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Okay, first, it's far, far too early for you to be giving this any kind of serious thought.

And second, no.
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[Hey D_P, have an unassuming looking middle aged man in ink soaked pants rubbing his temples.]

I'm going to have a headache for a week after this.

Chapter 2 spoilers. )
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. . .

[There's no immediate answer, and Shanoa looks almost pensive.]

I'm afraid I don't understand. There's no purpose to my being here. I have done my duty, my lady.

[Sure there's purpose, Shanoa. Sometimes people just enjoy one anothers' company for the sake of it. It doesn't always have to be about a mission. --And even with many of her emotions and ability to grasp such things stunted, it clicks and Shanoa bows her head for a moment.]

Ah, I see... [And there's a very sincere attempt at a smile here.] Thank you. I enjoy your company as well.

[A beat.]

Are we to seek out others now? It has been some time, but if you wish to try these... "memes" once more, then I will oblige.
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 Look, Ms. ...Mun, right? Just Mun? Fine.

Look, Mun, I'm flattered. Really. And don't get me wrong, I don't want to be stuck in your headspace with nothing to do . . . but you and I both know that a full game's just not possible for you right now. I respect that.

Pee-ess-ell? What's- ...what do you mean, it's like a sandbox? Not the kind in children's playgrounds, got it. Because you know I'm a little old for that, right?

Well...okay. I guess we could try it. But you know if the queen has another case for me, that takes priority, got it?

[Though frankly, he's hoping she doesn't call on him again for a while. Like...a long while. Maybe never. This last case really did a number on him, after all.]

((Warnings in advance for possible spoilers up through #15 The Black Veil. I've gone with a male version for the Master Detective and use Darnell Barrett for his name. PB is D.J. Controna.))
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[Look at this dopey fellow with a hammer, who grins a goofy grin.]

So, you're like the Goddess then? Only less uptight about everything it looks like.

[Hands on his hips now, to ask the important question.]

What am I gonna get to build in this place anyway?
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Y'know, when I helped those colonists out on Mar Sara, I didn't think it'd lead to ... whatever this is now.

Well, I guess we're both bucklin' down for a ride. Though the true 'glory'll' come when you get a machine that can play it. These LPs'll help at least.

Though, maybe you should look int' getting those books. The games ain't gonna tell you everything.
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'Playable never'?

Of course. Why would I even consider having to befriend you lowly mortals? Some of you aren't even going to make it in the future that I am working for. It would do you better to pray to Astrals so that you might even able to enjoy your morning coffee tomorrow instead of trying to convince me to do otherwise.

[ Yeah, that sounds like something that a villain from Sunday morning cartoons would say, Sandalphon. ]
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Go fuck yourself with a rake! I'm not helping you find out more shit about me.
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Wait, You're gonna make me into a WHAT?!

[A magical girl! You know, saving the world, wearing cute dresses, probably have some magic abilities... Murder.]

Is this some sort of sick joke?! I'm a grown man for fuck's sake! Not some prissy little bitch in a schoolgirl uniform waving around a wand. And what the hell did you say about murder?!

[Erm... What murder?]

Don't play dumb with me, jackass. You know how much I hate liars.

[Oh... I apped you into a murdergame... About magical girls. Seriously.]

... How the fuck do those two things even go together?!
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Taking on all of us at the same time, huh? You're pretty brave for a human writer! [The succubus Mirari let out a laugh, her tail flicking behind her with amusement.]

You needn't worry. We will be gentle and we will remain mindful of what you can handle. [The usually taciturn Orias had a smirk upon his face. It was in mischief that he and Mirari surprisingly got on well . . .]

[The oldest, Kael, let out a sigh, giving his writer a rueful smile.]
They're very enthusiastic, as you can tell . . . But Orias is right. Don't strain yourself, miss.

[Meanwhile, Akki, the youngest of the bunch, looked a little sheepish.] So uh - do I get to eat all the pizza I want while we're here?

[Everyone let out a sigh.]

[ooc; this is a journal for all the sex demons of the game Cute Demon Crashers. It's an R18+ otome game, and as such, some topics in the comments might be NSFW. Please proceed at your own discretion! ♥]
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yea but liek

still gonna kill kenney

you bastard ~~(8:>
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Okay, I think I understand this now. This is some freaky Matrix-type bullshit, but like, the fanfiction Matrix. And since I, like any nerd worth his salt, took the red pill, I'm supposed to wake up surrounded by a bunch of hot anime girls or something?

