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Trying to save the Lyuku people is not evidence towards me being the Guardian.

[You're going to half-kill yourself. Pretty Guardian-like.]

I'm helping them! This doesn't mean I'm going to be Guardian, ever. I gave the Archmage my answer. And don't hold your breath that Merlan might change my mind.

[Kissy kissy.]

... I'm done here.
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Stop trying to get people from my world to join in.

I see what you are doing and it needs to cease, immediately. No I do not want my son to be stuck in such a place nor my comrades and friends.

We most certainly do not need members of the Horde there either; this place is going to be terrible enough without them making a bigger mess of things.
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I'm not particularly all right with being put into that horror show with much pressing matters on Azeroth in need of my attention.


Pause. ]

I do admit it's nice to see Varian again, though the fact that you've brought Medivh into things just complicates things especially with the other possible people you have your friends picking at.

There are still more pressing matters. And me having a panic attack because I am on Argus is not--!


I was more worried should Sargeras take his wrath out upon Azeroth while I was not there to help protect it.
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Hero, I have given our situation much consideration, and as it currently stands, we will be destroyed if we challenge Antorus.

But we must continue our mission. The Legion shall not be destroyed if we turn and run. I have prayed for guidance and learned there is one hope...

[He takes a long breath.]

Search this dimension for new allies against the Burning Crusade. Ask them to join our cause. With their support, we shall triumph!

[Exploring new worlds and making alliances is something he has experience in.]

Do not worry. You are not alone. You are eternally connected with everyone in this place.

Have faith in the light.
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Fall's a bit early this year, wouldn't you say? ( It's usually around Hallow's End she makes an appearance in these lands. )

This is because there's an early onslaught of pumpkin spice in the local markets, isn't it? Feels easy to believe it to be much later in the year than it actually is when your surroundings changes. How fortunate it is that the denizens of Azeroth don't succumb to the excitement and decorate early.

Well, you won't hear a complaint from my lips about an early arrival. ( Seeing new worlds and meeting new travelers is always exciting to her!! ) Where will my adventure begin this time?
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What you ask of me I will do gladly, but I remember nothing of this past life they insist is true.

If it is, what of my current memories? What of my kingdom in peril, and what of Medivh and his apparent treachery?
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Well, well. It's been a while, hasn't it?

This...will make my studies much easier.
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Has it occurred to you that I'm content with it just being Belthazar and myself in the fleet? Or that finding the shards of Atiesh might be incredibly uncomfortable for me when you're able to start doing that?

Of course not, this is too fun for you.

[He winces at a thought.] And I was perfectly happy believing King Llane is alive. The update? Not necessary.
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 You know this is technically kidnapping, right? I've got an obligation to the Earthen Ring and whatever you're plotting can't trump that. 

Remember that when my master kicks your ass. I warned you. I was nice.

What do you mean I'm dead 
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I did the math, it's important to have the correct amount of items in Magic--

Well, yes I sometimes do not know how to use what I ask you to gather, however--

I am highly offended by your insistence that my new title is 'Shit Wizard'. I will have you know that I am not in any way 'shit' at being a wizard, Champion.

[ Have some reference from the mun. ]
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Must you cause such commotion? It is distasteful enough to have to work with her. Do not make it worse. 

As for you, you should be throwing in your...champions in to assist in defending Azeroth. This is a waste of your time and mine.
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Dear Mundane:

Thank you for your interest. While I do not believe playing a character of my moral alignment is in your wheelhouse, I could do with the change in scenery. I tentatively accept your offer, on the condition that you do not allow your sentimentality or "feels" interfere with my business model.

Otherwise, a re-negotiation will most definitely be in order.

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I'm not starting a revolution, that's not what I'm trying to do.

[But that kind of is what you're doing Khadgar.]

I'm just trying to understand how that place works so we can go home! Atroma can't keep us forever.

[Pretty sure that's starting a revolution.]
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You can't be serious? That place is nothing like Azeroth.

[That's the idea, Khadgar.]

And it's for entertainment! Not just yours or your friends.

[also the idea]

I'm not- I should be back there, helping Lothar or trying to help the Guardian. Whenever you decide I should be coming from, you're so indecisive. And the people you're so gleefully having me meet so far? At least one falls close to the same line as Gul'dan. I'm not exactly excited at that prospect.
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Look, I know you think you're ready for this, but I don't think you are. There are so many things you don't know about Azeroth and yes, you could learn them as you go but it would probably be better to learn some things first.

And I'm not particularly interested in any of the games you're looking at. I'm more interested in my own, in what's going to happen there now.
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You have summoned me from my place in Dalaran, young Hero, and have begun to scream 'why do you exist' to the heavens. You seem very unhappy with me, though I assure you, I have come because you have asked me to assist you.

Are you truly still mad about certain things that I may have done for your good, when the Legion is at Azeroth's door? We have no time to waste with petty grievances.

I still have a plan. However, I cannot promise you'll like it.

[ excuse the mun while he screams bloody murder ]
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I don't want you sympathy, you worm. That you had guessed my condition tells you nothing of the truth of what Gul'dan is. Not any more.

I am power. I am darkness incarnate. I am inevitable. The power I wield will scour all those who oppose me from any world I choose to set my eye upon. The misbegotten race of orcs has produced only a handful with the vision to see the truth. Their primitive traditions and chronic failures to reach beyond their station will always be their undoing. I am no orc. I need no clan, no parentage, no people.

You who look to the past for answers are like them. Foolish. Doomed. Salvation lies in the future - a horizon burning with the fires of the Legion.
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Look, there are generations of lore, spanning dozens of volumes, and hundreds of hours of study, detailing every aspect of this realm and it's history. Even the most cursory research for yourself would no doubt reveal secrets of my life, and of the world around me that I might never comprehend.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be doing this, I'm just saying that perhaps merely watching the movie wasn't sufficient research to take you charging blindly into so vast a world? Perhaps you ought to know what it is you're getting into, first?

[In other words:

"Do as I say, not as I do, Hugs and Kisses, Khadgar."]


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