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Yyyyyyyeah, I really didn't get the kind of explosive entertainment I was expectin' last time! Shame Roadie hit the road, but y'know me - I don't mind flyin' solo.

[He winks.]
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You mean to say I have the opportunity to go to Hell? Were it but one consonant, you would be making all of Asgard very happy. [except no one knew you were even gone, little buddy, for like. ages]

I've since accepted it, but sending me there . . . well, I would again be fresh. Still with feathers in my throat. Nasty business for all. Are you prepared?

. . . Well, so long as I can partake in the usual shenanigans.
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Limbo is for parties. Bad parties.

[something like a sigh] You dropped me before. You can't do it again. Wait, okay? Until you have more time from work.

[his nose scrunches up like he just whiffed something nasty]

Besides, I don't really wanna deal with Kavinsky anyway.
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I won’t complain. We both know this is what I deserve, but…

[ A moment of hesitation ]

I have a request. Choose another death. It doesn’t matter how or when. You can be as cruel as you want, but please, leave the requiem alone.
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I don't have even a remote interest in running into anyone from home. I'd rather they all somehow managed to survive.

Besides, there's no way anyone back home, aside from Kid, should ever end up in Hell.
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Hell. That sounds fun.

[ Someone is not amused, not remotely amused at all. ]

I mean, we're talking literal Hell here. As in demons and pitchforks and fire. H-e-l-l.

[ Obviously he's not getting through to anyone here. ]

You've got the whole backstory thing going about how I got there in the first place, and I'm not going to pretend it's not fitting, but you can't blame me for being a little not okay with the whole thing.

Next thing I know, you'll be putting me in a room or a chamber or whatever they have there with a pitchfork-wielding demon.
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Y-you're not really considering this are you?

...You-You are.

But that means I'll be dead! I can't die! I still haven't solved that one case!

And...And I can't put Ran through this.
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The words 'liberty or death', shouted against the oppressor, Louis XVI, were meant as a motivation for revolutionaries to seek their ideals at all costs. Enough was, as they claimed, enough. These words should not be taken as indicators that a death itself, and a fixed afterlife should become barriers to these dreams.

This fight for freedom against the enslavers of humankind will not be stopped at the grave. It is impossible for it to end there.

I will not allow it to end there.

[Chill is not a word in his dictionary.]
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Again? The last go-round wasn't enough for you?

Well, well. I see you think you're very funny. I admit, sending someone like me to hell does pose an amusing... juxtaposition. Must you, though? It would defeat the point, for Hell to have air conditioning, and you know how distasteful I find it to work up a sweat.
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This is a really bad idea. Why can't you just depower me, like the others are doing? Make me sing about my feelings? Eat socks?

Literally anything -- and I mean literally anything -- would be better than this.
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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