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Listen. I get it. From your perspective, sort of... out there, where none of this stuff can touch you, it probably seems like a great idea to drag as many people into this mess as possible, right? The more the merrier and all that. But the thing is, like... I'm having a hard enough time keeping this ship afloat without those jokers following me around. Know what I'm saying?

Like, look, just think about it. Imagine for a second that, ehh, I don't know... Magnus ends up dragged into the carnival, and he ends up getting to use some of this fae magic that's apparently just floating around the place. Can you imagine?

All I'm saying is think about it before you get anything signed in blood here. Just a friendly little note from your boy, Taako.
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I'm not sure what the point of this is. I don't think you're going to find anyone I know out here. Not Billy or Nelson, or any of the folks from Iorden. Definitely nobody from Lackawanna.

I mean, I guess it's nice not to have people actively trying to kill me or anything. That's definitely a plus. But... I am kind of in the middle of some really important stuff right now back at camp, so if you could leave me and my friends alone? Please?
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Perhaps, if you're truly as invested as you so often lay claim to, you'll finish doing your own research before attempting to delve back into my own. You're an entire season behind. I would suggest you not, once again, put the cart before the horse.

[ he pinches the bridge of his nose, exhaling. ] However, I am, unfortunately, all too well-acquainted with your m.o.; wishful thinking certainly isn't mine. Do what you please. You will, regardless of what any of us might have to say.
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Listen, I don't know what-- There's not anything here, my dude. Wizard machine broke. That tragic backstory been done unlocked, you're slurping at the bottom of a milkshake and getting diddly squat. I've been through a lot, is what I'm saying. What's on the table, more of that? Great, love it, more homeless wandering, more """adventure.""" I'll just put it right here, next to all the homeless wandering, and quote-unquote adventure. Because that's a thing I already had plenty of, ya dig? That's not anything new, and I don't get out of bed for same-old. I don't need this, I don't-- Reactions? I don't know her. No thanks. Pass. I'm retired. I left my Stone of Farspeech at the Fantasy Starbucks. All I got now is this stone of regular non speech, it says 'Live Laugh Love' on it. You want anything else, find a different wizard. Peace!
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Hello, miss Mun! Gosh, this must be the... well, I don't want to say it's the most exciting place I've ever been, I don't... I don't want to get ahead of myself and it's no moon base, but it is very exciting.

I mean, I've never been outside my own plane before. And this connects to all sorts of different planes in the planar system, right? Do you know what that means?

[...what does it mean, Angus--]

It means there must be all kinds of mysteries around, just waiting to be solved! And who better to solve them than the world's greatest detective?

...Well, um, one world's greatest detective. I guess. I'll have to work on being the best of other worlds, won't I? So I better get on solving these mysteries quick!
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Nervous, are you?

No need, my dear, no need. You seem to have things surprisingly under control. I mean. As under control as you can possibly be when it's me you're dealing with.Though, if I might make a very small request: I'd like to be placed mostly in charge of this operation--where we go, what we do and all that. None of this you leading me around business.

That's not such a hard thing to agree to, is it?
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Okay... seriously? We're doing this?

No I'm not going to introduce myself for fu-

Eugh fine. Whatever you say.

The name's Juno Steel, and if you believe what's printed on my business card, I'm a private eye.

Now will someone get me a damn drink?
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This is fucking weird. I'm just gonna say that, put that out there. It's weird, and it's creepy, and... Why pick me, anyway? You listen to plenty of Dr. Bright's other patients. Why not pick one of them?

[ Because the writer likes you. It's not unheard of, you know. ]

What? Oh... Oh yeah. You mean Adam. Yeah, he... He does like me back, right?

[ Pretty sure Dr. Bright confirmed that already. ]

Yeah, well. She's... biased or whatever.

Anyway, don't you think you should wait until you've listened to the rest of it? You're still pretty far behind on all our sessions.

[ ... ]

Whatever. Do what you want. Not like I can stop you.
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[A man reclining in a black chair in front of a desk suddenly appears!]

