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Thank you, madam. At least someone appreciated my efforts.
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Look, this is not going to be a fun month for either of us. Well, you maybe, but not me. Got a whole lot of heavy stuff heading my way, the least of which is the massive upheaval at the house. I mean, the whole 'fighting against impossible odds' thing is kind of old news after spending a decade doing it, but it is just as difficult now as it was in Qatar and Mission City. Especially when the opponents you think are dead have an annoying habit of popping up again years later with some new fancy upgrades.

But yeah, sure, maybe this new installment will answer some questions caused by the last one. Might not be the answers that we want but we'll deal with that when we get to it.

Back to the original point. Let's try to keep on top of things here. I'll have enough on my plate keeping tensions manageable at the house after Ratchet's return without having to worry about you keeping up with deadlines.
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I don't know if I like the idea of finding somewhere for me to go, Mun. I like it on Griffin Rock!

Besides... I'd miss Dani! And Cody! And Boulder and Chase! ...I might even miss Heatwave!

And what if there's people where you send me who want me to fly them places? Did you even think about that?
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Really, lad? This reminds me of all the times you've picked up other characters, and never done anything different.

Of course, none of them were me, so who knows what might happen?
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Absolutely not! There are already TWO OTHER STARSCREAMS there. Do you really think I want to be one of flock? I am unique!

No, we are not apping to The Wake, either. I would have to forget all that wonderful Nexus-based CR and character development, and go back to being a fool. Not only that, I'd be seen as an amnesiac retread of the other version of me that was there--even though he had a different mun. At least Cyberformed would let me keep my past.

If you want to write me so much, go finish up that fanfic you started eons ago! You know, the one where I finally get to run things.
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It's not a road trip if you aren't driving.

Don't call me again. I thought I blocked you. [ not possible, sorry ]
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Hahaha, you finally did it! This is pretty neat, being here, can't wait to actually do stuff like erm...

You know, my job?

... Eh? What do you mean there's a Prime in that place you're looking at?! They're just a fairy tale told to fresh faced Autobots, they're not real.
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You know, the whole pretending I don't actually exist ploy was to stop you from going through with this whole idea. You have a lot of better suited bots that would make it a lot better in such a place. I mean really what do you expect me to do? Be cheap labor? Actually doing manual labor without worry about getting shot would be nice if I didn't then have to worry about what would happen when I finally end up back on the Nemesis.

Here's a hint, it's probably going to involve death.
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Its amusing to see just how horrified you are that I have managed to entrench myself so deeply into that pitiful excuse for an organizer you call a mind. You can curse me all you like if you wish... not that it makes any difference.

[A dark chuckle escapes the masked mechanical monster.]

It was your choice to allow me to take root simply because of a friend's request. And because you did, I will always be here. Lurking in the depths of your mind, sitting comfortably with your darkest thoughts and waiting so very patiently... for when you wish to commit my particular works to type.

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Okay. Scrap is bad enough without you trying to find guys like Strongarm and Drift to come hang out. Or... do whatever it is they'd do there. Besides ride my tailpipe all day.


So! That's bad enough! But I see what you're planning over there with Starscream. Out of everyone? I can definitely say we don't need Steeljaw running around! Like, at all!

Decepticon Furry Division can just go. Do not collect two-hundred credits. Not cool.
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I'm pretty sure that I have already made my stance on, well, everything surrounding this well known. Just like I'm pretty sure that you haven't listened to a word of it, as evidenced by the fact that you are going to pursue this little plan of yours.

Don't blame me when things inevitably go bottom up at some point. Which they will, because this is my life we're talking about, and we both know how uneventful it has been since I ended up becoming some kind of official unofficial alien robot babysitter. Like that ever works out well.
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You're really freaking considerin' this aren't you? It's been over two fragging years since that all went how it did, which really isn't that long for me, but it's like slagging forever for you.

So I'm not seeing how this is good for either of us, squishy.
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Hey wasn't so much breaking things up, but more we went on a bit of a break for various reasons.

It all worked out in the end didn't it?
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Attention easily dissolved organic: I know not what this "Ferngully" is, nor do I understand your insistence that I sound like the so-called "villain" of whatever it is. This "Tim Curry" individual sounds as easily dispatched as the rest of your puny race.


I also don't understand why you think throwing me against more of these so-called "Wreckers" would be interesting at all. The Impactor and company I know is but a poor shadow of their former self. A flickering ember of memory about to be- poof! Snuffed out! I'm just the last burst of flame that'll spark by the time they go out for good.

I can't imagine the members of a more "lasting" version of the team would have anything to say to a monster like me.
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Wait, you woke me up? It's been years, what did you wake me up for? you can toss a walking, talking Coast Guard helicopter at Alexander Hamilton? You really need another hobby.


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