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You really wanna play me somewhere? George is coming too right?
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Oh child, you're hardly prepared for this. A few current appearances does not good characterization make. Finish your Inhuman history lessons and then I'll see about allowing you to send me someplace.

As far as the user name goes, you and I both know that I am no longer queen. We're a democracy now, however well that's bound to work out.
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Well, well. It's that time again, is it? The search for some place to send me, some place to torture me somehow. I'm finally free. I've been given a third chance. Or is it fourth? Honestly, I'm losing track. Regardless, though, I'm not interested. Sure, I made that promise to Ororo to come for her someday, but that day doesn't need to come anytime soon. I intend to enjoy this new lease on life. I'm tired of playing the villain card, tired of being the scorned woman. I want to move on, make something new of myself. When you're ready to do that, we'll talk.
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Hey, I'm just as excited as you are. Just as happy to step out into the light. No more of this Night Boy stuff. I know you've been waiting for it as long as I have.

But dude, it's only been an issue. Even if it's a close retelling of the origin for another version of me, we don't know how things are going to change now. Maybe we should wait a little bit before doing anything? Not like there's much beyond the broad strokes right now anyway.

Let's see where it all goes before we decide on anything, alright?
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What's the saying, 'out of the frying pan into the fire'? I guess it qualifies here. Though things would have to get really messed up to be worse than the academy. I mean, you try sharing a room with Ike.

[ Not to mention the general wtf that goes on in that place. ]

I just don't think this is a good idea is what I'm trying to say. Not that I expect you to listen to me because nobody ever listens to me.
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[The following is not spoken, but rather transmitted directly into the recipient's thoughts via telepathy:]

Well now...after nearly three years {lonely on my end} {distracted on yours} {admittedly stress-filled - again, on your part - but even still} you seem to have finally decided to put this journal you once made to proper use, oh have you...?

You'll have to pardon me {even though I'm not really asking even by implication, nor am I really sorry} if I don't refer to you by the common term around these {quasi-dimensional, time-and-reality divorced} parts of "mundane". Considering all the, er, ongoing friction {try "cluster-f**ky culture of resentment"} with civilians towards Capes {or "superbeings", as most outside my canon might know them} such as myself in my own world...even stating by association that I look down on you or consider myself your {powered} {abnormal} superior in any way, well, let's just say {mentally state} that I'm not comfortable with that. But I'm sure you're already well-aware {given you've read my personal story in a manner almost more thorough than my own mind-reading ability} the hows and whys of it being so important to me that I remain on my best behavior, at all times, when it comes to treating other people with respect {and some common f**king decency}...right?

[With a forced, almost twitchy smile, clearly a well-practiced expression, she raises one hand to fidget with the visor that covers her eyes allowing her to see.]

Now that that's out of the way. I guess we can get on to business? I would tell you that I have some {a lot} {and I do mean a lot} of concerns about this, but it seems you have them already {well}covered on your own.

First and foremost is the obvious functional limits of me as a character. Right? You're {already} worried that my {admittedly somewhat verbose to begin with} style of speech, heavy on the parentheses by necessity {oh, aha, the username...yes I see what you were going for there} will be too cumbersome to read and therefore off-putting to {an impatient} some. Which segues us neatly onto the next crucial issue: my powers. Namely, how I literally cannot function without them...not {of course} so long as you need me to be able to see and to speak {and speaking personally I do very much hope that you want me to be able to continue doing both of those things? Getting more than a bit anxious here}...
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That itch to find a place for me has started again?

Ignore it. It's not happening.


Let's just keep this casual, alright?


Jan. 1st, 2017 03:33 pm
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Well, you can read it all over again if you want, but I'm not really sure you have to. I mean, you already know me. Most people do!
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You've got good taste, I'll give you that much. But you're out of line on this naming thing.

[Arms crossed, and tapping a finger on her bicep.]

Better than some other ideas you were considering.

[Hands move to her hips, looking like the epitome of impatience.]

