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Spoilers )

It's been a long time, hasn't it, mundane? It's hard to believe so much time has passed since you began following our adventures - the assault by Phantom Lord feels like it happened so long ago.

A lot has happened over the years, but for now, it's time for the next adventure!

Chapter 543

Jul. 7th, 2017 05:10 am
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...Hard to believe it's almost over. I'm glad I got to try out my plan, though. Gray may have thought it was crazy, but spoilers )

There's so many people that I have to thank... [Jellal, Ichiya, Anna, Kagura... the members of Crime Sorciere and Sabertooth... Wendy, Mira, and of course, Gray, Happy, Lucy, and Natsu.] None of us could have defeated Acnologia on our own, but together, we were able to take down that monster.
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Mundane, you have been slacking.

[I have not! I--] We're not counting memes for this. [...Oh.] Though you've found a few people from back home through those, and for that, I'm grateful.

However, you've been neglecting Genessia as of late, and that will not stand. How do you expect me to help the First expand the guild if you aren't staying up to date on what's going on? Not to mention that your recruitment efforts have proven ineffective.

Starting now, I'll be taking over on that front. [Wait, what? Can you do that?] We'll find out.

Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, and Wendy. Get out here, now. [After a brief pause, she adds on to that.] ...And Jellal, I need your help. [Sure, there's plenty of people that she'd like to see, but those six seem like the easiest to convince/force into this.]
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 I understand you've missed me, but please take it easy. You need to ease your way into this "game" that you sent me to. I know how much you overwhelm yourself. You can't do everything, all of the time.

I'm happy that you're enjoying yourself though. Just be careful. With all of those spirits around sucking emotions in Genessia, things are pretty dangerous. And with Hana joining, I'm going to have to make she's okay as well. She's not going to be able to do as much without her meka.

We'll just have to be careful and take care of each other.

... No, I don't think the others need to "join us". I would be happy to see them, of course, but that doesn't mean you should drag them into this mess.

Also, why do you call me "mom"? I can't help but be protective of everyone; I'm a doctor, remember?

Chapter 538

Jun. 3rd, 2017 03:44 pm
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They should have known it wasn't going to be that simple. If I truly thought it would be, I would have done it myself. Anna should have reached out to me. I'd have thought she of all people knew better than that.

Whatever is happening to the world right now... it's no longer mine or Mavis' problem. We have the chance we've always wanted. I doubt she has any regrets. It's a sentiment that I share.

{ Yes, but what about Natsu? }

I can only hope, for all of their sakes, that their little plan involving the book worked. Because if it didn't?

They might as well have let Neo Eclipse activate. At least then, they would have still had a future.
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So, ten more of these "chapters" are left? Time certainly flies...

Things are finally looking up, but now is no time to drop our guard. With so much time remaining, there's bound to be more to this than meets the eye.

Spoilers )
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I feel like we've been here before. You know, with the whole "let's drag Ræ back out and proceed to not actually do anything with her" thing. It wasn't funny before, and it's kinda still not funny now.

I guess it's not entirely your fault, though. I mean, it's not like you've got a whole lot of options when it comes to places that might accept me. That one place you're at now probably would let me in, but I dunno, wouldn't that just lead to that other girl getting ignored?
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All this time, she's been here... and she never once told me about this 'plan' of hers, or that she was even in the present at all.

{ She helped him design the Eclipse Gate for the sake of defeating Acnologia. Sure, he couldn't go back in time like he wanted, but something good came out of it. Did she really think he wouldn't have been at least mildly interested in a possible Plan B to defeat Acnologia, especially after Igneel's Plan A failed? }

I have no idea what a 'Deus ex Mashima' is, mundane, but I am intimately familiar with the concept of 'disappointment.' If she had so little faith in me, I see no reason why I should not respond in kind.

{ It begs the question; would he have even invaded Fiore at all if he had known there had been another option to defeat Acnologia? Who knows. It'd just be another contradiction, only one that had a small chance of being avoided. }
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You are under a misguided way of thinking if you believe I want to see any Jedi in the city.

Encouraging them will only get them all killed.

Let that be your only warning.
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Hold on a moment.