Dear...player, yeah I don't think this is going to work. You and me? Yeah not happening. I am a busy man and don't have the time to deal with any of this.

[He gestures around himself, then waits for a full ten minutes before signing and speaking up again, now somewhat agitated.] What, you're still here? Fine, we at Kakos Industries strive to think positively. Who knows, maybe we can help you do evil better.

[The strange man cleared his throat before waving his hand dismissively in the air.] If you'll excuse me now, I have another shareholders' broadcast to air.
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Ah, what manner of strangeness is this? You! Yes, Mundane was it!? Quite a clever name for one who has placed me under their control, making me their slave! Yet to do so means that you are no mere "mundane". But perhaps an agent for the EVIL, and HORIBBLE, DARK LORD! But know this, "Mundane". One day I shall break loose of your hold, and when that day happens you shall forever regret your decision for controlling my words and actions.

For I am USIDORE! Wizard of the 12th Realm of Ephysiyies, Master of Light and Shadow, Manipulator of Magical Delights, Devourer of Chaos, Champion of the Great Halls of Terr'akkas! The elves know me as Fi’ang Yalok. The dwarves know me as Zoenen Hoogstandjes. I am also known in the Northeast as Gaismunēnas Meistar.

And there are yet still many other names that you do not yet know....
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While I am ever so happy with your election of fictional voice to dwell in your head, I feel pressed to remind you completion of the currently available material is heavily preferred if you wish to provide with an outstanding performance of yours truly.

That said, isn't this so ever exciting! I have never had a body, leave alone a face. Imagine the posibilites!
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 Listen, mun, you're not the only one waiting for the new episode here. I just want to get that damn cup and go, okay

Also, I'm sure Ren's fine. I wasn't actually going to hurt her, you know. 
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I don't know what it is you think you'll find here, but you're wasting your time. And mine, for that matter.
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Well, this  [ He makes a gesture with his arms.] is new.  

[Taako swings his umbrella up to his shoulders, kinda just chill about the whole thing.]

Being controlled by one person is enough, but two now? Eh, I've been through enough shit. This is meta as all hell, though.
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Hello dear...well, listeners doesn't really work here, does it. And neither does mun, because it's more than just you. So maybe we should just skip that part. Because "Hello dear person and anyone who might happen to see this but isn't actually a listener" is a bit unwieldly.


This is Communications Officer Doug Eiffel reporting know, you're really messing with my whole usual spiel with this weird meta thing going on. Technically I'm not reporting from the comms room aboard the Hephaestus. I'm reporting from INSIDE YOUR HEAD. Which let me tell you, is really friggen weird.

So let's just skip the whole formal introduction thing and get right down to business.

You know exactly who I feel about sitting in a rotting tin can in space. What makes you think I'd want to go anywhere that you might pick? Cause you can't pick the place where I get plucked out of space and get to enjoy the physical company of others in a place that uses all of that touchey-feeley goodness the way plants use solar energy. No. You'd want to send me to the place that's Ramero's wet dream! Tell you what. Unless it's somewhere I can freely get as much cigarettes and pizza I could ever want, and is securely back on good ol' Terra Firma, I don't want any part in it. Capiche?

Good. I'm glad we have an understanding. Now. If you're not going to take me somewhere that involves all the creature comforts anyone could imagine, I have a ship to save from literally the worst people in the known universe. So see ya!
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Oh dear. You seem to be distracted, showing signs of fatigue and prolonged stress. Clearly you have a brain tumor. You must get to an infirmary immediately! Being an inhabitant of your mind, I refuse to allow you to become an invalid. It would be most inconvenient, for me.
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Did I do something to seriously piss the universe off? Cause last I saw I was minding my own goddamn business when the entire world decided to start FUCKING with me and this? Right here?



Hey I did not bring ANY of this on myself! i have been making the best of an extremely shitty situation and honestly, I don't think I'm doing such a bad job!

Stop laughing. Asshole.
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Hey, lady.

This sucks. You suck. And I have a job already, thanks.

No love,

Jackie F.


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