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It's been a while since we've been anywhere, hasn't it? I'm... not really comfortable with some of the ideas you've been talking about. They're not very nice are they?

But... you've been saying you want to 'put me somewhere' and... do you have to, really? You don't even have a plan yet. Do you?

...allright then I' you. Let's do this.
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Yeah it's... been a while there, Mun. That's what you're called, right? Right. Like I said, it's been a while.

Look, we've really gotta work on communication, you and I. You're considering a possible 'game' for me.. The only game I'm down for is dragon racing. That's about it. I don't want to get into any other situations. I've got enough to deal with back on Berk. A tribe to look after, helping out mom, the dragons and--

...Annnd you're not bothering listening to me. Just. Searching for those games, huh? Great.

Glad we had this talk.
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It's not even been much more than a month, and already you're worrying over your mistakes.

[The tall gentleman, rakishly thin and oddly elegant in his long overcoat, irritably reached into his pockets for a cigarillo and lighter with barely veiled displeasure while he turned his back on his mundane in an attempt to Ignore the Call-- an attempt he knew would fail, because such things always did.]

You've been flitting from idea to idea to settle down, and now you've earned yourself a monster of a headcold as consequence for your foolishness.

Don't think for a second that I'll help you.

[He sighed, releasing a plume of smoke.]

Eh... We've worked together for over a year now. What more harm can this do?
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Well now-- I'm impressed you're actually committed to this. Most people would give up at the idea of trying to translate the game's mechanics to this sort of medium. Especially when it comes to my considerable skills.

Yet here we are.

Though perhaps I shouldn't be surprised. You do have a 'type' when it comes to choosing us, no?
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Oh geez...

So, you're the writer are you?

Alright. Alright. I got it. (A slight sigh.) Now, contrary to what you and everyone else expects me to act like in this kind of situation - I've decided that I'm just going to spare you the whole song and dance about how this is a really stupid and futile idea and how you really shouldn't be doing doing and how pride goeth before a fall...

(A pause. You following, writer?)

And I'm going to instead cut to the chase and tell you what you need to know if you're going to do this.

You got your plans and fine, fine...that's all well and good, but I got my own and I'm going to flat out tell you that I am capable of playing along here. I mean, you did pull me out of the void known as Wisconsin and all... so I can do that much for ya, but you gotta do one thing for me and we're good?

(A pause to make sure the writer is listening.)

It's nothing hard for a human. Trust me, it won't even take the slightest bit of energy to do. We can start by finding Loki. From there? You just gotta let me take over. We can play in a game or whatever while we look... you get what you want and I get what I need.

(A slight smile.)

Good girl. Thought you'd see it my way.
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Is a difference in hair and eye color really such a big deal? Sure, most Japanese high school students have dark hair and eyes, but there are a variety of reasons someone might bleach their hair or wear colored contacts.

For example, I could say I'm going through a "rebellious phase." Or that it's part of a modeling contract I'm obligated to abide by. (I really like that one, by the way!) The more you worry about whether or not people will recognize me without my dark hair and eyes, the more attention you draw to it.

I am who I am, no matter which point of my life you take me from and no matter which source material you use. So let's just agree that me having blond hair really isn't such a big deal and instead focus on other things, like a place I can actually go. After all, you don't intend to allow me to collect dust, am I right?
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What do you want? ( someone's displeased. )

Your neglect of me had proven quite beneficial to us all. The Saika Faction have more important duties to attend to than the whims of an easily distracted cuckoo. You would do well to abandon this foolish fancy before it begins.

( does she know she's talking to a brick wall? probably. )

- If you truly insist on, as you put it, re-igniting me, I expect no less diligence from you than I would my own men. ( in other words: you better tag, bitch. )
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You know something?

[ He inhales deeply and exhales something between a happy sigh and a gasp before breaking into a wide grin. ]

It's good to be back.
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And what makes you think that I would... fall prey to your whims like this?

Did you think I'd ask what I'd done to earn your favor?

[ Barnabas, idk why you'd think I, like, give a fuck, but hey.

He stands with his shoulders squared and his hands folded in front of him, a smirk dancing across his face.

I'm afraid I won't be able to join you on your little - trip, Madame. I've business. In Boston.

