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Engineering, Personnel, or Security.

Well, each of them has its ups and downs, skill sets that I'm already somewhat used to. Do they need a chaplain? That falls under Personnel, doesn't it. Hrm.

Don't give me that look, I'm a perfectly good goddamn priest! Salve the stings of daily living, and all that stupid shit!

... Okay, fine, Engineering or Security, then.
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Wait, so I'm gonna go to space?! [She's definitely imagining something like Robot Unicorn Attack, judging from how big her eyes have gotten.]

Can I bring Waddles? Will Dipper be there? He better, he'll be so mad he won't get to be a dork about space stuff. [--Also because it's just -- weird when Dipper's not around. She'll pine, even if she's not gonna admit it.]

Ohmygosh, will I get to meet cute space guys???
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Right, so, if it's a job you're sending me on, maybe you should give me some incentive other than 'taking down some demons' because dear lord is that getting old.  Poltergeists are usually more interesting than demons, anyway.  At least then I can do some research.  History is just way more fascinating than shoving those black smoke bastards back where they belong.  You know, I'm not really sure if I enjoy sending them back to hell or taking them down permanently.  It's always best, I think, to try and save the person they're in, though.

Even if that can get messy.

I really should have done medical school.  I mean, you can only get so far with YouTube and Google.  It's a good thing I stitch really well.  And hey, maybe you want to warn me the next time that some poor bastard jumps from a building and shatters basically everything.  Demons.  Not that angels are any better but I guess they do try to leave their hosts more or less intact.  You know my stance on that.  No more free rides.

I have enough issues without angels running me around the world.

Like you and this game show in space.  What's up with that?
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Has it occurred to you that I'm content with it just being Belthazar and myself in the fleet? Or that finding the shards of Atiesh might be incredibly uncomfortable for me when you're able to start doing that?

Of course not, this is too fun for you.

[He winces at a thought.] And I was perfectly happy believing King Llane is alive. The update? Not necessary.
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So you're finally unleashing me after approximately...I don't know, ten thousand years? Believe it or not, I was really starting to miss all the excitement of the universe. All its twists and turns, all the incredible beauty of the universe beyond what we've seen before.

But I admit I'm feeling a certain apprehension I haven't felt before. Well...that's not entirely true. I have felt it before, measuring up to my friends...but now we have ourselves from an alternate reality to consider. They're incredible people, particularly Billy...is that narcissism?

[Aaaawkward laugh.]

In any case, I have a job to do. Back to action, right?
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I'm not starting a revolution, that's not what I'm trying to do.

[But that kind of is what you're doing Khadgar.]

I'm just trying to understand how that place works so we can go home! Atroma can't keep us forever.

[Pretty sure that's starting a revolution.]
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You can't be serious? That place is nothing like Azeroth.

[That's the idea, Khadgar.]

And it's for entertainment! Not just yours or your friends.

[also the idea]

I'm not- I should be back there, helping Lothar or trying to help the Guardian. Whenever you decide I should be coming from, you're so indecisive. And the people you're so gleefully having me meet so far? At least one falls close to the same line as Gul'dan. I'm not exactly excited at that prospect.
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I need to learn. I need to find them. I can't stay...static. I have to become stronger.

Ships are interesting - I appreciate the lessons - but I need more. If I don't learn to become a Jedi, I will be in poor shape when I return.

[It's not an easy thing to accept as much as she wants to learn.]

She was right. I can't live in the past even if that's more comfortable; even if I know that better. I have to move on and...overcome. Somehow.

Either you help me or I will leave you behind.
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Do you intend to do anything with this sensitivity to magic, or just use it to knock me for a loop every time we get near a magical planet?

[It's called slow burn plot, Kurt. Besides, I can't do much with it; you grew up in a world with no magic and no Margali. Your ability to use it is pretty well shot.]

So no. Wonderful. Why are all your ideas for me driven by the desire to cause me suffering? Like this desire to see a Damask in the Fleet; you realize if you should ever happen to cajole someone into playing her, her first act will probably be ripping my mind to shreds?

[I know, it'll be great. Although with her lack of canon, I probably have a much better shot at convincing someone to play Bobby. Or one of your X-Force team-mates! Won't that be fun, Kurt?]

