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If I'm going anywhere, just let it be somewhere with showers. Hot ones. Number one priority, okay? Seriously.
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Well, glory BE. Never thought I'd see YOU coming back this way after you'd gone off with the Mensis fellow. Not that I'm sorry to see a friendly face, of course! Perish the very thought.

And fret not; that ugly matter of you passing me over for the caged man on the first go is water under the bridge, my friend. An ordeal as good as forgotten! Eheheheh...

Besides, this may be a good a place as any to search for a new god, isn't it?
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Hey, I heard someone I knew just got offed... By his ex-boyfriend or something, I don't give a fuck. As the guy who he probably wanted to erase from existence, can I just say one thing about this whole ordeal?

[He clears his throat.]

Goodbye, Doctor Asshole! Have a fun time in Hell!
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I guess I'm glad this remaster stuff finally got you to finish doing icons for me. Just took you... forever, but okay. I'll take what I can get right now. Better than all concept art which was kind of just four expressions max.

Lets just focus on, I dunno, maybe possibly throwing me at memes? A game would be nice, though I'd rather be with Crash. Somebodies gotta keep an eye on him. Otherwise he'll just sleep on the beach and probably get carried off by a wave.
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Wait, so this isn't... I'm not in a time loop? And you're not one of the ghosts? So what is this then, because I've had enough with freaky shit.
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Yeah, I dunno what the heck she was talking about? My hygiene is just fine, thank you very much.
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The mighty Uka Uka is free once again!

And no longer must I suffer that bumbling bandicoot or Cortex's repeated failures. A new campaign of pain and terror can now begin...!
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Yeah, mun, you've probably missed the train on this one. But it at least seems to me that there're still a few RFA members floating around here and there, so don't lose hope!

Don't worry, I'll keep checking in on them. They're all busy with their own very full lives, but if I'm anything, it's reliable!
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Oui, I have finally been called back to London. You know what lies ahead as you have been there before I have, in several matters of speaking. But to my best knowledge, I am only going to visit Monsieur Sonnac for my next assignment.

I do have a...Feeling, though. Not quiet the same as the amusement park or the dream, but it is a big Feeling. Un peu peur. I think that I would like R to come with me, but I am operating under the impression that he would prefer to sleep in.

Which is no different from how it has ever been, big or small feelings. Direct your concerns to Herr Mozart, instead. He is ill and I am as well as I have ever been.

Bonne chance à tous. Let's see what tomorrow brings.
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Woohoo, how exciting that you get another look into the reasons I'm so fucked up- exciting for you, that is.

I can't roll my eyes hard enough.
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I suppose it's about time.

Three years have passed. What a shame he has to be sent back, after being away for so long.


I imagine he appreciates the milk bath in place of the barbed wire this time.
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You may not get very far if you simply stop playing every time you encounter any difficulty. If that worked, I doubt any of us would be where we stand now, and we'd simply have stayed on Earth to begin with. But if you're not willing to listen to counsel, there's hardly anything I can do about it. It's your game, after all, and you can play it however you wish.

-- Yours,
Lady Deirdre Skye
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Okay, I gotta say, thumbs-up. Making fun of Warlocks is a time-honored tradition. Or so I've heard.

Look, you'll be fine. So we're both pretty new to this whole "immortal-being-filled-with-Light-controlled-by-person-in-the-distant-past" thing. The key is to act like a Hunter does. Do like we do. Pretend like you know what's going on. Failing that, pretend like you meant to do whatever it is you goofed up on.

Pretty sure Cayde'd agree. Just saying.

S. Hein
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I've stayed quiet this far out of respect, mun. Even after the amount of crap you've put me through. -Yes, I mean the whole "almost strangled by Vanguard" thing.

But if you think I didn't notice what you're up to... you really underestimate the SHD's training. Just try not to make a fool out of me. That's all I'm asking.

- Parker
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Yeah, Haruka can be...a bit of a handful at the best of times, and I understand why you would bring me out rather than her; but know two things one, she's a trusted teammate, and I would put my life in her hands at any given moment.

And two...I will not stand by and waste time with frivolous activities when I could be using that time better spent getting stronger, this isn't the first time I've been whisked away from my world but I'll be damned if I let get me weaker. Send me to whatever "game" world you see fit! I can take it!

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Another dream, is it? One to replace the undone nightmare? Or is our consciousness simply meant to navigate one after another, like passing from room to room in some...Great. Cosmic. Mansion.

I strive forward all the same, suspended upon the spirit of discovery. Kos, or some say Kosm, hear my prayers...
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No amount of Lords of Verminion matches could prepare me for what you have in store for me.

Yes, I do appreciate the prospect of being in a land without constant war in strife. After everything that's happened so far, I wouldn't be adverse to some rest. Even so, Eorzea waits for no one. If the Warrior of Light is not there, then...

I can only hope time somehow works in a different fashion, so that I can eventually return to my duties without pause.

...It will be nice to see him once more, however, even if I do not want to let go a second time.
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I know you had wanted to post something with the original version of me you have, but he's not real good with words, y'know? And something definitely has to be said! So on behalf of both of us: THANK YOU!

Not just for all your birthday wishes today, either! Thanks for always thinking so highly of me (us??) all these years, and for inviting me to this place. It's always fun and interesting getting to explore this world with you.

Let's have even more adventures together during the next 25 years! How about one of those "game" things? Oh, and, um. Maybe you could make me a cake next time? ☆ Pretty please~?
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Okay, first, it's far, far too early for you to be giving this any kind of serious thought.

And second, no.


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