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Well, I'm glad I wasn't any of those poor bastards.

I may have joked about Martians looting my stuff ALOT, but damn, I'm glad there isn't any conceivable life on Mars that we're aware of. Especially the kind that busts out of you and has acid blood...

Just, wow, that's was pretty fucked...

spoilers inbound )

Anyway, you mind finding some people that I can at least talk to or do a "psl" or whatever with if you're not gonna going the game route. Because, dammit, I'm actually bored here.
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I think it looks like it's supposed to, like A Movie. What else should it be? That's how things are in your Where, you don't get the truth, you get stories

and sometimes they're Movies
and you'll get what you need out of it
or you won't
and everything we both know is still true.

And maybe I'll fit or maybe I won't because I'm not supposed to. Either way, I'm used to meeting people I already know.

...Probably, though, let's not show Oy. I think this is gonna fuck him up worse than either of us.
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You! Yes, you. We need to talk because for one thing, you ignored me for like four months, and the other thing... 

What the hell is wrong with you?

I'm not into the shippy memes, man... why are you throwing me at those?

Also, that glint in your eye over getting a tag... no. Don't. When you get that look, that means another half-assed adventure. Let's sit here and think about this . Let's do the math. (A pause.) No, this has nothing to do with the fact you're exposing me to the 1960's pop culture by doing this...

Okay, I'm a little peeved that you are doing that. I thought you were cool. Take your Neil Diamond CD and go to bed...

Come back when it's Doctor Who.
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[A cute little girl in a gingham dress gives an overt curtsy.]

Good evening, mundane!

I'm so honored to be your first child character! I just hope everything goes ever-so-nicely for the two of us, don't you?

[She smiles so very sweetly. It would make many want to gag from how saccharine it is.]

[Resuming the very sweet, demure tone:] You're planning on sending me to a game, right? Gosh, I hope I don't end up locked away as a homeless character!

[She mutters under her breath as her eyes flash briefly with malice:] You'd better not do that...
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Has anyone pointed out you're enjoying this too much? Because if not, let me be the first: you're enjoying this too much.

I am so entirely out of my depth here. My opponents have had terrifying horses and weapons straight out of a pre-Rising Conan comic book, a nightmare heron thing, and oh, that girl with the freaking forest and a wolf. And for some reason you're excited about the potential of me fighting Harry Dresden, professional wizard. Because guy with phenomenal cosmic power verse girl with a migraine and the truth isn't an uneven battle at all.

To be fair, the truth is that if they kill me I'll get up again and try to eat them and that if they even come close to me, they risk bringing the zombie apocalypse home with them, which is a pretty compelling argument against not fighting. To be even more fair, so far it's worked. I've always said the most powerful weapon we have is the truth. Nice to see I was right in a more literal sense than I anticipated.

I just have to win this match and then the next two and get back to Shaun. There's no other acceptable outcome. I have to get home alive before he does something stupid trying to get me back from something a little more believable than multidimensional Mortal Kombat and ends up dead. Or at the very least, I have to get home alive so I can fucking burn the world down for taking him from me. The former is obviously preferable, but I'll settle for the latter if I have to. Either way, I need to beat the overwhelming odds and continue to talk my way past people who could turn me into an extremely infectious smear with very little effort.

Great. No problem.
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[Vanyel sighs, placing his hand to his temple.]

What is it that you want from me? You want entertainment? I've never been known to be amuse me. I realize that you have some affection for me. Very well. But I still don't know what it is that I am meant to do.

Talk to people?

You know that apart from being able to charm someone when I need to SOME of the time, I was never much good at that either.

Well then?

What am I meant to do?
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So... what? What is this? Your pathetic way of trying to pay homage to one of your favorite authors? A way for you to challenge the way you talk about death and life and the mortality that faces us all?

Sure, you're cynical enough to do it -

But is this want you really want?

OOC: This is May Kasahara, a side character in Haruki Murakami's novel, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles. Canon has her at age 16, which is how I'm playing her (at least for now). She's snarky, dry, and likes talking about death.
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So. You want to take me to a place in a creepier version of Russia where I might lose my memories? I'd say that sounds a little too similar to some shit that happened to someone else with 'winter' in their name; but this place has creepy powerful animals, too. ....It's not as much of a change as I'd like; but I'm game. Especially if Captain Kirk shows up.

So bring it on, I've probably seen worse.
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One "flaming little ball of hydrazine" ...


(He has the ultimate look of "Ugh, this can't be happening. You're embarrassing me, mun. It's been like, what, five minutes?")

Ha. Ha. HA. I need some coffee if I'm gonna deal with your jokes.

("Not like they aren't as bad as yours, Space Boy.")

...That makes no sense, I'll have you know. (Then.) Also, cute. Really cute of you to make that joke about a moment that few would be proud of. It's not like it, you know, eventually worked or anything. 

