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So...we're really going to do this?

As happy as I am to be out here again, we both know the chances of finding any of my family or friends are going to be slim. It has been quite a while after all.... But, maybe that's for the best. Then at least I know they'll be safe.

If you could do me one favor, could you find someplace with some decent tech? If I'm going alone, I'll need to keep occupied somehow.
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You mean it, mun? You're really gonna put me into a game after all these years? I've been gathering dust in here and you're seriously letting me come out and plaaaaay?

[Because your brother might be there, so...]

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[Big sigh and just leans on her hand.]

Listen mun, we always do this. If it's not me, it's Leo or the cute bunny guy. You pull us out to 'reminice' and then, none of us go anywhere. We just stay in your head space until the next time. It's not fun and it's not something I want you to keep indulging in. You get all these people excited, including us and then....we're shoved away for cowboys and non-mutated ninjas.
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Yo dude! Dudette. Whatever.

I know you're just feeling nostalgic because you're super old and all, but it's totally cool that you thought to let me out for a sec. Even if you're gonna, like, just stick me back in that black hole you call a brain space or uh. You know. Whatever happens after you bounce and forget about me again. It's more like a big fat nothing. That's always a bummer.

So like, you should let me do something fun before you put me back. Are there any concerts going on? Surfing competitions? Pizza parties? Come on, you're killin' me here.
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You were 'waiting for my appearance'? How harrowing to have waited so long for something to come to fruition, those mere months must have been excruciating.

Your steadfast dedication I find noteworthy, if not disquieting. Is your expectation that somehow I'll rekindle old fires of the past?

Let me warn you, antiquity isn't something to throw any piece of wood at. It consumes all the same.
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I know you disagree with what I did. You can call me a bad friend, it's alright.

With what happened, I wouldn't disagree with the title.

I just hope that...everything turns out alright. There are worse people than Hob. Even Hob knows that.

And I hope Michelangelo finds happiness. He deserves it more than anyone.
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Don't you think you could have been a little more creative with my username? [Seriously, dude.] It could be worse I guess. Master Splinter will need to know about this though. You bringing me here, wherever this place is.

Any pizza around here?
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Dude, this is crazy! And if Casey Jones thinks somethin' is crazy, it's probably pretty friggin' crazy!

Problem is, it doesn't sound like the fun kinda crazy, ya know? I hate stuff where you can't tell the difference between the good guys and bad guys!

...'Course, now that I think about it, maybe that's why they need a hero like me! I take it back, munny! Bring on the murderers! Casey Jones is gonna take 'em all down!
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Can I really do that, though? After everything, I would just...go home?


I want to, but if I did, there's no way I could let them in on what's happened. I would I even explain everything that's happened? Would anyone in my family even understand? For them, its only been a few minutes. Even with time dilation, how can they even begin to know about the years I've been gone?

I haven't even told them know. And that happened in a possible timeline!

There's no way. Also, because Mikey would try to use the shard and you know it.
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...No, I said I don't care! I'm not trying to impress anyone, I'm just naturally super dope!

So what you're telling me is that the harder I try to be as wicked awesome as I am back home, the worse it's gonna get for me? How is that supposed to be fair?! I'm Casey Jones, I always come out on top! I don't care if the guys there don't get me, but I thought you had my back!
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Hey, I got no problem with "gettin' back in touch" or whatever you wanna call this. I mean, I gotta figure if I'm stuck around here whether you manage to make a game work with me or not, I might as well be allowed to stretch my legs once in a while.

A little action don't hurt. And if it does, it's still probably not bad enough for me to pull back on it. Look into givin' a guy room to breathe a little more often.

Been a while since you checked up on things back home, too. I won't say you have to dig into everything. Trust me, I'm about the last person around who can tell you to do any kinda homework. All I'm sayin' is that if somebody pops up with a load of life-changing, world blew up, someone found their evil twin news that we ain't up to date with?

That's on you.
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Thought you already knew that Casey Jones doesn't sit anything out.

Dude, have you seen all the awesome stuff they have here? There are even more rad monsters and warriors around here than there are back in New York! I'm not gonna just hang out in your brain until my sticks rot!

I don't care what we do, man, just get me out there!
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Hey, Player!

I'd ask how you're doing, but I know that answer, and it's alright, thing's will get better, have faith!

I know you aren't up for games right now... even if I would love to be where ever Donnie and Leatherhead are right now BUUUUUUT... I was wondering. Do you think we could do some of those meme things? You know, just a little here and there? Keep things rolling?

Just think about it at least, Okay?

Oh, and remember, you rock, I'm still here after all, right?!
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Not that I'm not pleased about the possibility of heading somewhere, but if you were ever actually gonna do this with somebody, I didn't think it would be me. Not that I'm complaining. I'd ask if you were sure about the place, but I guess if I can handle what's already been thrown at me, there's not much else I can't handle.

Although I don't think "they have the same name" is the best place to start when searching for a roommate.
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Awww, man! This is like having your parents chaperone the school dance, only like a million times worse!

So what if I am calling you old! Look I get that everybody wants a piece of Casey Jones, and I don't blame you 'cause I'm so awesome, but I only run with people I can trust and, you know, don't take this the wrong way but I'd have to take about 100 pucks to the head before I'd ever trust you, cool?
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...Don't tell me I'm the guy you use to blow off steam. What, you think just cause I got a bad temper, you can channel your grouch through me after I gather dust for so long? Like I'll just be pissed whenever you need me to be? I'm not THAT angry, am I?


Don't freakin'...Don't answer that. Just don't.
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You had something to do with this, didn't you?


Don't lie to me. I don't care if they're not from my universe, I know you did this to destroy me again! Just as things...were finally...

[Really. Its true. For once, I didn't have anything to do with--]



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