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If I'm to live in this hell I desire his presence, but I know he won't come. I waited six years for nothing and I doubt I can do it again.
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I am to understand that tonight you recounted, in song, a litany of improbabilities that led to your people's freedom, that you might recognize that each coincidence, each minute fragment of good luck, that your people prayed for came to pass - and that it should therefore be counted as a miracle. All while spicing your food with bitter flavors, in memory of bitter times.

I am feeling unusually charitable, then. I will not answer your statement in blue that the events recounted at your feast table were based on historical events. It is enough that you recognize that, had it happened according to your conjecture, it would have been - why, not one but several miracles.

Did you expect me to say "It would have been enough?" That is your ritual, player, not mine.


I am finding my first Jaunt as a piece on Justice's board a suitable challenge. I cannot - well, I can no longer - play the priestess, apt as the cult of Persephone is, and playing a sort of Socrates instead suits me. "I pretend to either madness or philosophy," you had me say. How droll, and how accurate.

Of course, all magic needs philosophy. I will not have to stretch my imagination to claim I am a Stoic.
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[Is it a female version of an annoying redhead? Hell yes it is.]

Ihihihi! Right, right, making sure you've got my voice down is way more important than the icons. Especially since you've got artist's block and all. Do what you can, see if you can't solve the other problems later, got it?

You keep forgetting that, Mun!

[She's just gonna grin for now.]
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You are right to assume a murder-game would bore me, Mundane. I have had my fill of murder between the last three gameboards I've borne witness to. The bloody taste of that particular genre has simply burned out my palate. Perhaps Lambdadelta would still find it sweet - but then, she always preferred the same, familiar candy on her tongue or in her mind. Perhaps for her, murder is to stories as konpeito is to food. I am not so easily sated.

And you know full well how poorly I take to being bored. That's the curse of witches, isn't it? How lethal boredom can be?

This [community profile] synodiporia is promising, I admit. A game where one is expected to shift tone, genre, aspect, and powers on jaunts beyond my usual liminal space... quite a promising variety of fragments for me to wander. I can only imagine how proud of yourself you must feel for finding a game that you think suits me that well. I go so far to admit that the Hanged Man is an apt symbol for me.

I understand that an old... acquaintance of mine will be there, and that if Battler shall join them that you intend to take me there as well? How nostalgic you must find it, to imagine us drinking tea together, and yet it's nostalgia for a game you've known of for so short a span of time. How very human of you.

You do realize that if I go there, it will not have a happy ending, don't you?

You do realize that I am a witch, right?
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It's useless, it's useless. It's just goddamn useless! I might have been taken from one closed room to another like this under mysterious circumstances, but I WILL solve any contradiction you throw at me!

for now this just spoils Ep 4: A New Hope )
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Thirty years ago, at this very moment, I welcomed the last of them into the Golden Land...

Ahaha, happy anniversary, everyone! And thank you to the players out there who remembered! This place has been sadly empty of our games for far too long, but I know you're all out there - Ushiromiyas, servants, friends, Erika...whether you can remember and appear or not, I truly wish you a joyous remembrance, or at least an edifying one.

As for right now, though, I believe it's time for a tea party, if you can make it! This place is basically the same thing as Purgatorio, so we may as well have it here...
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Is it that time already...

Well then, Happy Birthday Battler.
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Oho, trying to send me to another Fragment are we? What kind of game is it this time, fantasy? Science fiction? Or perhaps another murder mystery! If I was given a choice, I must say that I would much prefer the latter.

Regardless, it will be a pain to be away from my own board for to long, so I imagine I will have to leave Battler in charge my steed. As he is the Territory Lord now, after all and more then capable of holding his own against the likes of the other Witches.

[A small chuckle from the Golden Witch.]

But oh, what is this about you meeting the person who created me? Well then, I wasn't aware that Witches existed in your world!
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Mundane, I certainly won't punish you for being such a kid and keeping me locked up in that headspace of yours for so long, it is now in the past. No, now that you understand that I, the eldest sister, am far more competent than any of the others I will see past your foolish decisions.

Ufufufu... don't bore me~! I only serve Beatrice-sama, so don't expect to get away with too much....! However you have summoned me from your headspace, so I will allow it for now.

Lucifer of Pride, at your service.
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I see no reason that he must come along to this new game board if I am not the game master. It would be no more useful to me then the game I spent in a deathly stupor.
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What's that Rudolf is trying to pull...? 'Kyrie can handle herself so you should choose her'? That's interesting, I thought he was the one who wanted so badly to be an action hero. Well, I don't mind being the man in the relationship and saying 'take me, just don't hurt him'.

We have most of the same skills, so you really can't think of it in those terms. The real question is rather a more self-indulgent one, do you want to play a liar become an honest man, or a liar through and through? Is the game in need of more comedy, or someone to get things done?

[The other side]
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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