the box??

Apr. 13th, 2015 10:20 pm
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Holy shit, wait, is this actually gonna happen? Hey -- I mean, I'm sorry, but I can't even tell with you, anymore.

You're damn right I miss being around. I miss fuckin' meeting people, I even kinda miss the whole banding-together-to-survive thing. Yeah, I'm saying it -- and yeah, I know I'm gonna regret it later, but fuck it, that's later. Bring it on.

Look -- alright, I'm not gonna get my hopes up too high, but c'mon, gimme another chance. We missed this. We're a team, right? So let's get shit moving again, no looking back this time.
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So... Let me get this straight. [She takes a steadying breath, pinching the bridge of her nose.]

You write one starter and suddenly you want to throw me into a place that makes what I've already been through seem tame? Really? What part of 'I want nothing to do with what you've got rolling through your brain here' are you not getting? I get that they say the barrier is impenetrable, and yes... That has me curious but it's not a green freaking light to pack me up and ship me out to psycho murder dome.

No. No - I'm not going, and that's that. End of discussion.
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No, yeah. This is a bad idea. A really, really bad idea.

It's not like you'll be able to, uh. Review? Right? Not for a while at least, because you won't be able to get the movie for a while. And I know you don't have my voice down or whatever, so... Can't you just have a little patience? Uh. Also, no offence, but I'm a lot smarter than you are and it will... probably show.

And yeah - surprise, I don't like the sound of a box of torture either, okay? Okay.
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We're going to do a little stress management exercise.

[Oh joy. John's trying to be helpful.]

You're going to close your eyes-- you're going to close your eyes and keep typing. Yeah. Like that. Now, imagine a red rubber ball, then screw that, red's boring. It goes away. So you imagine a white ball with red and yellow dots on it, but like, more red than yellow. The revenge of the ball we just banished. Got it? Good. Now the ball is doing what they do, it's bouncing. Up and down.

Are you looking at it? In your head?

Okay, so the ball is going up and down and every time you think it's going to stop, it gets a second wind. This ball. Now there's two balls, you're staring at two balls, and they're--

No. No, this has a point. You have to hear me out about these balls, I swear these balls are going to change your life--

[It's around this time that John is forcibly shut up when his player opens their eyes, stares at the god awful text they've written, and deeply considers deleting it all. They don't. Hell, it's not even edited.]

Right. That's not working for you. Then we can talk about what we're doing here. Why that's the only icon you have, what you're going to do about Dave and the, whole... Dave thing. Hush, hush. I get it. It's been a long week, you don't have time for all that heavy lifting. You want me, the fictional guy, to sort out you, the real guy's, problems.

I can do that. But you're going to have to think about a lot more balls. I didn't even get to the best part--

[The best part no doubt has something to do with John's penis. His player is unimpressed and starting to regret letting this particular cat out of the bag.]

Right above these two balls is a looooooooong--

[Aaaand he's cut off. If anyone wants to talk to this loser, they can go for it. It's an 'at your own risk' situation.]
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You asked if I wanted to go where you're planning on sending me, and my answer is no.

I haven't forgotten what happened previously, and I don't want to experience that again. But I know you well enough, so whether I say yes or no is not going to change your mind.

I've said it before, but it should be repeated: why ask a question if you don't want to hear the answer?
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[She doesn't even look at her mun. Won't afford her that decency. Instead she just sits quietly. Sharpens her knives. For a long time that's the only sound, the whetstone and the blade, over and over and over.]

Are you expecting me to say something?

[Her voice is blunt, tone annoyed, if you could even call it that. She's not human, and she's stopped trying to be. Nolan can try all he wants to make her human, but she's done with that now. Irisa moves on to the next knife, sharpening it, movements quick enough to show her agitation if you know her well. She's not happy with this situation, not even close, but she won't show it.

Then finally she pauses for a moment.]

You're an idiot.

[Ladies and gentlemen, Irisa Nyira.]
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[A never ending discussion with his mun concerning his dad. A sensitive subject all around. Chuck thinks he's gonna put an end to that right now.]

My old man's got more important things to deal with, now that Stacker is gone. He's marshal now. Not sure how long that's gonna last. Mighta saved the world, but doubtful it'll keep 'em 'round for much longer. Threats gone, jaegers and pilots aren't needed anymore. So they'll think. If we've been hit like this there's gotta be more out there, should be ready for anythin'.

