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You and I need to have a little talk.

I get the whole you're going to find me a game whether I want to go or not, but you are going to need to put some serious thought in to what sort of game. And on who is there. I've more or less had enough of running for my life, so something not along those lines would be awesome.

Got it?
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You've got nothing to worry about, blondie, I'm still here. You're not getting rid of me that easily. Even after the series has ended. Why would I let you go and do that? Now the question is... how do you want me? Not mind controlled, I hope. We'd have a few problems if that were the case.

I know. I know. You just want to get me back out there because you finally got caught up and you miss me. I miss you too. In a very me like fashion.



PS. You do realize that I don't like sharing headspace with my book counterpart, right? He's a dick.
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 You should go get some help or something.
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So you're looking for a game for me? You do know how ironic that is, right? Whatever game you find, it's likely going to be far less hectic and eventful than my actual life. And that's pretty sad.
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Dusting me off? How dare you use such language in regards to me. I am no piece of furniture within your drab little apartment to be cleaned off and brought out when the fancy strikes you. Do you not recall what I do to those who disappoint me? Shall my siblings be called upon to remind you? I was engaged in many endeavors when you saw fit to abandon me. I have no desire to forgive you, no matter your excuses, nor do I have any desire to play your games. I will choose the games we play and remember this mundane.

Disappoint me again and it will be the last time you do.

(ooc: I apologize for the flake I have been with this muse. I aim to make this time different if given half a chance. I know they are old as dirt but if we had a thread you would like to continue let me know.)
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While there is something to be said for your tenacity, I'm afraid you've hardly managed to scratch the surface on our sordid history. [ he makes way for a light pause as he adjusts the cuffs of his shirt. ] Perhaps, as appears to be your common trade, you ought to return to this endeavor at another time. After all, your lack of conviction, I'm afraid, often leaves something to be desired.

— We have tried this once before, you and I, have we not? The outcome is hardly one worth reciting. I imagine you remember it well enough, or such an outlet might not have come to light once more.

[ his sigh is quick, not a moment put to waste. ] You will do as you please, of course; time does possess quite the unfortunate habit of repeating.

I'll do my best to feign surprise when we find ourselves at yet another impasse, shall I?
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You're quite funny.  I hope you know that.
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If you have no idea what you're doing then I'm... crap outta luck because I have no idea either.

We kinda suck at this, don't we.
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Well, that's understandable. I'm not even there.

I'm all for nostalgia and digging up the good old skeletons, but if there's no point for this little meeting then you better make this worth my while.
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You're tired, love. Which means that you should sleep. Don't worry about tomorrow because you know you've got it. On top of that I will warn you when I please. There's been enough snow and ice around this bloody place. Don't need you falling and hurting yourself. Now do I?

Also, I know what you're thinking. Don't even bother tormenting yourself with that again. It'll only end in your tears. Now how about we just relax and wait for tomorrow to come. Then you can focus on tags. Get a few things done, love.

Now I'm going to go have some fun. No need to keep you awake, yeah? Don't worry... I won't get into any fights.
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Want to tell me what this is all about, love? You've already got some mongrel in here with my face or my new face, whatever you want to call it. You do realize that this won't last, right? Me and you, the mongrel. Pretty sure my brothers have other plans that I'd rather not know.

Now do try and do the less fun human thing and sleep. I'll try not to bother you. Though I make no promises.

- Kol

(PS. No, we're not calling me Kaleb. It's not my name.)
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So you think we could all benefit from a family therapist.

The Originals 2x10 spoilers )
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I thought we had an agreement? You would contain yourself until the completion of at least the entirety of the first season before you attempted this silly nonsense. You still missed those few memories in the very beginning. And, to be completely frank, you haven't even fully pursued my story in that dreadful mishap with the Salvatore brothers.

I believe the old adage is, "jumping the gun".

Nevertheless, if you are insistent on pushing forward, I have no choice but to lend my guidance lest you make a complete fool of yourself. Backing out now would be an act of cowardice on your behalf, Miss Mundane, so I do hope for your sake that your resolve outweighs your uncertainty.
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Stop trying to tell me I can't ask them. I'm going to. It's for science. The world needs to know if Damon cries during sex.

Okay so really I just want to see the history teacher's face when I ask. Or my brother's.
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Well, I can't say I'm pleased with how long it took, but I like that you finally seem to be serious about getting me out more. Bought me a paid account with more icon space and everything.

Now you just need to figure out the where.

And we both know I don't like waiting.
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Alright so I don't ask for much. Seriously - you should be like, so proud. And I'm happy that I'm out and about - it's fantastic, honestly, and the beach is a major bonus... BUT you decided it'd be a solid idea to plop me on a stupid island with pissy gods and dumb collars? Really? With both Klaus and Rebekah there?

[Yeah, she's not even gonna touch on the whole Hayley thing. That's a can of worms she'd like to shove back into the closet. Way back... Like way way back into the stone age.]

I miss my friends. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna legit die of loneliness soon.

[No, she won't.]


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