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Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-wait, let me get this straight. I'm in some other kind of... I don't even know, and now you're in control and sending me to this.... 'game'?

[Someone hasn't had the initiation yet, apparently.]

Listen, games are fun! They're great! But I kinda need to get back home. I'm kind of needed there.

... Wait, what do you mean the others are around too? How? I just saw them a little while ago.

[He's... not taking this so well. Help?]

... Okay, okay, I'll admit, the fact this place has some interesting effects with emotions... that's pretty cool. That's interesting. But why am I being sent there? Can't you just find someone else?

... Iiiiii'm not getting out of this, am I?

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...Eh? What do you mean I'm 'left out'? This crossover nonsense is a pain-in-the-ass and I'm already dealing with most of these punks elsewhere. Besides, wouldn't want to steal the spotlight during little red's big break.

Odds are fifty-fifty I end up crashing their party, anyway. 'til then, have fun, kids.
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Yeah, yeah. Congrats on your one-year anniversary of playing from my game. Now would you get your act together and catch up on tags so I can have some fun?

Gotta take my mind off things by decorating my statue of a seraph while I have the chance. You can't say he wouldn't look hilarious in these!
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Waaaaaaah Mun-chaaaaaaaan....

After this month I deserve like... the longest nap EVER on like the SOFTEST bed.

And then lots of chocolate cake when I wake up.

It's like the least you could do.
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Nah, I'm good.

[ Your grandson? Son-in-law? Daughter? The Valentines? ...Jack-O'? ]

You're right. It has been a long damn while since I've had this much peace and quiet.
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Hey Miss Mundane,

I know you've had a rough time lately, but I'm glad to see everything is starting to get better for you. Life is tough, but I know you can make it through whatever comes your way. 

If you think you're ready to give it another chance, I'd love to see everyone back in Empatheias too. There's so many people that I miss and some many new faces to greet. I wonder if Roxas is doing okay...? I hope he's not too depressed since I've left...

Well both be okay. I have faith that we'll make it through this together.
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Well, I wouldn't say he's as grumpy as my Grumpy, but he does come close and he's most certainly trying as hard as he can! He's a bit too quiet to be as grumpy as my Grumpy though.

I'm not too worried. Grumpy didn't like me at first either, but we'll just have to see who is more stubborn, him or me.
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So, if I've got this right... I'm being whisked off to an enchanted land where emotions control beautiful crystals, there are plenty of mystical beasts, and they have princes and princesses galore?

If this doesn't get my destiny back on track, nothing will! I can't believe you thought I wouldn't want to go.

Oooh, maybe this can count as extra credit towards my Damsel-In-Distressing class.
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I've got to say, you've been handlin' yourself quite well lately! You've certainly got a drive that I can admire, between the two games and activities in both, on top o' everything else.

Now, onto business. So, that Cosmographia place is goin' to end fairly soon here, and just after getting back in. You may be feeling a little conflicted, but it's going to take more than that to deflate the spirit of Scrooge McDuck! I still intend on starting a business there, just as soon as I see what niche I can fill, and it looks like I ought t'have plenty of time to expand it in. That'll all sort itself out, it always has.

Speaking of businesses, I hope it's sooner rather than later that you intend to get back to the replies I've been gettin' on the one I'm opening in Verens! I've had a bonnie good turnout so far, and I'm nae letting that get away from me. I've got no more solid idea of its name than you do right now, but if there's one thing I know how to do, it's name an establishment.

Death Battle spoilers? Is that a thing that matters? )
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Hi Mun! Long time no see! We haven't talked since... three years ago, I think? Right. right, back when you were in the Digimon game! Which... could have gone better!... Oh, no don't feel bad! it's okay! I know you had a lot going on! It's all good!

But thank you for giving me a second chance! I promise that I'll do my best if I'm able to get into the game. I mean... you could have picked a better place for me to have come from though, couldn't you? I... don't like that part... at all...

[She gives the unseen mun the sad puppy eyes. Which would work... but not today! Sorry Ruby! The young Huntress just sighs.]

Okay... I guess it'll work out, right? You wouldn't pick that place if you weren't going to make things happy, right? I know your other muses are afraid of you for some reason, but I believe in you Mun. I'll do the very best that I can! So lets get out there and do this thing!

[Poor girl has no idea what she's getting herself into...]
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Sure, why not? I could use a bit of adventurin'. Only problem is whether you're serious 'bout it this time. I mean, not for nuthin', but ya really need to step up on your app-writin' skills.

...Whaddaya mean I'm one to talk? 'm not as lazy as you, got it?

But I guess you're still kinda stumped whether you should get me at the end of the game or from the GOOD END of last year's show... I don't think it really matters, in my opinion! Just get me in the floaty island already!
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Dear Mun

Not that I am not flattered that you still wish to stick with me, and ordinarily I would heartily encourage you to do what makes you long as it doesn't hurt anyone....but, ah.

Having read what this place is like, don't you think I would be a very poor candidate to be sent there? Why not someone more positive such as Chelan?

I'd like to see father again, but I would not want to negatively impact the city. I think I do enough of that to my peers...
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Listen. I'm not happy about the fact that you keep throwing those perky, upbeat, sickeningly optimistic types my way. But even if I don't understand why you want to shove the notion of friendship in my face all the time, I can tolerate it. Not by much, but I can tolerate it. What I can't tolerate is the fact that you're deriving so much enjoyment out of that Hyur girl twisting my arm!'re still looking for ways to add more fuel to the fire, aren't you? I know what you're thinking, and the answer is NO. I've suffered three visions in this damnable place already, I'm not looking forward to a fourth! And don't think I haven't heard about the rest of your "great ideas", either!
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Do not mistake me. My not making myself an active threat to them, or anyone, doesn't make me any less of one. Have your fun while it lasts.
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What do you mean it's a shame I can't be aligned with Simpathis? There's a difference between mastering the art of being a sloth and being completely apathetic. Sure, I'd rather let others take care of the physically demanding jobs like astronaut or firefighter, but that doesn't mean I don't have dreams or aspirations. A life goal of wanting to sleep a lot is still a life goal, yeah?
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I guess the third time really is the charm, right? Orrr I guess you'd say third game in this case? It's weird that it's been almost six months since you sent me to this Empatheias place, Mun. Time sure flies!

And it's pretty nice here! All of that magical emotion stuff can be super fun, plus there's a lot steampunk-looking things and neat places to explore, and all the people are really nice! [He frowns.] Well, things still do go wrong, and I- I guess I'm... ...It's weird being away from everyone for so long.


...But it's okay! One day I'll go home for good and be with everyone again, right? I'll be right back where I last left off, after that... um, that fusion training session that... didn't go too well... Anyway! That's besides the point. Just stop trying to wish that everyone would appear on that test drive thingy and let's keep on keeping on! How's that sound?

Wait, did you link it? Ohhh, now everyone's gonna think I'm just being sneaky! Oh well...


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