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This is- wow. I want to say dedication but this is a whole new level. Are bad puns how you deal with existential dread?

... Whatever it is you're planning though, at least just. Let me know in advance. Okay?

[ No plans, bub. None yet. ]

Guess we'll just have to improvise this one.

Brand new

Jun. 16th, 2017 12:29 pm
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This is so hexciting!

Thank you so much, munny.

And I love the name! I'm ready for whatever adventure we're going to do!

But do whatever you need to get my voice! Do you think I can see the girls soon? Oh! Or my brothers?
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Well, I wouldn't say it just happened exactly. I'm pretty sure you were set on picking me up from the beginning, weren't you?

So why are you so nervous now? Just relax! You know my parents' story almost as well as I do. Just try not to worry about it, all right? I'm sure you'll be fine.

And just try to take it easy too. I know you have plans for me, but don't overwhelm yourself.
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Yes, it would be ... nice to find Lucas. He is important to me.

That does not mean I am not capable of acting independently from him. With all due respect, while my feelings for the boy are strong, I am still very much myself and having much to live and discover before making any commitment. The likelihood of finding him is minor, and I will torture myself with such a thought. Just as you torture yourself over the consideration of a game for me.

Nothing with ponies. Or I will shoot.

W. A.
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You know, the last game you sent me to I almost got my nuts crunched by a blond psychopath and a sentient rock headbutted me in the nose.


I'm not sure I trust you anymore.
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What do you think you're doin', eh?!

(A pause.) Sorry, I overreacted, but... (But, not really sorry because "What the hell?" Can't you see how serious this is? Besides, this is kidnapping or something like that.) 

Fine. Fine. I'll spare you the why since I can see you already know. But, I don't really understand why you have me here? I also don't really like it. You could have asked. (Would have to politely decline. But being asked would have only been polite.) Do you mind terribly just putting me back for now?

I'm sorry, but didn't you see what just happened?! I
 have some things I really need to do and being here means I can't take care of them.

Fine. I see how it is. (That doesn't mean that trying to talk you off of this isn't going to happen. It totally is. Also cue a little assassin pout.)  But you'll see eventually why this was a mistake on your part and you'll have to put me back where I belong. 

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I'm not against it or anything, its just weird. You're so comfortable with the other me.

I guess this is the place to see if anything sticks, huh?
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Stop laughing, you sadist! Did you really respawn me just so I could get all snarky at my old crush – you know, the secret serial killer?

Wait, what? Excuse me?!

"Cheer up, Codex! At least you're not the one ruining your life this time?!"


[ sigh ]


And rude! Jerk.
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[But did it ever really leave? For the Ginosaji never quits, it's spoon just keeps thundering down. Smacking its victims with unrelenting fury. Again, and again...andagain. And again. And again. And again and again, and again. And again.

And again....

And again.And again.And again.And again.And again.And again.And again.And again.And again.And again.And again.And again.And again.And again.

And...well you get it. He's not stopping, and not going to stop until you're dead.]
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Mun, babe, y'know, kudos for thinking outside the box. And I'm glad to, like, exist and all, but what I'm getting at here is really...

You know you're not going to get to play me anywhere? Like. Ever.

And power to you if you can find me some castmates, know what I'm saying? Though this place is a great start, babe.
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Oh, please. Two years? Save your tears, sugar. That's not even a dent when you've been around as long as I have.
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Well look who finally decided to miss me! I bet you're pretty desperate to have me back, huh? Who wouldn't want some of this? I am, after all, the literal embodiment of awesome. With my devastating good looks and incredibly skilled...skills, you can't possibly lose! That said...

Sorry to disappoint you, munface, but this extremely eligible bachelor's off the market. Me and my twenty smoking hot ladyfriends are enjoying an all-expense-paid holiday at the world's premiere vacation destination. Our major Strong Badian renovation project is going beautifully, and our small dirt trench...uh, glistening shores have never shone brighter! They'll take your eyes out if you don't shade 'em. And that's not just the coat of glitter we dumped on it.

Anyway, reunion's not happening. I couldn't be happier in my golden years, far from any possible infestation of anything having to do with magic or friendship. But if you were to offer me a little more edge. Like, say, letting me stab some guy? That could bring me back to the table. But until then, adios.
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Thank you for scrapping your original idea.

I mean, sure. I get it. If I had a super power, it would be a tossup between always letting people down or never measuring up to people's hexpectations. Even so, that joke you wanted to tell was uncalled for. There's dark humor, but then there's... that.

[ Sigh. ]

It's not like I don't want this whole thing to work out. I'd like to go somewhere so I'm not just sitting here collecting metaphorical dust. Just—can't we go about this in a slightly more lighthearted fashion?
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Easy there, short-stack. [ she pauses. ] What, after all this time, you thought it'd be straight sunshine and puppies?

Hate to break it to you, but if we're going to play this little game, you have got some serious work to do.
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I mean, I don't know what you expected. It's a lot of trash talking. We were dealing with total chumps, what else would it be?

[ Not even gonna acknowledge the lines about your dad? ]

Woohoo, way to go, you predicted something completely and totally obvious. So, no. I'm not going to give him any more attention than he deserves. Let him rot.
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Noooo, kid, I get it. Furcenary. Mercenary, with fur. It's real clever, I promise you. Granted, half the universe has fur where I'm from, so it's really... not much of a unique trait, but. [ A lazy shrug. Whatever. ] Not about to get in a tizzy over it.

Let's just cut right to the chase, huh? Now I know it's... fun, I guess, to jump headfirst into something new, and exciting, and... all that. But you don't have a game plan. Now me, I don't necessarily mind putting my feet up for a bit, taking a rest, but...

[ A moment's pause, as it's hard to tell whether he's lost track of his own point or is just considering something new altogether. ]

You know what? Forget I said anything. Knock yourself out, kiddo.


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