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Again with this? Fickle as you can be, I must commend the lengths of your resolve when it comes to troubling me. I also deem it necessary that I remind you how pitiful the likelihood of encountering anyone from my world of Amaneku is - or any of the acquaintances I previously established around these realms, for that matter. Keep that in mind.

Still, I cannot say that I am displeased with this resurgence. In fact, I will have you know that I have grown a fair amount since our last conferment; whether or not this will make a difference with you is something I will have to wait and find out, however.
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So you thought it was some April Fool's prank at first, huh? What, you sayin' we're not good enough to deserve an anime!? FUCK YOU.

They even went to all that trouble pulling the bait and switch Hoshiiro bullshit as the actual prank but you missed it entirely and just jumped to that conclusion like the dense, ungrateful prick you are! Shit!

... Oh, and don't think rereading the series and finally making me this account makes up for any of it. Now you just look like a hipster elitist trying to get in before the anime crowd. Probably 'cuz that's exactly what you are, lol. GG, lameass.


Why are you still looking at me? I'm done. Get out of here.
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Not very often I get summoned by two humans in such a short amount of time, though yours was more intentional it's also more aimless.

But it is flattering to know you humans still have me in your thoughts after all this time. Just make sure I get back to Shouta-san in a timely manner okay?
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Hey mun? I know you're trying to decide who to pick up, but pick me! We can play lots of Go together. I'll teach you! And you said there was someone named Annabeth in game who would play with me. I WANT TO PLAY WITH HER!

And this Cole? Is he a ghost too? Am I going to really be alive again? DOES THAT MEAN I CAN FINALLY PLAY GO MYSELF AND TOUCH THE STONES?

Hey Mun? Are you listening to me?
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[ Since his voice test, Freeza's pretty much had it with this headspace and the one keeping him here. So while she may ramble on about looking for a proper fish out of water setting that'll give him incentive enough to play along rather than explode things or alternately sit around and grump and don't act like that's not what you mostly do, you lazy, petulant little tyrant, he's being remarkably patient, visible to anyone watching. Those eyes seem to get steadily narrower as she suggests maybe a place that will NERF his powers, force him to socialize -- and yeah, he's had enough. That said, his answer comes out probably more polite than his expression suggests. ]

...I don't think we'll be doing any of that.
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Dearest mundane,

I must admit, I'm impressed by your cleverness, as well as your tenacity at wanting to "puppet" the real me and not that crude joke version that you're all too fond of. However, your rash nature and inability to commit to anything cancels out any positive "brownie points" you may have earned.

[S-shut up.

Zarbon does a casual head flick to drape his braid over his shoulder. Beautiful as always. Sob.]

Prove to me you're worthy of my inhabiting your headspace. Because at the very first sign that you're going to soil my reputation - or even worse, Lord Frieza's...

Well... You don't want to wind up like those Namekians, now do you?

[I let you out to play and this is the thanks I get?]

Exactly. Now run along, my repugnant mundane. We both have much to do - and my time is worth far more than yours.
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You came back! Whatever took you so long?

...Seriously? Another thief reminded you that I was here?! But we're nothing alike! I'm much younger, stylish, and work hard to give an enjoyable performance for my audience. No one has ever died on my heists! I'm nothing like that sinful man!!

[Saint Tail takes a moment to quell her anger.]

I'll forgive you. But if you're sticking around this time, you'll need more pictures. Perhaps some of my daily life?
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You still can't totally believe it, huh? Me neither, to be honest. It sure was surprising. But I'm... really glad, too.

...Hey, don't make that face! You think it's bad that you have to wait a couple months for the new chapter but we all have to wait a couple months just to EAT! Who's really suffering here?

[That isn't how it works and you know it, Laius.]
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Wow, you came back!! It's so nice to see you again, especially under such exciting circumstances!

Even though we've only just met back up, you seem so eager to work with me – I'm really flattered. I hear it's a very high honor to be picked up as a "character" like this, so...thank you very much for your consideration! I, novice policewoman Kiruko Otonashi, will work diligently to ensure I don't let your expectations down!!

So what's my first assignment? I'm going to get to help and and protect all these other "characters", right? A "game" would be nice, but it's okay if you want to start with some small missions first. Like... here, maybe! Everyone in this place seems pretty troubled so I'm sure we can find plenty to do! Don't be nervous – let's jump right in!
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Yo! Boy-kun!

It's good you finally decided but it couldn't have come at a different time? If you really want to get some play out of me, then you should make sure to pick me up at a place which I won't be in the middle of a fight.

Not that it is impossible for a hero to ignore whoever needs help.

But cheer up! This is your first step into a bigger world of hero comics! Just remember, I am here with you.

Now get out there, and hit some Testrun Drive Memes!
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Aww, mun-san is no fun.

But hahaha, I guess it has been a while! No games for the foreseeable future, hm? Well, not that I blame you. Still, it is nice to get out again, maybe see the others.

And... ah, maybe consider that canon update? I know you like playing me at this point for some reason, but so much has happened since then. I know they're fine without me, Syaoran-kun is a very strong young man, but—well, I'm sure Kuro-sama will appreciate it as well.

No pressure; just consider it. I'll simply give them all the hugs they need if that's what it takes.
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...Now what do we do..?

[ this camping trip quickly turned into tokoyami's terrible horrible no good very bad day

not that this didn't happen for like everyone else but....
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This level of excitement and joy you have been showing has been fascinating. I know that humans are capable of showing enthusiasm, but to this degree is a first for myself to witness. I will have to ask Chise about this in the future.

Though I cannot say I agree with your laughing constantly over that particular moment at the end.
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[Ahem, well... this is something new. And he's used to having an octopus as a teacher.]

Are you really that surprised? It's not like things are going to go any differently after all.

[A quiet pause then... He adjusts his glasses.]

And if you do plan on actually doing something with me after all this? May I suggest you pick somewhere with a large maid population? Or a good selection of maid cafes.
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I miss him.

That's what you wanted me to admit, isn't it Mun-san? He's a violent, stupid, worthless, idiot of a man, and I miss him. And... it hurts to miss him.

Don't let him know. I can hear his gloating already.

I even miss that.

[[Canon is Hana Yori Dango]]
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Oh yes, this is the right choice mundane! Forget the others we can have lots of fun. We need to find a place where I can have a fresh start! Maybe avoid canon mates this time? No? Well I can work with that. I have lots of planning to do as do you. Chop chop. Idle hands are the devils play things after all. So lets get to work!
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My jacket is not stupid. It makes me look cool! Now everybody can tell I'm the protagonist.

...Well, I bet Mor will like it.
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Excuse me miss,

but you were just here a few days ago, and with the Marquis no less. You can't have us both it just wouldn't be fair. He deserves a second chance more than I do. Please reconsider.

...Hey hey, your not listening to me at all are you?

Just promise I'll have more than four Denar!


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