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[And because that red-headed brat keeps insisting that they're wrong about stuff;]

What the Shellder are you talking about? Alternate universe whatnow?

[Blue, you're opening a can of worms here.]
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What do you mean I am making dangerous enemies? {As if he would ever.} I have every right to speak my mind and refute being called "it". Would you enjoy it?

I think not.
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[Red is without a doubt a man of few words, but at the prospect of going to a new game, he does have at least one thing to say - to ask, that is, his eyes wide with intrigue.]

Super powers?
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[This GSC!Rival - Nikolai, actually - is very a cranky young teen.] Heir, not Grunt. Doesn't matter if he disbanded them like the coward he is, I was the Heir. That means I'll never be a mere Grunt, so get that idea out of your thick skull. Plus, my methods are nothing like Team Rocket's. I'm not a coward or a tyrant or anything like them! That stupid man is wrong!

Don't think I don't see your plans, either. Hmph, like such a thing as 'mega-evolution' is true, or that Kalos had a war. Everyone knows it didn't, and the 'but alternate timelines' is a weak answer.

Don't think I'll allow you to just do what you please, either.
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I am too old for this. No, really, I am; at this point I should practically carry around some sod with me so I can put it in front of people and then tell them to get off my lawn.

While I understand your enthusiasm for writing, as it mirrors my children's preoccupations with other art forms, and I am not totally averse to the idea of being of help to others, you have to concede I am not the sort typically seen at the place you've chosen. There's my age, a point which I think you're greatly overlooking, and then there's the fact that you are putting me in the sole game you have found where anti-Russian sentiment is the norm among the populous. In case the surname was insufficient to clue you in, I am Russian. I am also too old to play the game of international politics. I scarcely even play at internal politics.

If I agree to go along with this I want two promises: firstly, no romance. I am a married man and thank God my dating days are over, let them stay that way. Secondly, no war. These are non-negotiable points.

[And what'll you do if I ignore them?]

I'm a father of four. I will do what I have done for decades at this point: be disappointed and lecture you on how I thought higher of you.

It doesn't sound like much, but it will break you. Trust me, I know of what I speak.
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Give me one reason that I should go along with this when I just spent the last few weeks getting played and yanked around by people with agendas who hand-on-their-heart swore they were trustworthy.

[Well, y'know. You could go to jail if you don't go to a game, Brendan. The game is probably better just by default.]

I doubt it. Even with the slip-up with the evidence, it's easier to pin everything on the suspects they've got and cops aren't really known for being thorough. They like open and shut cases. So do I when I can actually find them. I also like working alone or at most with one person who I know for a fact isn't going to be at the game. This whole thing is going to end the way it always ends, somebody in jail, someone else's fist in my gut and too late to do any real good. Did you tune out when I was talking to the VP? I don't do heroics. Don't think anyone really does, honestly, regardless of what they tell me, you or themselves.

Do what you gotta do to let me go. It's not going to work out otherwise.
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And here I thought you'd decided to leave me alone.

[He sighs.]

Fickle terrsies.
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Don't misunderstand- I'm eager to return- there are people there I miss. [And quite a few she doesn't, but details.]

But please- I'd rather arrive as though I'd never left, even if it means arriving without Abhorsen's Sword. [Especially since said sword would be through her stomach at said updated canonpoint.]

As for what's happened in my absence- I admit, I'm curious to see how it plays out.
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 I thought of the Marshal today, the same as I do every day.

I miss his face.  I miss all of their faces.  Even Chuck's.  It isn't funny, so don't laugh.  

You know this, that I miss them.  And you know what I would trade to have them back, yet, they are all still far away save for Drs. Gottlieb and Geiszler.  Not even Raleigh is here.  I have a family in this place and they are my own, I cannot complain, but...it is still difficult.  Sometimes it is more difficult than other times.

I will survive, though.  That is what I am good at doing. 

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Oh, Nate would so be jealous if he were here—unless he got the same powers, which would be kind of unfair, but what are the odds of that?

No, it doesn't matter that I can only fly a few feet off the ground. I can still fly, which is awesome enough. And it probably gets cold if you go much higher anyway.

Hopefully I'll be able to tell him and other people about it someday, if I ever make it home again...and if I don't bleed to death when I do. But I'm going to think positive.
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Wait. You want me to sign up for some caped crusader bullshit? For the military? In fucking Florida? Pass.

[ sorry, jess... you don't exactly have a choice. she scoffs, then sighs. ]

There better be plenty of booze.
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Okay, look. I get it. I don't like it, but I get it. This is fun for you. I can live with that.

But why do you gotta drag Ace into this? He's going to miss Bruce, you know. And I'm not... He's not my dog.

[A pause.]

...And I don't want the Old Man to be all alone again.
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Seriously, you're thinking of sending me to...a city of superheroes? While I'm bleeding out from Flynn's grenade?

I'm a journalist. I've heard a lot of crazy stories. This is definitely one of the worst.
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 ...Do we really need to find somewhere else? I already know people in the city and...what I am isn't really a problem for them. I know that. And Onii-chan is there, remember? It's enough.

Somewhere new... I'll have to start all over again. People might not be as nice about it...

[ "Hi, I'm Hinami and I'm a human-eating ghoul!" isn't the easiest introduction, after all. ]
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Did you really think you were going to be able to hold out?

It was a matter of time.

As inconvenient... [Lex lingers on the word for a moment] as this might be for me, it doesn't negate any of my plans.

Try not to disappoint me too much.
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So you're really going to go through with this, aren't you? Don't think I can't see what you're up to just because no one else can see it. You're editing icons so that you can take me from the most recent chapters. You could at least try to find a different way for me to survive in that place rather than to simply take the easy way out. There could have been something done about not having Krul's blood on hand. Maybe it wouldn't last long but you sure didn't put up much of a fight on this whole issue. You didn't even look to see if there were any other vampires in that place that could have been a substitute.

[Probably a poor substitute but Mika would take what he can get.]

Instead you're going to take me from after I drank Yuu-chan's blood and make it so that I have to explain all of the crap that's happened back in our world to him. [Okay, not all of it. There is absolutely no way Mika is going to bring up Akane.]

If you're going to do this then you might as well get moving. You have more to do than just editing icons. I'm not going to let you get away with not being ready by the time apps open. Yuu-chan is waiting.
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I'm aware that it's way too late to stop this, but for the record, I was handling things fine. I didn't need an intervention, much less one from a complete stranger. Remember when you were just thinking about getting me a cat? Going from cat to intervention seems like a huge overreaction.
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Ja-nyaaan! We're going to Ameowrica, ja-nyaaaan!

Are we gonnya go sight seeing? Are chocobars in Ameowrica bigger, nya?!

I knyow it's dangerous, but I'll put my hundred crack paw to work! You'll see, I'll make it bigger and stronger than ever!

[. . .]

But... do I really have to learn to be human?

Y-you knyow cats are just as good as a person, right?! We're equals! Matched!

[Soooo learning to be a human should be a cake walk for a smart kitty like you, right, Jibanyan?]


O-o-of course! I'm nyot worried at all, ja-nyan! I'll be the best human-cat around!

[...Yeah, we'll see.]


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