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Not much of a grand introduction, but I guess it will have to do. Honestly, why the long face? And no, that isn't a pony joke, please. If we're going to work together, you'll have to amp up your humor by, let's say... 1,001 percent. To start with.

Now, as I was saying, I can't fathom why you look so displeased to have me in your crowded head. It was only a matter of time - everyone has a little chaos in them, some more than others. In your case, it's the perfect amount. Once you start realizing that, then we can really go places.

Oh, you think I'm only for PSLs and memes? How quaint, you think you're in control of the situation! Aren't you just the cutest, let me pinch those cheeks of yours!
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There is no excuse for hatred or ignorance. I often find they are entwined - one fueling the other. [He smiles faintly, amused.] I admit I am biased when it comes to the people I like, but I do try my best to never turn anyone away.

Some make it terribly difficult not to do so - as you well know. [The amusement fades and his gaze hardens.] Those who use Dark Magic willingly and for the purpose of harming another are often difficult for me to welcome, but perhaps they need the warmest welcome of them all.
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Phew! It-a sure feels good to get out and-a stretch-a my legs.


Oh! I have a new game at the end of-a the year? Well at least I-a have some lull between-a adventures this time.


O-oh. I'mma teaming up with the rabbids too... [can he EVER get a break.] s-sounds-a fun...

Voice Test

Jun. 17th, 2017 11:50 pm
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I stand by what I said. He would look good with a beard. [She is entirely unapologetic about that comment.

Her grin fades to a look of intense curiosity.]
You said I could meet book characters? Are you fibbing? How is that possible?

[Says the girl who lives in a once enchanted castle.]
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Like, I mean it's all well an good that you're finally making some attempt at fleshing out [A beat] everything about my lovely life but~.

I'm pretty sure none of the games would want a thing like me, not even that free for all place you're currently at.

That and the dumb idea you have of just calling me a "Siren" is stupid. Those already exist.
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It's been forever, mun! C'mon, lemme get out there. Ya didn't really do much with me the first time, y'know? So try to stick with it this time.

Don't worry, I've got plenty of confidence in you.
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Come on, Mun-chan, give it a rest already! You've been slaving over picking icons for what, two days now? Not that I don't appreciate the effort, but at this rate this "voice" or whatever of mine isn't gonna see daylight until the 30th century.

[B-but I--

But then Mako, Jupiter, Soldier of Caring, levels a tender smile.]

Look... I know you're a bit nervous and you want this to be perfect, the looks and the voice, especially since most of what you remember was from my "Lita" days. You've looked up to me since you were Chibiusa's age, right? But that's the thing, though, you KNOW me. We've been through so much together and have so much in common, and even if you get something wrong, that's what this voice test is for, right? Just play from your heart and you'll be perfect that way.

[... Thanks, Mako-chan.]

Anytime! Now go be great!

[You stole that from Pidge, didn't you?]

Ha, what can I say, I like it~!
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Well well, isn't this a pleasant surprise?

And here I thought you'd never let me in. And with the little earl no less, no butler in sight. [He doesn't seem at all disappointed.] Oh well, no matter. Perhaps you, or someone else here, can give me the first rate laugh I crave.

It's been so long since I had a good laugh, by the standards of the written material. Seeing that phoenix pose again through your eyes though, that was delightful!
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First of all, I'm not really sure why you're even trying to deny that I'm your favorite right now.

Secondly - what the hell do you mean I'm "not that interesting"? Jesus Christ. Harsh much? You sure have forced me into enough games for being "not that interesting".

Yes, I know that that was years ago and, please, let's keep it that way. Okay?

No. Seriously.
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This'll do. Color definitely helps, not to mention actually looking more like me than, say, old concept art of the Persona 5 protagonist. Do I wanna know why you kept the one of me as a pony? On further reflection, the answer is "no, no I do not."

Also got this makeover for Sara in time for [community profile] synodiporia to plop her in the 80's. Appropriate. Hope you're taking care of her - the Arcana do not screw around any more than the invaders do, even if they're more likely to talk about their great game.

...you're doing this because you plan to send Sara to a Dungeon at some point, aren't you? And you want me and her other... potential... partners ready to help whoever comes in to help her escape.

Hurt her and you, and the Arcana, will have hell to pay. I don't care if this is a timeline where we're together or not and GOD, I hate VN routing bullshit. She's my teammate and our best hope besides that. We are in the business of breaking into dreams. You hurt her? Buenos suertes, feo.
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Tsk tsk tsk. You're just dragging me out because you can.

I have to say, chérie: I'm impressed. Truly. I didn't think you could be so bold.
Now, where are we headed? Any idea yet, or is that not part of the plan?

No matter - this ought to prove interesting either way.
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This is wonderful, Mundane! Any one of these places you could send me to could have a potentially limitless supply of ancient tomes to decipher. Be sure you don't waste a lot of time and get me somewhere pronto, alright?

[ "Kosuzu, that gung-ho curiosity of yours is gonna get you killed one day..." ]
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So. You didn't like it, but you still went through all this trouble...? In that case, I have a new quote I shouldn't know for you: "Same story, different version, all are true." I'm just as me, no matter how you tell it.

...Although. I think you're right, there is something to be said about falling in love with, oh, I don't know, another fully developed grownup??? If I wanted to be someone's mother, I wouldn't have said no to Gaston's dog/fireplace/massage/whatever fantasy. Beurk.

Mais, je suis heureuse. And I intend to remain so, whatever my next adventure might be (or what my previous adventures were)!
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Mundane. Might I speak with you?

[Stand up straight, adjust the cape a little bit, square the shoulders...gotta make a good impression, after all.]

I'm still not sure what purpose this serves, but I don't mind giving it a chance, if you'll have me. Though, there are many of my fellow allies you have yet to recruit. As soon as you're able, we should get back to the task at hand.


Should I be concerned that you find "challenging fate" to be amusing? It is of grave importance and does not warrant snickering. Though I understand you have other responsibilities, I do hope that the aversion of a terrible future is a cause not lost on you...
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It has been a day. Barely. And already you miss me, how quaint. I'm sure if you put your mind to it and stopped feeling like a pest, you might manage to find a game for me. Perhaps even Elizabeth and Sebastian, though I'm aware the latter is far more likely.

Then again, that film releases in what? A week? Perhaps it will raise affection for the Lady Elizabeth. And there is another chapter of the manga coming out in the next couple weeks, perhaps we'll find out more.

[Like that message carved in the wall meant?

His expression becomes cold and hard, abnormal for most children his age. Unless you know him.]

You know that I'm aware of it's meaning. That hardly means I will divulge it to you. Sebastian will fix it as soon as Prince Soma is left in Sullivan's care.
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I'm happy that you're in a better place than you were. You seem happier. On top of that you're able to do things that you couldn't before in that toxic place. You're catching up on your shows. You've caught up on Oliver and Barry. Now you're catching up on me which I love. Then it'll be Legends.

You and your best friend deserve the best. It's finally happening for you and I'm happy that it is. You both deserve it. I hope it stays that way.

PS. After this episode you should really try to sleep. No need to stay up all night. Even if you've only got four episodes left after this one.
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I don't know if I like the idea of finding somewhere for me to go, Mun. I like it on Griffin Rock!

Besides... I'd miss Dani! And Cody! And Boulder and Chase! ...I might even miss Heatwave!

And what if there's people where you send me who want me to fly them places? Did you even think about that?


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