Cool. Y'know, maybe I can work with this. And since you're from the Bay, you'll know right where I'm supposed to go when you put me back. Right?


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Okay, let me get this straight. You aren't sure about sending me anywhere because I am, and I quote, "a belligerent asshole and all-around shit-stirrer"? Well, then what's the fucking point? Of course I'm gonna make enemies. That's what happens when you tell people what they don't want to hear. It doesn't mean anybody's gonna like you less. Hell, I bet they'd thank you for sending me in to shake things up. Some people get into ruts the longer they're in a game, right? Let me get them out.

I mean, yeah. I get that I'd be trapped in some hostile environment or other against my will, which, let's be honest, is pretty fucked up of you to do. And nothing anybody in there can do will actually get us out, because then it's game over. [Well, but maybe in a murder game...] - Wait, what?! That's a thing? The hell's wrong with you people?

... Look, what I'm getting at is, if you think I'm gonna break the hypothetical game, then maybe it was too fragile to begin with. And if you think the game's gonna break me, then maybe you don't know who you're messing with.

You know what I think? I think you're the weak link here, and you know it. You're the one with more important things to do than sit around watching your inbox all day. If it was just me, I'd be fine. But no, I have to depend on your schedule and motivation. You miss a week, and it's me who ends up looking like an asshole. So unless you get your shit together, this little partnership is gonna be over before it starts.
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Hey, hey player?

Eat my entire ass! And! And! And! Eff you trying to control me, too!!!
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Hey, look. I am totally a hundred percent down with going on some kinda' jacked up vaycay. Hell, I'll miss the crew but they'd hound my ass forever if I didn't take up the opportunity to meet like... Batman or Captain fuckin' Kirk. You think I could snag some autographs there and bring 'em home?

But that whole alien scenario thing? Space horror or whatever. Nah. I'll pass. I mean I'm good but I ain't Archie level pro. That ginger badass is like on prestige tier.

Also, can I say one last thing? That new Naked Chicken Chalupa at Taco Bell? Fuck the haters. That shit is legit. Best invention since the Doritos Locos Tacos.
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Aw shoot! Thanks fer all the new icons. I ain't got a clue what this one's about, but I'm makin' a real cute face, ain't I?

You gonna get around to gettin' me off the shelf next? I remember you talkin' about me 'n Harrowheart goin' for a joyride in some place where undead live on their own terms. Even voluntarily! Gettin' to see what kinda culture they built, try their cuisine and-

Oh wait.

Wait. Maybe this isn't good. Maybe we CAN wait a bit longer.
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Shucks, writer-lady. Gone and made me all a-fluttered, you did.

I guess I'm just your type, huh? Monotone colours, mischievious grin, more than a slight inclination towards r̴̠͔͖͖̬e̴̖̪̼̟̜v̵̡̭͚̗̪e̷̢̝̩͔͔ņ̴̣̳̱ͅg̷͎̪̹̘͉e̷̘̲̗̺̠ , a grand total of 'round ten minutes of actual canon ...

Yep! Boy howdy, writer-lady, I can already tell!

We're going to get along just w̴̡̢͕̣̯o̷̧͕͓͈̖n̴̨̖͚̦̗d̴͔̤̻͉̣e̷̬̫̞̝̯r̷̜̳̻̺ͅf̸̡̨̳̗̱u̷͇͔̙̜͖l̸̢̥̻̲̭l̴̯̘͓͓͙y̸̡̹͈̤̹.̸͈̪̙̲̻.
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Are you sure you want to do this, mun? You haven't played me in years, and back then I was with Shinichirou. I'm not sure I want what you have planned for me. I'm sure it's all very nice, but being separated from him for that long?

Do you have too?

Yes, thank you. I'd love some tea.
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Oh ho ho! Dearest, kindest writer, you shouldn't have!

It's been some time since I've had such a fine lamb led to my altar. And one so dreadfully handsome as well! And here I had been fully prepared to be left out of these lovesick seasonal festivities. Consider me pleasantly surprised.

I intend to receive and enjoy this offering to its fullest extent.

You have my deepest thanks.


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