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Engineering, Personnel, or Security.

Well, each of them has its ups and downs, skill sets that I'm already somewhat used to. Do they need a chaplain? That falls under Personnel, doesn't it. Hrm.

Don't give me that look, I'm a perfectly good goddamn priest! Salve the stings of daily living, and all that stupid shit!

... Okay, fine, Engineering or Security, then.
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It's nice to see you dedicating so much time into promoting my image. But I might have to ask "what for?".

Last I checked you had no intentions upon sending me anywhere where I would need so many different type of user pictures and I fail to see why you would need so many if you were to give me a chance in one of your 'PSLs'.

I will admit however, It is nice to see you focusing on something else other than your own troubling thoughts.
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What is the meaning of this? You would dare to assume you can control my comings and goings?

I am a warlord of the Dark Dynasty. You have no power over me! I know true power.

What magic have you used to bring me to this place?
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[The man in the suit glances over the situation in minor interest and irritation.]

...This is really how you're spending your nights, huh? Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a hobby. But according to my watch- yeah, almost 3 in the morning there. Don't you have work?

Dear god, man. Get to bed and stop messing with the lives of others. You can clearly barely handle your own life, much less the will of a psychic.

...But if you're really having trouble sleeping... [His voice trails off, considering unspoken horrors and ideas.] No it couldn't be... Unless they got through your computer somehow...

Of course! Your sleeping habits are the work of a sinister specter! They snuck through porn sites to reach you, tormenting your body with sleepless nights! Don't worry, I am a professional. For a slight fee, I would be happy to cleanse you of this spirit. We all deserve to have a good night's rest, free from ghostly machinations. That's what Reigen Arataka, Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century, does best!
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Yeah, Haruka can be...a bit of a handful at the best of times, and I understand why you would bring me out rather than her; but know two things one, she's a trusted teammate, and I would put my life in her hands at any given moment.

And two...I will not stand by and waste time with frivolous activities when I could be using that time better spent getting stronger, this isn't the first time I've been whisked away from my world but I'll be damned if I let get me weaker. Send me to whatever "game" world you see fit! I can take it!

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You don't really think this is a good idea, do you? Be honest. You left years ago, and deliberately left me behind. You did that for a reason, right?

His canon was more popular, it was fresh and new. You didn't want to let people down, they wanted a canon mate. Which is the reason I'm here again, isn't it? Don't you think failing the first two times with him was clear enough?

We're not all that different, if you couldn't hack it with him five years ago, what makes you think I'll be any better of a fit there? Just because I come more naturally to you?

Don't be ridiculous, you need practice before you go jumping into a game, it doesn't matter which one of us you plan to drag into it. I guess if it's got to be one of us, it might as well be the one you're more comfortable with.

I guess I should be grateful you didn't start me out with a giant dog.
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So you're finally letting me out of that empty pit you call a head hm?

I guess I can make this work, if you actually do any of your plans this time...which you probably won't. You're worse than Akko, and she's pretty terrible at time management, and doing her homework, and magic in general, and most things really...

Though if you do follow through with any of your plans I'll have plenty of ingredients for my potions, and new guinea pigs to test them out on.
majormalfunction: (C:/GAZE)
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What a glowing recommendation. And how is this worth dragging me out of retirement? Again? I was actually enjoying the vacation.

Maybe next time we skip the "warm reunion" and go right to leaving me alone.
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Aren't you far too late in attempting to encourage proper introductions?

...a belated effort, at least.
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...but why?

Whatever, I guess. As long as I don't have to deal with too much bullshit then we're okay.
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Not very often I get summoned by two humans in such a short amount of time, though yours was more intentional it's also more aimless.

But it is flattering to know you humans still have me in your thoughts after all this time. Just make sure I get back to Shouta-san in a timely manner okay?
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My mun, oh, my mun.

I'm not one to stifle the creative process. I thought we were getting somewhere once you had decided I should become a true magi and had laid out a plan for my magic to spread my image across the universe. It feels like there isn't enough Karamatsu out there yet.

So then I have to ask, why do most of your plans involve me getting hurt or having to face myself yet again?

--Heh, you don't need to say anything. I've already realized it. You've created a test for me to overcome all of your roadblocks and become the strongest magi to ever exist. Very well, I accept! Throw whatever you wish at me, I won't fall!

Though, can you perhaps slow down and stop having my limbs broken? It's hard to write music and design new magi uniforms if I can't move my arm.
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Hey mun? I know you're trying to decide who to pick up, but pick me! We can play lots of Go together. I'll teach you! And you said there was someone named Annabeth in game who would play with me. I WANT TO PLAY WITH HER!

And this Cole? Is he a ghost too? Am I going to really be alive again? DOES THAT MEAN I CAN FINALLY PLAY GO MYSELF AND TOUCH THE STONES?

Hey Mun? Are you listening to me?
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Are you sure you want to do this, mun? You haven't played me in years, and back then I was with Shinichirou. I'm not sure I want what you have planned for me. I'm sure it's all very nice, but being separated from him for that long?

Do you have too?

Yes, thank you. I'd love some tea.
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Fufu...so then mundane, you could not contain yourself anymore? Ha~, I don't blame you for choosing me over the others. But are you truly prepared to handle me? Do you think yourself strong enough of mind and body to contain my awesome powers?

[She chuckled low first then broke out laughing maniacally! She flourishes her cape behind her and points the crook of her staff at her mundane empty air as she strikes a pose.]

Then come, Mundane! Show me the resolve of one who believes himself capable of controlling a mighty arch-wizard like me! Show me that you are ready to walk the same dark path as me, a crimson demon.
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This time of the year already! A blink of the eye, and the months fly past, like the wings of doves stretching towards an azure sky. Of course, I’ve prepared a special treat for you as thanks for your kind attention, in a form I thought would be most pleasing to you. Open wide…

[ hibiki, that’s a chocolate sculpture of yourself you’re holding

you do know that, right

also what’s with all the - ]

Hm? Ah, there’s extra because I had some prepared for everyone. How about it? Would anyone else like to enjoy the extravagance of this blessed day together?

I’ll feed you by hand.
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If this is really what you want...
priforprince: (smugger)
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Not quite the results I was expecting, but who am I to begrudge the public's affections? I accept with sincere gratitude. It is for you, belles princesses, that the star known as Shikyoin Hibiki shines.

[ Hibiki, your player does not need this purple lily you just pulled out of nowhere. Seriously. But you're just - kissing it and tossing it at her anyway, huh. Okay. You do you. ]

....does this award...happen to involve a placard, by any chance? Or a trophy? Preparations might be necessary, you see. Spare room in the existing case grows slim.
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Ooooh, are we playing a game now? You gotta close your eyes or Ed can't sneak around all sneakylike. Cheater cheater can you beat her?


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