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You... How could you not post it on time!? You even finished it so why did you leave it for the last minute?

[Her hand shoots up to silence any response.]

Nevermind! It doesn't matter. Now Itsuki is... Itsuki is...

[It almost seems like she's going to cry.]

She's all alone! Well I guess Yuna is there too but... But she's surrounded by weird creatures in a weird place! And they're going to make her work as a hostess or something! She'll undoubtedly be cute BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!

[She gives a melodramatic sniffle.]

Urrrgh Itsuuuuuki... Just hold on until Onee-chan gets there!

[Fu suddenly snaps out of her melancholy, smiling deviously.]

Kukuku... I can always break into the game. There are ways of doing that, right?
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 WHAT!? Why me? I shouldn't be the one stuck trying to cheer her up!

She'll just get me involved in some crazy activity and besides I've got more important things to do anyway.

[Awkward silence]

E-even if you make that face, it doesn't change anything!!!
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I know you're excited, Mun, but I'm not sure how I really feel about this yet.

Argh... It was really optimistic to think we'd be let off the hook that easily, huh?

We already fought so hard, this doesn't seem fair... But I guess we didn't really solve anything in the end; the Vertex are still out there and they'll keep coming whether we're the ones who fight or not. There's no way we can just ignore that...

Haaaaa... Going back to fighting monsters isn't exactly what I pictured for my first year of high school, y'know?
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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