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Hey, mun! Let's pick up the pace, huh? How am I going to prove to everyone that I am THE STRONGEST IN ALL OF GENSOKYO while you're sitting there slacking off?! Get me into a game this time, stat! Memes are great but you already flaked last time so maybe some drive will get you going!


Hooooh, you're right. Now that we're in a new place, there's plenty of different universes out there. ...In that case...

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This is wonderful, Mundane! Any one of these places you could send me to could have a potentially limitless supply of ancient tomes to decipher. Be sure you don't waste a lot of time and get me somewhere pronto, alright?

[ "Kosuzu, that gung-ho curiosity of yours is gonna get you killed one day..." ]
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Unyuu...I really want Lady Satori and Orin to come along with me. But I won't be lonely without them.

But I wouldn't be sad if you tried to find them anyway!
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Stick with it this time!

-Well someone's grumpy...-

Of course I'm annoyed! You keep picking me up and dropping me like I'm some stone to be cast aside. It's frustrating!

And I'm not exactly thrilled about your plans to fill my entire team with ghosts... It makes me ill to think about.
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I'm not dumb! I just can't tell the green shrine maiden from the red one sometimes.
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What, now you want to do something with me?

...and you want to take my powers away again? No thanks.

[Once was more than enough, thank you.]

No. I don't care if some of these Pokémon are cool and can do the same kinda thing I can. Gotta say those Team Rocket guys are kinda cool, though...

[Still not really worth considering, though. She'd lose all her abilities, and she'd be under the surveillance of the higher-ups of TR. Doesn't really sound like her idea of a good time.]

Might as well just forget about it.
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Well, well, well. So here we are again. After a three year hiatus you find the itch too irresistible and the call too great not to answer. You've caught up with old friends. Reviewed the old logs and threads. However reliving those moments simply didn't suffice, so you open the closet, dust me off, and trot me out here to see how it feels after all these years. Well? How does it feel? Like riding a bike, no?

[To say that Patchouli is unhappy would be an understatement, but she keeps a calm, collected demeanor.]

I know how you operate. You've already started shopping around for a game or two, choosing to indulge in frivolities rather than something far more productive. I'll be interested in seeing whether or not your interest holds long enough to last for when apps open. Certainly gives you enough time to decide who you want to send and where though.

[And then after a pensive moment]

If I might make a request? If you do choose me as your muse of choice, I would prefer a location where I won't wonder how I'll be eviscerated that week when I wake up.
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You can't hide anything from me, mun. I've seen the ideas you have in your head, and I sincerely hope you don't go through with a few of them.
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Well, well, look what we have here. I've watched over your shoulder every time you've glanced at that [community profile] subnautica place, and I must say I'm intrigued on what you plan to do.

It will be quite unfortunate being without Ran or Chen, but that's of no consequence. If you were expecting me to use this domain to complain or kick and scream, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. Not even those plans you have off to the side will be able to make me react in the way you want me to.

I wish you good luck in your application progress. Just remember that I'll be watching every single move you make.

[ The laugh she makes behind that fan is absolutely devious, enough to send a chill up weaker people's spines. ]
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Because this went perfectly the last time, right?

[ youmu can you please chill the snark for like two seconds ]
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My absence from canon as of late? Think nothing of it. I'm the type to sit back and let others, like that silly little shrine maiden, save the world,.

Of course that means I have quite a bit of free time on my hands, so if you wish to find a new place to vacation. I would not mind it.

And as for Reimu borrowing some of my attacks, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as they say. But if you think there is more to it then that, I will not confirm or deny anything.
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I have to question your recent decision to try and replicate something I once did years ago. While I do agree the circumstances are quite similar, and might be even more potent this time, to repeat it is still a bit sad.

I also very much disagree with the idea that this would "show people how insane I can be". I would like to argue in my defense that I am not insane, and that anyone who says otherwise just doesn't understand me.

Well, at least this shouldn't end in strange summoning rituals again.
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You've chosen a unique route to go down, mundane, but no matter. I will adhere to the stipulations you've given me. It's not too often a ruler follows the ruled, so do not take advantage of my courtesy.
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I understand being excited, but you just got here. It doesn't matter how much help you're being offered from your friend, you need to take responsibility on this one.

[ ... ]

Oh, these "games" have time limits on the ability to put me there? That makes more sense. Leaving things out like this is only going to throw me off y'know.
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You're MEAN Mun! Meeeaaaaannn! There are three parts to the event! Why did you sign me up for the DEATH one? What would sis say if I died? What would Luke or Miss White say if I died? You're so mean! First you give me extra feels in my backstory and then this... What's wrong with you?

[Koishi sighed, crossing her arms]

Well... One person will survive. It might be me I suppose. Not many others signed up... It could be me... But then everyone else dies! It's not fair!
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Why yes, I do clean up pretty nicely in a suit. And? That isn't exactly news. It's just objective fact.

Buut I'd hardly object to being played again. I've been cooped up long enough. Let me stretch out my wings and dust off the camera and see the sights again already!
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I'm completely against this, but you're not going to listen no matter how many times I complain so what's the point?

[ "...Wow, Reimu, you're actually not being stubborn for once?" ]

There's nothing to argue here in the first place! I'd just look like an idiot if I tried to fight it at this point.
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Were you expecting me to be upset? The only reason I wanted to come here was to express my gratitude. Being away from Eientei is regrettable, but having the chance to get out and meet new people while also exploring a brand new place sounds exciting.


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