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Limbo is for parties. Bad parties.

[something like a sigh] You dropped me before. You can't do it again. Wait, okay? Until you have more time from work.

[his nose scrunches up like he just whiffed something nasty]

Besides, I don't really wanna deal with Kavinsky anyway.
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I like the face. I do. It feels like my face, which just might be up there among the strangest concepts this year. And that includes leaves rustling Ronan's bass line.

No, I'm fine with this. I only ask you wait to apply until you have a job.

[Gansey's eyes widen in realization, and he hurriedly raises a hand as if to stop an attack in its tracks]

Not to imply you're not trying. I know I'm the last person who can speak on getting a job. You just need one to afford moving in order to lessen your stressors, and last time you joined a game before you were hired . . . Well, Edward still complains about the loss of that incredible opportunity.

Adam and I will get there. Or Adam and Ronan. Or Noah. In the meantime, let's just play Cards Against Humanity with friends.
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I'm really starting to question why you picked me up, mun. Like, seriously, were you just not satisfied with your thousand other characters? I don't even do anything remarkable. I'm deaf in one ear, for god's sake - what do you want me for?

Also, it really worries me that you looked for games with 18+ themes first.
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Okay, wanting Noah I can understand but Ronan? [ A long suffering sigh. ] I wouldn't even bet on a week before he was wearing a cape and calling himself a super villain.

Especially if they let him add some kind of power on top of ... all that he already has. But fine, whatever. It's not my problem. [ It totally is. It totally will be. Ronan will show up just to make him suffer. ]

Can we just at least try for Noah first?
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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