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What. The. Quiznak. Is. This.

[ Someone is not happy with his mun right now. ]
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Look lady, I don't know why I'm here either. I should be back at the mall making sure those no good pirates don't come back again! It's my job to protect the peace and serve the emperor there! The instant they're in my jurisdiction, I'm gonna cuff 'em and make 'em pay!

I think I deserve a meal from Vrepit Sal's after this. I hear they've gotten better with their food service recently -- I mean! I need to question Sal about that pirate he had! Yeah, that's it.
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Alright, so apping me to another game didn't turn out like you wanted — no big. We're still doing pretty well in the first, aren't we? I mean, sure, we had a few little bumps in the beginning, but I think we've smoothed most of those out and now we're getting into a real good swing of things! I mean we'll probably never have a seamless bond like the kind Blue and I have but, let's face it, the two of us are pretty much perfect together so don't feel too bad.

My point is — don't give up! What's the harm in trying again? If it doesn't work out again, it's not really a failure because you've still got me at that other place, so I'm definitely not going anywhere (lucky you✨). And if it does, then hey! You get to have me twice over.

And every place could definitely use a little bit more charm, right?

(Me, I'm talking about me.)
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Look, I appreciate the . . . consideration, I guess? But I really can't focus on anything else right now. I have something I have to do--we all do. [well THAT was an afterthought] And until that's done, I can't deal with you and your half-baked plans. Okay?

So unless we're looking for Shiro, I'm not interested.

[what the hell, you don't wanna talk before season 2, you don't wanna talk after season 2... what do you want from me?!]
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[and guess whose mun is yucking it up over said series.]

I hardly see how this is "canon review," Mundane. That young woman is nothing like me; in fact, this all feels very much like one of Slav's proposed alternate realities. For one, I do not have a nanny. And Keith? Piloting the Black Lion from the very start? Simply ridiculous!

And I still fail to understand why you are so obsessed with--


--with Zarkon's son.
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Alright alright alright, lemme get this straight--

You think, because you've got a sniper-guy and a red-headed smart-alec kickin' around already, that you'll get a handle on me - Lance the Man, Sharpshooter Extraordinaire, pilot of the Blue Lion and not even arguably the coolest and most desirable Paladin around - so easily?

Well, you know. You seem like a nice gal. I can see why you'd go for a guy like me. ...Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I did make that super tight shot to rescue Slav. If you think you can handle such a sharp (heh) shooter, I won't be standing in your way! Go ahead. Do your worst.

...h-hey!! I didn't mean right now!! Put that app down I'mnotreadyforthis!!!!!!
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You say you're putting me here to get some hugs but I'm quite sure you only want to hear more "actual 6 year old" jokes.

[Trust him. He's heard them all.]
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I don't care what you think, the fact that someone is going around and saying that I was in a threesome due to that last storm is ridiculous and not amusing in the slightest. All we did was kiss!

And no, we're not telling anyone else that this happened. Ever.
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Yyyyyeah. Maybe instead of throwing me to the wolves, you could...I dunno. Watch season two?

No? Just people play video games. All day.

. . . [suffering sigh] Okay. Call me when you catch up. [turns to leave]
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Sure, just send me back into space. Not that I mind being in space, of course. I like space. But this is the wrong space. Not that what ALASTAIR's doing isn't important, but I'm pretty invested in my space. You know, finding my family? Fighting Zarkon? All that cool stuff you saw me do in the second season?

I guess I am glad I'll be able to help my friends again, even though without Hunk, we wouldn't be able to from Voltron even if we had our lions. They do need me. But you could stop being so gleeful about... whatever's going on with Keith and Lance. It sounds awkward and uncomfortable and like it'll only be moreso when Lance inevitably asks me for advice. Again.

It's... too late to do anything about this, isn't it? Fine. I guess I'm going back.
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No, I don't know where the cow came from. Or how it got it on the ship.

Nor do I want to know.

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Of course I'm happy, mun, today is the best day ever!

It's the birthday of only the best guy ever! My man, my bro, it's a day to celebrate!

Oh! We should totally have a party or something! We can, right?
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I fail to see what the Green Paladin has said about my own that amuses you so.

What exactly is this 'emo' and why does it apply to my Paladin?
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Have you forgotten already? If you get too worried about what can go wrong, you may miss a chance to do something great. Come on, we can do this.

[Shiro talks with such conviction, it's hard not listening to him.]

Besides, no point in searching for dad jokes if they aren't put to good use, huh?

[It's his way to be supportive, ok. He's just kidding. ...hopefully.]
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[ It takes him a minute to clue in. Fast and furious fighter, but not exactly as quick at picking up on social cues. ]

Uh, no. Maybe you forgot, but we're fighting the Galra. Saving the universe, here.

You don't even have anything concrete in mind. Waste of time.

[ // UM i wouldn't call spending a whole hour at work making u a cool lil journal graphic a waste of time, buddy ]

Yeah, about that -- "terminal case of resting-brood-face?"

[ Is he offended? He looks offended. ]
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I don't care what he thinks.

Jealously, thy name is NOT Keith and Lance is an idiot.

You can stop being amused by that at any time, Mun.


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