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Has anyone ever found a new mundane?

Mine seems to have died, spontaneously.
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Of course it's awesome! Don't underestimate Russia's Ice Tiger, you idiot. If I killed the pig in competition, of course I'd destroy him in my exhibition as well.

How about Otabek, huh? He was totally badass! Even though he didn't skate, he -...

WHAT THE HELL IS "FINGERPORN" SUPPOSED TO MEAN?! Don't turn this into something disgusting, PERVERT!
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That's not how I sound! Even I can say Japanese place names better!! And why does Victor sound like some kind of cartoon villain?!

[I dunno, for the same reason you sound like a third rate Bond villain?]

THAT'S NOT FUNNY! And stop mentioning that thigh chick!! Nobody even knows Bond movies from thirty years ago!

[Twenty...two... ;_; Look we're not all children like you.]
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[Note: Axel speaking is in purple, Lutz is in blue, Loop is in pink, and all three are in black]

What? You're never going to take us to a game?

That's not fair! It would be great to be in a game! We could watch skating all we want and Mom wouldn't be there to tell us to go to bed!

[A pause as they're told some very disturbing news (to them).] We might not have computers or phones?!

Well, that sucks...

But since we're here now, there might be some figure skaters around that we know.
And we could get pics and autographs from them! Our likes on Instagram would go through the roof!

I guess staying here isn't so bad after all, then. Thanks, mun!

[And with that, three six-year-old gremlins go prowling around for deets on figure skaters (or anyone else who might be interesting), smartphones at the ready.]
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[Well, shit. I can't lie, that is pretty awesome. Even though you're too young for that, I mean, damn.

It's impressive, though. Maybe I should throw you somewhere after all..?]

No way. You've ignored me all this time, you don't get to play me anymore.


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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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