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I'm sure I could handle anything you decided to put me in. [ he gives a strange laugh. ] Hell is nothing when you've already been through it. It's just a new kind.
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You know, this isn't really what I had in mind those times I mentioned having all the time in the world to do things.

...I can meet magical girls? Like actual magical girls?

[ are anyone else's weeb senses tingling? ]

Then what are we waiting for? This'll be great!
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This is some kind of joke, right?

[ it wouldn't be surprising considering her entire life has felt like a big, cruel joke lately. ]

I have enough to worry about just surviving every day with that psycho and you-- [ have dragged her right away from him. which would be good except--

except if Strade finds out. maybe realizes she's not in the house?

not only is she screwed, but poor Ren... he'd have to bear the brunt of Strade's anger after she was dead or incapacitated and that wouldn't end well in any way. she can put up with more of Strade's insanity than Ren can, in the end. ]

Unless this "game" you wanna find involves going back and not going to The Braying Mule that night, leave me out of it.

--Leave Ren out of it too!
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I am so glad that not only are they prolonging my trauma associated with that mansion, but they are also making fun of us and making me look like an utter idiot. Yes. Of course they are.

Naturally you are laughing. I wonder why I bother expecting anything approximating empathy.
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Saeki reporting for duty!

...An angel? No, I'd definitely be what humans would call a demon. But thank you, even if it is a little undeserved. I just do my job, and play some piano on the side, that's all.

Do you have an assignment for me? ...I'm not really sure what memes are, but if there are deceased ones there, I'll do my best.
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Okay? Are we all finished for this round? Everything out in the open? Excellent.

I can now remind you how much I despise you. That is all.
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For somebody who's got power over my life and death, you're pretty bad at remembering I even exist, huh? Three weeks late to the new stuff, after playing the old one up and down for days.

[Seriously, three weeks? That's no good at all. The air of judgement is coming off of Aki in waves.]

But you haven't even played my other half's new material yet, so what are you wasting my time for? I know you're excited about the new art and everything, but that can wait. Look at it this way: maybe something you learn there will help you when you're playing me, right? After all, he's just another side of me.
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No you may NOT divorce me from the source material and claim I'm your own original OC just because you don't like the way the franchise materials handle me! Copyright law doesn't WORK like that!
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Between this and the movie, I do have to ask: Did I kill one of the storywriter's dogs or something?
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Okay, I'll bite. Why're you giggling like a madwoman and givin' me that look? Do I even wanna know?

[Here Shitai, have a piece of paper shoved at you.]

..."Day of All the Blood." Uh.


Reminds you of me, huh? 'Cept for that space thing. I think. There a point besides that?

...Didn't think so. Can I go back to my nap now?
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I'd complain about the fact that you've got me running away from things like ghosts, especially since you KNOW how I feel about things that blatantly violate any scientific logic. On the other hand, you're not using this plot to advance my psychological issues for once, so I guess I really can't complain too much right now.

That little private storyline on the other hand you can go to Hell for.
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..................... ......... .... ... Oh. Hey. [ There's a brief glance around her. ] You look stressed.

[ Well, it's more worry than anything. ] Ah... well, you have friends that mess around on here, too, right? And you're friends with someone who mods at that Holly Heights place... you can learn the ropes from them. ....... But you should probably read all of Holly Heights's stuff first, right? [ Oops. ] Well, let's hope you're doing this right for now. [ Yeah. ]
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I suppose it is nice to have someone interested in me and my work. Usually it's so quiet around the house with just Maria and myself that I almost forget what it's like to talk to others!

Really though, I can't be gone too long. I have a lot of projects to work on, you know. And one can never be sure when a patient might stop by. There's no way I can leave those poor of health to suffer while I'm off enjoying myself.

That doesn't mean we can't chat now and then though.
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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