So, if we're gonna be working together again, mind actually trying to find the crew or someone this instead of throwing me at some weird game full of magic and wonder? Hell, I'll even take Teddy Sanders or Annie's wrath right now. 

(ooc: my soul for a Mindy Park right now. or some Ares 3 fam psl.)

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My lady. Mayhap you are getting ahead of yourself.

I will admit that I am not easily swayed, as the City of Elua is filled with would-be patrons and suitors alike; but I am honestly flattered that you think so highly of me of a heroine. Oftentimes I am not so sure about the path I've trodden and the devastation I've left in my wake, especially here and now. No matter how long I think on the subject, no matter who tries to convince me otherwise... the stain still remains on my soul. I am fairly certain that it will never be cleansed.

There are so many others more deserving of your time than I. If only you'd give them the chance that you've mistakenly bestowed upon me, I'm certain that you'd find someone more suited to your tastes.
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To feel a mix of apprehension and doubt in a stressful environment is natural. As natural as the changing of the seasons or the coming and going of life. Finding inspiration in such is what makes for a great bard.

[However he frowned darkly. His look came across as one who had just ate something particularly bitter and poisonous.]

But to find it in a "game" is foolish. You modern men are far too soft and take far to much pleasure in the gluttony and sloth of the world. Tell me civilized man of learning, what is there to be gained from performing actions that you could very well do in real life? Why seek solace in gathering fruit and wild game and call it fun?

By Crom, you lot confuse me greatly. Let me return to that hellscape you call a mind and be left on my own.
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Look, it's not like I'm not grateful for the thought. I am. I'm glad you care about the fact I'm...hurting.

But Kisten is gone. He's gone and it's my fault and I know that, but you can't change that. No one can change that. There's no magic that can bring him back. Not the real him. Not with his soul. I know, I've looked. You know I've looked, for Ivy. If there was, I'd know. And even it it was black, I'd use it and you know it.

And there's no place you can take me that could make me forget. I don't want to forget. I can't forget him. I can't forget what happened because I was so stupid and reckless. I don't deserve to forget.

Please just. Let this go. Let me figure out how to move on on my own, okay?
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Are you sure you really want to try your luck with me again? Though did you also have to change the pictures you were using, what was wrong with the other ones?
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Alright. Three things:

One. Is it at all exactly wise to come crawling back into the world after you've had your head shoved up your arse for a few years doing Christ knows what?

Two. Does it really have to be me that you're diving headfirst into? Although I've got to say, that proposition does sound a lot better on paper.

Three. You know what? Never mind. There isn't a third thing. I think my point has been thoroughly made after one and two: you're bloody useless and a purveyor of bad ideas.

Look, whatever you do, just make it fucking snappy, okay? Christ, I'm the last person to talk about commitment but even I've got a better sense of it than you.
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At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I'm not quite certain what it is that you want from me.  We haven't exactly had good luck with guardians of any kind, and I really have no way of knowing that this isn't just another elaborate scheme by Count Olaf to get his hands on our parents' fortune.

In fact, if my research is accurate, there might be a great deal of Count Olafs running around this sort of community very shortly.  We've had our hands full trying to thwart just one.

I don't see this ending well, is all I'm trying to say.  For either of us.  
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There are plenty of things a person could do on a Saturday morning. One could go outside and take advantage of the fresh air after being trapped inside for the duration of the work week. A particularly adventurous person might go for a hike, or try a new dish at a restaurant they'd never been to before, even if it contains olives, and they have yet to find a dish that incorporates olives in a way they've enjoyed. One might also read a pleasant book, or stream a pleasant show from the comfort of their own home.

The tale of the Baudelaire orphans is neither pleasant nor comforting. It is my solemn duty to document their lives, but you, mundane, and all the rest of the users of this website are under no such obligation. I can scarcely imagine why anyone would want to spend their free time learning about these unfortunate events, when the end result will undoubtedly involve burying yourself under your blankets and weeping in despair.

Just like there are plenty of things to do on a Saturday morning, there are also plenty of characters from all kinds of books, movies, and streaming TV shows to put yourself in the shoes of. "To put yourself in someone else's shoes" is a phrase which here means "ask yourself what someone may be thinking and feeling in the hopes of understanding their actions better, so that they might be played accurately on a journaling website." My shoes are damp and full of holes after my latest perilous journey through the Rancorous Rainforest. I implore you to fit yourself with a better pair.

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[Peter looks around, and blinks in surprise]

Well, gee, I didn't know it was his birthday! You shoulda told me earlier, Mun! We gotta get all the Lost Boys together to celebrate his birthday! An'... well, and everyone!


Well, not Hook.
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Here's a better idea. How about you go to Hell while I get a weekend holiday in a Dickens festival? That sound much more fair to me.

[Oh, shush. It could be a lot worse.]

Really? How, pray tell, could there be anything worse than being trapped in the literal, fiery pits of Hell?

[If I was available, you would be showing off your bad side to the wrong people and possibly getting killed.]

... You're no better than I am, are you?


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