...I hate you.
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[Have an Avatar, people. She's been stuck in Drift Fleet for a good few months now and has growing concern that clearly is not enough to kidnap her but clearly her friends should join her too-!!]

You know... just because the fleet is cool doesn't mean I want my friends to never be able to go home again. Or however the whole reality show thing works. Sure, space is really great and I like my new friends but I can't even imagine Asami, Mako, Bolin, and the others here.

[Korra points an accusatory finger-!! You're not subjecting her friends to that, mun!]

Besides - what if they have to go through an augment glitches too? Being stuck as a kid for a week was a disaster!

[A beat -]

No space dates, either. Though... it would be nice to show Asami around, I guess.

[Huff. Darn it mun-!! Stop making her miss her friends.]

And, you know what? I think Sokka deserves to see the others more! He's been around longer.
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I admit I don't understand your motivations much in this instance. For one, I am outside your type, as you have often admitted to me in the past. I also think it's strange that you take such delight in the idea that I will be recognized by others in this setting. Indeed, it seems you think it's very likely, yet this doesn't bother you at all.

However, I am up to a challenge. It doesn't matter that the idea of...what is it? Space travel? That the idea of space travel is something I could hardly fathom considering my canon. I can certainly understand the idea of traveling beyond the skies and stars, even if the concept of space is unknown to me. And don't think I will be bothered by the tasks I will be assigned.

So test me and see what you think of my ability to survive there. I will not disappoint.
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Are we really going somewhere? It's been forever!

I want to see Anise! Is she there?

[ u-unfortunately not, tiny green. ]

Well, if she comes there, do you think she'll like space?

...Can I try piloting the ship thing?

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You wish me to explore by flying through the blackness of space? I admit it could be fun, and there are familiar faces already there that I would be glad to have near.

Be swift but sure in your actions, I will be here with you.
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A ship to sail among the stars? Mun, I know that elves are known for their love of the stars, but that does not mean I have any wish to live among them.
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You say there is no air in this space. I find that difficult to believe, though you assure me the facts (and other knowledge) will be placed into my mind. If the Valar are so arrogant to play with the minds of others, why should I go quietly? There is yet work to be done to improve my people, though they do not always thank me for it.

Rethink this folly.
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Alright, I get it. You need some fun, so you came to the expert. But I don't think I like what I'm hearing about this little scheme you're cooking up. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of fame as much as the next guy, but I'm not sure being on an alien game show is how I want to get it.

Sure, it'd be fun at first- go joyriding in a few space shuttles, do a little moonwalking, see what's on late night alien tv. But you just know that it's going to end up all tentacles and laser guns. I did not sign up for that.
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And what the hell do you think you're doing? Don't you think I've had enough of that damn brat? Do you think I want to be on a ship surrounded by inferior species? I've got better things to do so you best rethink this long and hard if you know what's good for you. I'm not screwing around here.
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Are you finally going to send me out? Because it's sounding like you're still not sure

Don't go getting my hopes up if you're not! I mean... don't get me wrong, it's not like I want to get stuck somewhere, but compared to being stuck in a weird limbo... I guess you have to pick the best of two evils, right? I really hate being confined like this; it's kind of why I elected to be an agent in the first place... Besides! Traveling through space from place to place, learning new cultures, seeing new terrain — it doesn't sound so bad. It can't be any worse than the point you'd take me from. 

... No... The whole idea of my life being a reality show isn't very appealing. You didn't mention that.


People have to really deal with that, there? They're not... experimented on or anything, are they? 

Because if that's the case, you have to send me! I can't just sit back while people are being used like that; isn't it my job to help defend innocent civilians? And — [A beat, and she strengthens some resolve.] I wouldn't want anyone to have to endure that kind of life, not ever! Even if I hadn't been sent to the field...

Wh—Hey! Are you even listening? Stop texting and take this situation more seriously!

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 You know, I'm getting tired of playing nice all the time. We should do something fun.

[ except chara's ideas of fun are most certainly not fun for anyone else, oops. ]

The humans being harder to fight than monsters isn't an obstacle, it's a challenge. At least if someone from our world was there, it wouldn't be so boring all the time.

Even that annoying skeleton is good for a fight.


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