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...I never thought anyone could be scared by a guy named the vulture but...

I mean sheesh!

Also I think this ones my favorite. Yeah he screws up a lot but so do I you know?

[Waves a heavily bandaged hand as proof.]

So...what are we doing next? I don't want to go crazy again so please let's not do that? 

Come on. Please?

Can I at least get through this month without stabbing someone?

[[OOC: Spoilers in comments]
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If she might be there...then I have to go. She will be there, right?

I know it seems crazy to even...think that, but...I don't know. I guess it's all I have left.
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So the next month is all about moving on, huh?

What do you expect me to do anyway? Go around and ask everyone if we can be friends again? I'm pretty sure if dying didn't make up for what I did, nothing's going to.

... No, you're right. Thinking that way doesn't help. If we don't find a way to work together, we won't survive fighting another Witch.

I'm just so tired. I don't want to fight anymore, I don't want to keep going on like this... I kind of just want to curl up inside my house and never come out again to be honest, haha.

I dunno... if I can't be a good magi, then at least I can be one that's good enough to protect Pokey and Mettaton. That's a good enough reason to move forward, right?
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I should have known that this is was the logical conclusion. There was no happy ending in store for us, but the detonation of that bomb took out more than anticipated.
No amount of platitudes or empty reassurances will ease anything. Stick a fork in it, the unity of the team is fucking done.
Even saying that, I don't regret making the wish. I do wish that I'd been more careful about what I used it on.
These powers aren't enough to do anything.
And I can't say for certain whether or not this is better or worse than where I was before...
Probably worse.
If only for the fact that enduring this alone is eventually going to drive me up the fucking wall.
I can't confide in Dave or anyone there, they have enough on their plate.
I can't confide in myself, because we are not the same fucking guy and I was stupid to assume superficial similarities were indicative of nature overcoming nurture. Correlation does not equal causation.
This is going to require a serious overhaul of my plans. Nothing to do now but improvise.
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Man, what the fuck. I'm not sure how to even begin to describe the shitstorm hanging out on the horizon like this is some cosmic backlash for even thinking I had a handle on this. I don't. It's white-hot and I don't have oven mitts. What could loosely pass for emotional support isn't here and, as far as I know, are still currently dead. We just witnessed a double murder and had to fight our way through the shambling remnants of two innocent girls whose only folly was staggering into our backwater little town, and oh yeah, everyone is at each other's fucking throats.

And now you're telling me that we're having a lit stick of dynamite introduced into this powder keg in the form of one Bro Strider. As in me. As in the rad as fuck but completely demented past-future version of myself that will undoubtedly cause a deluge of previously unforeseen familial relationship angst and a custody battle over Cal.


And on top of that, the collective technological IQ of this city falls somewhere between 0 and 'not fucking enough'. And with our primary method of communication seemingly accessible to the enemy, the alternative is going to have to be introduced to them the same way the elderly are spoonfed their supper. I have no idea what possessed me to think this was a good idea, but then again, this is the same mind that decided a perfect replica of my thirteen year old brain would be a perfect conversational partner. I don't even mind it! It's just a huge disadvantage and for all I know, a colossal waste of all our time.

... I miss my friends.
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Gods, this is pathetic. Buncha fools rushing headlong into trouble over nothing. It wouldn't be such a problem if they weren't all so self-righteous about it. Love for your fellow Magi? Ha! Don't make me gag. That sentimental shit isn't getting anyone anywhere fast. I miss Z. Hell, I almost miss the rest of them.


If they all die that just leaves more killin' for me, right?
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My mun, oh, my mun.

I'm not one to stifle the creative process. I thought we were getting somewhere once you had decided I should become a true magi and had laid out a plan for my magic to spread my image across the universe. It feels like there isn't enough Karamatsu out there yet.

So then I have to ask, why do most of your plans involve me getting hurt or having to face myself yet again?

--Heh, you don't need to say anything. I've already realized it. You've created a test for me to overcome all of your roadblocks and become the strongest magi to ever exist. Very well, I accept! Throw whatever you wish at me, I won't fall!

Though, can you perhaps slow down and stop having my limbs broken? It's hard to write music and design new magi uniforms if I can't move my arm.
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And yet, it was you who brought him to this juncture. Your actions that condemned him to such an ending.

This is the price that must be paid for failure. The consequence of aborting from a task that one has set out to complete.

If you're going to do something, see it through. Don't waste my time with such half-hearted determination.
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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