


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