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I don't know what you hope to gain from this. You know as well as I that Marcus is not here, nor will he ever be.

At least I'll have earned some peace and quiet here, even though it comes with overwhelming boredom.
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I... I mean, I understand what you're trying to do? It could be interesting, sure.

But I also think that you're setting yourself up for disappointment. I'd essentially be an OC? And that fandom in particular is more critical of those than most.

Might be better to try writing fic of it instead.

PSL stuff.

Aug. 15th, 2017 10:49 pm
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 I'm already tired and we're not even close to making progress. I have to wonder just why you like to pile me with extra stress...

("You might already have a few grey hairs, if we're being honest. But to answer your question, because it's kind of funny."

An almost sigh.) 

It's like having a puppy that occasionally makes jokes about "throwing kerosene on the stove" in your own kitchen...

("That's actually accurate. But come on, it's nice to see your very dry sense of humor.")

Did I seriously make the right decision here? The answer is probably not. This was probably a bad move. 
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Isn't it strange? How a barely grazed the very fringe of what my universe had to offer? Within a flitting four years, I was somehow constricted to a single cosmos. We were fireflies trapped in a suffocatingly small jar, incapable of envisioning any future outside of their own inescapable deaths.

Had I any idea that there was even the slightest chance of an existence outside of the one I'd grown to both love and loathe, I'd have taken my chances.

That said, I am not beyond the possibility of starting over.
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Of course, you just have to pull me back out after scaring yourself silly.

(Slight sigh.)

...I suppose I have no choice but to go along with this until you see your time and effort as been wasted again. Very well.
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So this face is what it takes for you to finally try your hand at telling a part of my story?

Shouldn't be surprised. Writers are a fickle bunch.

As long as you don't intend to keep me from my quest for long, this may yet work.
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Let's do this thing!

Yeah, I know you're feeling insecure about this, but don't worry. We got this. We'll show them we're made of tougher stuff than they think we are.
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Aww, c'mooooooonnn, babe. Are you really surprised that I was your favorite part of that little movie? What, did you think you were going to come out as a Gru fan? Ugh, gag me with a spoon! That old wannabe has had his turn, now it's time for my super-sweet return to the spotlight!

So, whaddya say we go cause some mayhem? I'm sure the two of us could find some real action around here!
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So because of this you finally let me out, to be to breathe to live. Why did you wait so long even after this news?

And just how do you think those two have gotten along without me? You know they'll get in trouble without someone sensible around. If they're even here! You don't know!

Why are you so frustrating?

And where's Chuy?
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My my my, what do we have here?

Some sorry attempt at trying to capture the essence of my voice confined to four little lines creating various squares with my image on it? If you're expecting me to find that cute or whatever other inane word you'd like to use for it, I'm afraid you're going to be holding your breath for a very long time.

Whatever it is you think you'd like to do with me, dear, I'd just as well we didn't bother since you're sitting there lazing around in your pj's and not at all looking presentable enough for something like this with me.

That's all. Now run along back to the others and play with them.
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Well, I'm really glad to finally get out here, mun! I was worried you were turning into one of those boring grown-ups. And you should really get to making journals for everyone else too, you know? It's not that fun being stuck in your head.

And you're thinking of bringing me to [community profile] entranceway? Maybe I should start reading up on those books then, so I know what to expect! Do you think I'll be able to make friends there?

[Don't worry, I'm sure you will.]
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It's been awhile, hasn't it? I have to say I find it a little curious with the sudden interest in me again. [ Arms are going to cross here. ] Wouldn't have anything to do with a certain plot coming to life for a second time around with a younger version of me, would it?

[ Jean, don't call your mun out like this, that's rude. ]

Well, I guess I don't have much of a choice in the matter, do I? Maybe we can figure something out this time around. Probably should after all the trouble you've gone to.
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This is a surprise.

You've had quite the busy day, haven't you?

You've taken me from my family, have trapped me inside a confined place, and make me go places against my will.

You're wonderfully skilled at this, I see, well done.

Until you find use for me, however, I shall have to gather cobwebs in this place, it seems.
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So this idea has come to fruition, has it? I cannot claim that my heart is not torn, as it is a bittersweet realization of what may come. Yet I remain true.

Love is still the greatest thing you'll ever learn.
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It would have been better to have thought this out than to act on a whim.

(But, considering the circumstances...)

I should suggest you do what you mundanes call "canon review" first. I see you have a book available that should work for this. From there I would gather icons.

(A very slight raise of the eyebrow.) 

You seem surprised? I should remind you that I was created to serve. I have a duty to the crew and I understand that I may be able to see them again in this place, but, I should also note that in these circumstances this means I also have a duty to you. Is that not the case?
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Well, I'm glad I wasn't any of those poor bastards.

I may have joked about Martians looting my stuff ALOT, but damn, I'm glad there isn't any conceivable life on Mars that we're aware of. Especially the kind that busts out of you and has acid blood...

Just, wow, that's was pretty fucked...

spoilers inbound )

Anyway, you mind finding some people that I can at least talk to or do a "psl" or whatever with if you're not gonna going the game route. Because, dammit, I'm actually bored here.
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I am pleased that you are so pleased. I know how long you have been waiting to see this, and for it to have not disappointed you is a good sign.

I do wonder if I will last this time around. We have been here before, have we not? Though I wore a different face then, and the story was changed enough. I am still me, and will always be.

Also: all that time, and you think I would only aid in one war? Of course there are stories to be told. Perhaps I will tell them. When the time is right.
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Hey whatever floats your boat.

Just, for the love of god and all that is holy, don't strand me on a planet like those little, green guys you keep dooming. I've been there already and it's not fun.


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