[He knows his dad won't let them put the PPDC down without a fight if they try to. Now's the time to rebuild and train more pilots, while the dust settles.]

Besides, no one deserves bein' stuck in this shithole.

[Meaning the game he's at now. Pretty dismal place, no fun. His own personal limbo. Dead but not dead here. Chuck doesn't want to see his dad here, doesn't know what he'd do if he saw him again really.]
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Very funny. Well, you seem to think it is, anyway. Thinking of sticking me in a shell, keepin' me there -- making me able to die.

You know what that makes you, mun? A fucking priority. Congratulations. Say goodbye while you can.
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Honestly, haven't you put me through enough? First there was the one torture box in space, then a lovely little alien planet with a house, to the middle of the ocean let's all be glad that a box can't get seasick and then to a world of 'gods' who took away all of my powers. Now you want to send me to a combination? A torture box on the ground with houses and so-called gods. There's even a ship there.

[HUFF. The things her mun puts her through.]

I'll tell you, you certainly have a habit of tossing me into dangerous situations when I'm all fleshy and vulnerable. Is it amusing to you? I think it is. You're quite mad and not in a way I approve of. [The TARDIS travels with the Doctor, mad is something they do.]

You always say that the Doctor is there and you know I always go. How could I stay away when you tell me that? You make it difficult for me to argue with you when you talk about what sort of situation he's in. He may be brilliant and clever but he's also very alone there. Someone has to make sure he doesn't do anything idiotic.

[Sorry dear but everyone knows you shouldn't be alone.]
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I die to save the goddamn world and you think the suitable reward for that is havin' some wackjob scientists bring me back to life?

Then lettin' them kill me over and over in their box of horrors?

Bein' dead sounds better. Thanks.
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Did you just seriously fucking compare typing a bunch of words to moving through a herd while covered in lurker guts?

Fuck. You.

[He'd slam the door if there was one.]
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I almost got my ass electrocuted by some kinda freaky pink flying cat. If that's what you call success I'd rather stay in the back of your head, man. It's safer up there; you've got hot chicks, cool tunes; it's a great spread.

So do me a solid and forget about this whole Box deal. It's bad news.

I ain't afraid of going. I've just got places to be and demons to kill. And if you need more reasons, check out the saw I've got strapped to my back.

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[That's a damn lie, is what it is.]

It's not that I haven't thought about yelling for Superman-

[And of all things to go and force a post of, too. Tim's low on the 'quizzical', high on the 'dry'.]

but I think he's got better things to attend to than getting nowhere, fast.

[Better things to do than be a boon of luck to anyone in the Box and wow what a loose definition of 'boon'. No offense intended, and replace 'Superman' with just about any other name and the result is, as far as Tim can figure, about the damn same.]

Not to mention, it'd be kind of depressing.

[There we go. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.]
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Listen, I'm not saying I agree with this. But if Octavia's going, then I'm going. My sister, my responsibility.
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Why should I not be suspicious of this continued attention? Yes, this face suits me better, but I have seen the delight that you are taking in tormenting that Lady of the Eldar. And do not think that I have failed to notice where you intend to send me. I am under no illusion that I will be treated better.

[Haleth crosses her arms and sets her jaw.] If I expect no kindness from you, I'll have no disappointment.
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A 'horror game'? Dude, have you seen some of the stuff Marshall turns into? Besides, you know I'm not afraid of junk.

Well, not monsters and stuff anyway.

[We don't freakin' talk about the ocean okay?]

But hey, if that's what you wanna do, then let's go. Bet they could use a hero or two in there anyway!

((ooc: crossposted to dear_mun))
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Heeeeey, not bad, kid. You've only had me in your head for what is it, six months now? I have been waiting - not at all patiently - in this journal until you finally decided I needed some icons. And what took you so long, huh? No, "Oh, I have a Tony Stark muse, better give him his face back?"

Anyway, it is good to be here, and I can't wait to see what you're going to do with me.

A horror game? With JARVIS and Banner there? Guess I can handle a little horror if I get my buddies back.

. . . you're kidding me. You're not kidding me. Loki? Seriously?

I need more coffee.


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