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Jan. 29th, 2016 10:29 am
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What exactly made you think you'll have better luck this time? "Third time's the charm?"

Quit while you're really behind.
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It's a stupid username. And not even remotely funny.

[Not one bit. Bad jokes are only okay when he's the one making them.]

Anyway, maybe actually finish the series before you start thinking about test drives and dreaming about castmates and all that?
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Wait... what? You told me that if you were going to send me somewhere, Magnus was going to be there and it was going to be somewhere 'quiet'. Yeah that hotel sounds quiet but it's also the Hotel California!

[Alec might struggle with some aspects of Mundane culture but he knows that reference even without Magnus or Clary's help.]

Why would I want to go to a hotel you can't escape from?

I thought we had an agreement. I'd go to that space ship and that other place you're planning but nowhere else. If you have to send me somewhere else, why not try that place you sent Ms. Rand to a couple years ago. That should be quiet and I'd be able to help the people there. This... this is going to be a disaster.
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I thought we discussed this. You weren't going to send me anywhere without Magnus my family. You know they won't be able to find me on a space ship.

[Just saying it out loud makes him think that it's some kind of Mundane joke that Simon would understand.]

It doesn't matter who I could meet on the ship if the people I care about aren't there. What am I going to do there? I doubt they need Shadowhunters in space.
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Miss Mundane, I have waited over a hundred years to be reunited with my Jem. [A faint blush colors her cheeks but she continues on, pretending that she isn't slighly embarrassed that her private life has become public.] I think we can wait one more day to see how the story ends.

I know that rereading the books have made you wish to send me out in the world again, but you know how this usually ends. We don't even know if they're out there. [There was no need really to elaborate on who. For Tessa there has always been two that held her heart and although she has seen Jem from time to time, Will has been missing for far too long.] And even if they were, you do not know if they would want to see me again. Perhaps memes or that 'dressing room' would be the best solution for us all of us.
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Listen, it's seriously about time you stop hoping. Jace isn't ever going to show up, Simon isn't going to show up, none of them are going to show up. Besides, I don't want them to. Why? Oh, let me just think -- because it's dangerous.

[ Rolling her eyes? More like body roll. ] You're an idiot to think I want any of them there. You know what the CDC is like. They hurt the people you love because it's fun. I'd rather make my own way, thank you very much.
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I know you miss being in a game but we made a deal. You said you wouldn't throw me into one of those places unless Magnus was going with me. Now you have me on a test drive and we both know Magnus won't show up. No one from my reality will show up. Even if they wanted to go into space, there's so few of us left that we haven't seen any of them for months.

You don't even know what being that far from my parabatai will do to the bond. And we both know how well I do without Magnus. You were so happy over how things ended and what's been promised for my future. Why would you take that away from me now?
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Leave it alone or you're going to leave here in more pieces than you arrived. It pains me to say it, but no, I don't want my brothers or Simon to show up wherever you finally decide to place me, especially not if that happens to be the Seelie court.

That place was awful enough without the addition of an Unseelie court.
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You know, I'm not sure how I should take you "falling in love" with my boyfriend. Even if it's all over again. [ Though Clary is very clearly amused. She hasn't seen Jace in a long time and she's almost enjoying the feeling it inspires.

Then almost sombrely.
] I know he's not going to turn up. That doesn't mean I can't still miss him. Or feel the way I do. It's actually kind of nice, you thinking about this and not how you're going to make my life miserable in the future.
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It's worth a short, right? I mean if my mom and Alec can turn up then so can the rest of them. And I know I'd feel better with the others there. Luke especially. She's going to try and fight her way out and they'll hurt her. I already know she won't listen to me ...

[ A pause. ] You know how I feel about Jace. He'd get himself into every kind of trouble and Alec would probably blame me for it -- it's not always my fault, Jesus. [ Another beat. ] I miss Simon, at least he'd have my back.
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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