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This is a disaster! How could you let this happen?!

[She's been like this ever since the reserves went down.]

Okay, Marinette. Calm down... let's just try to think this through rationally. Deep breaths... Phwoooooo...

[...moments later she's making a mess of her hair, running her fingers through it in sheer frustration.]

...It's not working! What am I gonna do...?

[This is a lot to take in. She's not sure whether or not she appreciates the insight she gets on what to expect from her mun's brain or not. It's one thing to drag her into this mess. That's... well it's not fine, but she could manage. But Adrien?! She's not hearing anything about it not being entirely her mun's fault. It's totally besides the point.]

You got us-- [Ah...] [Shhh.] ...into this mess. I guess it's up to me to find a way to get u--myself... out of it.
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No, I'm not mad at all! You're just telling me that you have it in your power to send me anywhere you want and youre gonna send me to this chuckle fest? Nope no hard feelings here! Not like I have a home and a dog and a family that have all probably forgotten that I exist but the fact remains that I have them.


Geez Louise you're thick. I always have to spell it out, huh?

[She breathes a heavy sigh. It's really not worth trying to convince me otherwise at this point.]
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Alright. I'll admit it, I'm having a good time here. I do like talking to all these new people, even if your choice of location's definitely lame. It helps that you finished watching everything and that X.A.N.A. is defeated for good, too - I've got less to worry about.

But that doesn't mean I wouldn't rather be home, though! At least there I have my friends, and things are familiar. Maybe...we could work something out?

[Oh no, Aelita, don't even think for a second you're getting off that easily.]

Well, if not for that "murder school", where else would you send me?
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I'm not going anyplace where I'd have to murder someone! Why are you even so excited about the idea if - if there's no guarantee I'll get there in the first place? You're crazy!

You have to leave me alone if it doesn't work out. I have to fight X.A.N.A. - I have to find my father! I can't do that if I'm dead!
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Dude, this is crazy! And if Casey Jones thinks somethin' is crazy, it's probably pretty friggin' crazy!

Problem is, it doesn't sound like the fun kinda crazy, ya know? I hate stuff where you can't tell the difference between the good guys and bad guys!

...'Course, now that I think about it, maybe that's why they need a hero like me! I take it back, munny! Bring on the murderers! Casey Jones is gonna take 'em all down!
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So it's like some murder mystery competition thing?

...whatever. That sounds lame. You're lame.
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You weak-minded fool! I, the great Sheldon J. Plankton, owner and proprietor of the Chum Bucket, forbid you from even using that inferior brain to even think about such an insignificant and lowly fate!


You're a real piece'a work, you know that? SHEESH.

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competition, you say? An interdimensional battle of wits, competition, distrust and murder? Why, I can think of nobody better to include than DUCK DODGERS OF THE 24TH AND 1/2 CENTURY!

...Another time, though. I've got the complete Storage Wars boxset back on my ship, and I'm just dying to see what kinda junk they pull up next.
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It's a little late, don't you think Miss Mun? I'm excited to be here, but it's no good to fall asleep on the job, and if you don't go to bed, that's what'll happen! And, it doesn't seem like your coworkers are as nice as Meryl is, either...

So...maybe we'll hold off on writing a Milly Monthly tonight, okay? I can wait a little longer! After all, you don't know where I might be going yet, right? I want to include that in my letter, and that place with the black and white bear you mentioned is supposed to be really hard to get into...
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Alright, mundane.

You already know my first question. And I already know your first answer. So let's skip that one and not waste any more time.


So how does this Dangan Roleplay game work, and why should I care?
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...Eggplant Parmesan, really?

[Just going back to his marshmallows, thanks]
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WAHAHAHAHA! Who cares about who else-a shows up? Everybody knows that WARIO is still-a the best person to-a have ever been in dat stupid murderschool, don't make-a me have-a to smack it into dat big oogly head of your's!
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Oh, blast it all! Not only is it enough that you would even put in this confounded headspace of your's, now you're insistent on bringing me to this so-called "murdergame"? 

Well then, let it be known that I simply shall not stand for this! Surely, if you must send me somewhere, there are places that would not completely jeopardize my future as leader of the Eggman Empire! I shall be waiting for your response, but make no mistake, you will regret ever even considering this!
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I'm so sad, yeah how do you think I feel?! Meridiana was... and Tsukiyama is--!

[Words kind of escape her right now as she just sort of. Kicks the air furiously.]

UGH. ...And stop being all "oh, honey no" and talking about interventions again, I've got the whole weird feelings thing under control.


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That's fucking underwhelming, isn't it?

[...I kind of thought you'd be happy about this outcome-]

Happy? Oh. Oh no. I'm pissed. What, you think I want to see him dead? Please. I want to see him die. There's an important distinction there.

I had dibs on that kill! Everyone knows it!

[Can you please just... have your tantrum somewhere private, oh my god.]

Not unless I get to stab whatever kill-stealing asshole did this.
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...well, I'd say it's nice to get in touch again, but geez, when'd you get so nasty!? What the heck even was that stuff last week? I think everyone nearly lost it, especially the poor guy you stuck in there this time around!

...okay, yeah, he was kind of a jerk, but so was Frank and all... so he could've made it! But I think everyone's gonna make it in the very end! I mean, everything was going well at the start, so they've all just gotta get that spirit back!

Well, you know what?! This is some kind of weird... I don't know... Outrealm outside of time and space that doesn't count as real or something, so I bet everyone stuck in Monobear's devious inn dungeon can see this!

And you know what, guys? It's past the halfway point and it's a Thursday night, so you need a little heroism more than ever! And I'm here to say that I think you all can do it! Go for the gold! Beat the twisted evil things!


Are you guys the twisted evil things...? Horsefeathers, that'd be kinda... well, even if you are, don't be the twisted evil things! Become the... not-twisty good things! ...Hmm, I need to work on that one a little...
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I do not have a dead harem!

I'd rather have an alive harem!
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She should have gotten away with it. No--I don't care. I don't care I couldn't have done anything. You should have done something!

...I know you couldn't have. I know that. I've tried so hard to keep her safe. Those other people--she should have gotten away with it! That other girl was just as likely a candidate. If she did then, maybe...

I won't forgive them.
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You're serious.

Listen, dude. I dunno about the last guy you brought here, but I've got shit to live for. And you do not have a great track record with this.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm actually going to wind up missing the guys back on that total shithole of a planet, aren't I.

...No fucking way.


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