Hold on. Slow down. Take a second to think, alright?

I know you've been wanting to do something with me again, but...there? Didn't you just send that Celia girl there not too long ago? Shouldn't you wait a bit for her to settle in before you go putting anyone else in there?

How would you expect me to get out of the Bay, anyway? The water might not be deep, but even so, it's a risk; you know that water and I don't mix all that well.
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I... I had no idea.

[She can't get over the fact that Precht decided to abandon her son. He could have raised him. She would have helped. Of course, given what Precht became afterwards, maybe it was for the best. But maybe the child could have helped him become someone different? Maybe Zeref wouldn't have had to kill him?]

Of course, Mun. It is sweet that Zeref named him after that particular month.

But... why did August choose not to tell him?

[She supposes he never tried to tell her because he thought she was dead and when he eventually found out she was alive, he figured it was too late to tell her. But Zeref? ...Did August think he had been abandoned because none of them actually wanted him?]

If we both survive this war, I hope I get to talk to him.

[Mavis-mun briefly considers telling her muse that August suggested in a chapter 509 than only his mother could defeat him, but she decides to spare her muse for now.]
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Mundane, find Gray. Clearly, I've been too lenient with him. ...And maybe Natsu, just to be safe. [She's okay with going up against someone like Zeref with a plan, but trying to do that without a plan (multiple times) is just suicide.]

I realize that my current situation looks rough, but I refuse to allow any further harm to come to Wendy. I'll figure something out. [What about Gildarts?] ...It's Gildarts. He'll be fine.

...Oh, and be sure to remind me - if Jellal tries anything like what Gray just tried to do, I will hunt him down, either in a place like here or in the next life, and make him apologize.
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I hadn't foreseen this either, Mundane. In his current condition, he has to know how this is likely to end.

{ Zeref should be frowning. He isn't. Actually, he's smiling; a sort of melancholy, knowing smile. Gray really does have a lot in common with Natsu. Almost like... brothers. }

I hope, at least, that Natsu can take comfort in knowing that this will be over quickly.
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No, I don't need any back-up, player.

I can handle it all on my own.

And while I'm very up to any challenge, I could do without the extra competition.
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I see you're thinking about putting me back in a game, mundane. I figured this would happen eventually, so I've prepared a to-do list.

[Is that really necessary? I mean, it seems a little...]

Number one: complete an application. Looks like that won't be an issue in this case, so I'll consider letting it slide if you follow the rest of the list.

Number two: find more people from Fairy Tail. [The series or the guild?] Precisely. The First is already there... [And Zeref!] ...Don't remind me.

Anyway, the First is there, but more people from the guild couldn't hurt. Natsu and Lucy might have left this place recently, but I'm sure we can find them again. Having Jellal, Kagura, or Millianna around would be ideal as well, though I'd be fine with almost anyone from back home. [Aside from Acnologia. Or Ichiya.]

Number three: don't slack off. From what you've heard, the guild itself is there, and a lot of work will need to be done if it's just myself and the First.

As long as you follow those, we should have no problems with each other.
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Marvelous! I see you finally made a decision to have me as what you called your "muse".

And I see you're planning to send me to another world called Genessia. Well, I can't wait to see the sights, although leaving my own world might worry my assistants a little bit.

[He didn't forget Ash and his friends along with Alain and Mairin as well. Considering he got pulled away before the Kalos League finals tomorrow...]

In any case, I just hope we can work together from now on. And also, I hope you can work on the rest of my icons.

[Which he was still confused as he stared at that one icon she put there.]
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Really? A few hours old and you're already thinking of putting me in two different places?

Aren't you a few years too late for this? You debated it way back then, and had you back then, you wouldn't have to worry about crossing the streams now.

No. Crossing the streams is never fun.

Don't you have enough on your plate? Leave me to my work, and don't try to expand it to cities where it could be considered an invasion of territory.
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[personal profile] liorafae decided to send me there after all? But do I really have to be alone? I've heard that there are creatures there...creatures worse than Erebus. What if they all come after me? Who will help me?

[She's just a little paranoid right now, don't mind her...]


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