Perhaps someone else will be more accommodating. I'm sure you understand the quick disappearance.
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Yay! I get to play again!

But, they need pictures of me? There's not many of those, other than the ones you asked for- [ I paid for them Lullaby.] Oh. What's paying? [ I handed over gold to appease the artists who drew you. Like making an offering but on the condition that I get something because humans like equal exchange. ]

Oohh! Couldn't you do that some more to get all the pictures of me you need? They're only little pictures! [ Urm, I don't have that much gold to spend on pictures of you Lullaby. And I don't know who would offer to draw that many pictures of you, even if they're small. ] Awww, but I'd like the pictures! What else do you use gold on?

[ Food, a place to stay- stuff humans need. ] Huh. Like those clothes you brought from that website that cost- [ YES I DO REQUIRE CLOTHES LULLABY now shhhh. Shhh. ]
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You realize that just because I can tolerate sociopathic narcissists with violent tendencies is no reason to go flinging me at the next one you see.  I am not an idiot and despite what you might think I do value my health and safety.

Have a care, won't you?

And if you're looking to place me somewhere for God's sake make it somewhere with actual modern day technology.  I have degrees in neuroscience and programming that I'd actually like to use once in a while, if you don't mind.
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I want to go somewhere.

[He opens his mouth to say something, then merely swallows, looking to the side, eyes narrowing slightly.]

...Look. You know me well enough to know what I'm thinking- I've never shied away from anything. This isn't different. You said that nothing would happen to make where Hyrule or the Twilight Realm worse. That time would... stop. No-one would know anything.

...Don't be worried.

[His voice softens slightly.]

Okay? Don't worry. It'll be all right.
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Look, kid. Not too up for any of this nonsense.

[There's a light chuckle, and Mario Mario shakes his head.]

You wanna find somebody else to do it? That's fine by me, but I've already had my adventure.
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Oh! Oh, wouldn't that just be so interesting! It would be so nice to get out and about again! But you know, you don't need to worry about me not having my animal friends, Miss Writer. I will be just fine, I always find a way.

It would be so much fun, I think. Just think of all the interesting people I'd get to meet!

But we have a good deal of time to decide, now don't we? Well, silly goose, don't fret so. I'll be fine no matter what you decide.

Oh, but maybe we'll find something else if it doesn't work out. Whatever may happen, we mustn't get upset.
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I know you've been struggling with this lately, and I know it bothers you because you love it so much... but you've got to try to just power through it. That's not really the best advice but, um, that's all I can really say.

Maybe what you need is something completely new. Completely fresh? New beginnings can do a lot to clear your mind, wipe your expectations. I mean, it was working for me until it... stopped working, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count.
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No one visits Hogwarts anymore? How is that possible? It seems my grandfather and his mates are far more popular than even my Dad. Me? Normally, I enjoy the step out of the spotlight but lately I've been needing something more. It's my seventh year and I'm ready to start my own adventures! It'd be nice to have my mates around, but at this moment I'll take any universe as long as it lets me set my own course.

So how about it! Anyone looking for a semi-famous wizard in training who is ready to take on the world?
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Horror based... Not bad. Nothing I couldn't handle. So it's me or the Death lady? Makes sense.

I'd be more interestin' though.
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I'm pretty sure I made myself clear when I said I didn't want to go into space. I passed on the whole 'savior of the Skrull and Kree' thing. I'm not...that's not me. So I'm not on board with your plan to ship me off to some crazy space station. Even if there's some pretty cool stuff up there, I'd rather go with Billy and the others than without them. I wouldn't want to leave them back home worrying about me. Not that I'd want them to end up pulled into some weird space station either but it would be better to go with them than on my own.
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You've shipped me off to, what, three or four different places and none of 'em worked out for various reasons, right? So what the hell makes you think tossing me back into one of 'em, or even into another one, is gonna work out any better? Don't you know how to cut your losses and move on?
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I guess you seem alright, for a mun anyhow.

[The woman gives a little laugh after that, waving her hand.]

That sounds a little too much like an off-handed compliment. What I mean is... you make a good assistant. So to speak. It's not exactly the same but... the analogy works, right?


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