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I do miss them, and I wish they were here. I don't know if this place is better than home - at least there was only one kind of monster at home...

And maybe dad and Clem would be better away from here. But it's not fair, I still wanna see them again!

At least mom would be alive if she were here. [ Like me, he doesn't say. ]
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Think I don't see what you're doin? That grin or whatever -- I know what it means. Don't go doin me no favors and don't spoil nuthin. We had a moment. Leave things alone. There's some shit that's about to go down.
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You can start by putting some effort into this and making some changes. If you're not gonna take this seriously, you and me aren't gonna see eye to eye. It's that simple.

[ a beat. ]

...Yeah. It's good to have him back. Knowing them like I think I do? I'm sure those two are fine too.
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Whatever you're thinking... don't bother. You don't know enough about what I've been through the last few years to take me anywhere, okay?
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[There is a soft, gentle smile that spreads along her face as she closes her eyes and takes a soft breath]

Told ya that everythin would be just fine, mun. Given thangs still might be a bit broken and people are still hurtin but they're also healin. They got each other,they always have and always will. That makes 'em stronger. You and I both know that.

Rick, Maggie, Daryl, all of 'em are gonna rise from this. They're gonna fight and take that man down. I know it!

As for us? The ones that are already long gone and hopefully not forgotten. Yeah we're still here. All us watchin over all of 'em.

As I said before and I'll say it again, we all got jobs to do.
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[There's a long, strong, shade stretching from Michonne to her mun right now along with a pair of bare crossed arms.]

 You and I both have better things to be doing with our time.  This is not one of them.  

Go home.
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Would have been different if I was there. And that other thing —
spoilers )
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Don't. I'm not talking about it with you. You're not helping.

**spoilers in comments**
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You again? I didn't like this before and I'm not gonna like this now. A lot of things change but this one's not gonna.

cut for spoilers from the tv show )

7x01 feels

Oct. 25th, 2016 12:20 pm
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Don't go givin me that damn spiel bout how everything's gonna be fine. It ain't fine. Nuthin's fine right now.

(spoilers in comments)
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Yeah? Well s'good to know you're still with me. [He doesn't want to go back; there's nothing to go back to, anyway.]


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