So? What's the plan? There had better be one!
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Recent events really have thrown a wrench in your plans, hasn't it? I know I've been portrayed as a little more blood-thirsty in recent years than I have been before, but even I have trouble reconciling all those deaths with my usual MO. My advice? Let's revisit my time as head of the Calabrese mob. That had more meat to it than whatever this is. I'm not one for patience, but you seem intent on waiting to see how all of this plays out. A little over a week left. I don't know if I can sit still for that long without a little fun. Cat naps are fun. Hibernating isn't.
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I hope you know that the name isn't half as clever as you think it is.
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Boy, do you have a ton of reading ahead of you before you're near ready to do anything with me. Those last few years are helpful, but there is so much more you need to know and understand. Time to throw yourself down the rabbit hole. Don't worry, I can be patient. If I'm going to be written, I want to be written right.

Ignore the Brazilian mysticism stuff, though. That was another time. One we won't be revisiting, no matter how cool you think it is. Sorry, not sorry.
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This is really cool and all, but you know Patsy and I are workshopping that name, right? It's not gonna be Telekinian forever. Or even right now. Mostly. Kind of. So just be prepared for that to change. Cool? Cool.

I also really hope that everyone's right and that this hero thing works out. I'd for this cool outfit to be a waste.
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Can't say I'm a fan of this plan. Or this game. Or the fact that you keep referring to it as a murdergame.

You know I've never killed anyone before, right? I'm not like Vik or Lang or Robo. Hell, even Bernard has seen more action than me. I'm not prepared for anything like this. Especially considering some of the people who will be in there with me.

[Yeah, that kind of sucks for her. In any case, applications are still open for a few more days, so who knows what other wacky sorts of characters will end up as a part of the experiment?]
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You are aware that the username makes me sound like I'm Doctor Fate, right? I mean, I get it. The whole "Superwoman by fate" line. It's inspired of you. And I guess it's better than some of the other names you had been considering. But still, it could cause some confusion.

More importantly though... )
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If you're serious about this, about me, then pay heed, player. There is a lot of history here - many retcons, many power fluctuations, various heritages and parental figures. I have been many things in a short time, some contradictory, others not. Take it all into account, because that rich tapestry has made me who I am today. Ignore any of it, and you won't be doing me any justice at all.

Intimidated? Perhaps you should be a little bit. My life and history has been more chaotic than the magic I have sometimes been shown to wield. Though if this is what you truly want, I'm willing to see what comes of this.
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[ That sure is an action figure-sized Hal Jordan floating around and smiling at his mun. He hasn't seen them motivated in ages. It's nice! ]

Hey, that's a step up. I mean that in a good way, honest. I don't even mind taking time off from the League to lend a hand, if that's your plan. I mean, I still need to get back to work at some point, and you can probably just drop me back into the timeline right where I left off. I'm assuming you can do that, since you can pull me out of it in the first place. But no, seriously, I don't mind something of a vacation. Honestly, I might need one for my own sanity. Things are getting pretty crazy on Takron-Galtos, what with the Super Buddies and all, and Firestorm's… he's kind of an ass.

[ Understatement of the year, there, Hal. He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. ]

But that's kind of beside the point, right? Right. Point being, we need to look at our options first. Especially if I'm gonna be stuck like this. It's no big deal, really.

[ You should be ashamed of that pun, Hal Jordan. He isn't. Not one bit. ]

No, seriously, I've gotten pretty used to this by now. And maybe… maybe if I'm somewhere I don't have to be on call all the time, I can, y'know. Drop the construct once in a while. Stop draining my batteries, so to speak. Right? Bright side to everything.

[ … ]

Okay, yeah, "staving off death by Courage Decay for a few more months" is a shitty bright side, but it's still a bright side. Work with me here and let's pick somewhere to start. Like… where's an enterprising but out of the loop player supposed to look for game options? That's a solid baseline. We'll go from there.
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Really? Really? What happened to 'waiting for the next issue'? What happened to 'but I can't play villains'? Though I suppose after what you've done to the girl, I'm less of an outright villain and more of a mere antagonist.

I will give you points for the impulsiveness, though, it shows a certain level of... I hesitate to say 'critical thinking', it's more of a good instinct, but don't forget that those instincts will only get you so far, and without the critical thinking to go with them you'll land in more trouble than you can handle. Maybe even more than I can handle, though that's doubtful.
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If you're expecting me to thank you, sorry to disappoint. I have more important things going on than waiting around in your head until you figure out what you want to do.

So here's an idea. How about you leave me alone and let me get back to my job?

[ ... no? well, it was a worth a shot. ]


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