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And here I thought you'd start with Zaveid. He is your type.


Shirtless, not naked. But that's understandable. So, are we going anywhere or are you just going to sit here?
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Yeah, yeah. Congrats on your one-year anniversary of playing from my game. Now would you get your act together and catch up on tags so I can have some fun?

Gotta take my mind off things by decorating my statue of a seraph while I have the chance. You can't say he wouldn't look hilarious in these!
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Yeah, so are you going to voice test me or not? I don't have all day, you know. And I won't even mention how much time has passed since you first began cowering behind that username.

Geez. You humans sure are indecisive. I'm surprised you even manage to leave your home in the morning.

Oh wow, wow. She's doing it, she's typing the words. How frightening .
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"Hypothetically" huh?

Yeah, I guess you're right. It has been a long time since we went on an adventure together. But do you think you're up for it? I don't want you to push yourself before you're ready.

Hey, don't worry. I'll be here whatever you decide. Either way, I'm glad you think enough of me to even consider it.

Would you seriously choose "mild curry summoning powers" if we did that, though? I mean, don't get me wrong! It sounds amazing, and we'd never have to worry about food again. But, well, it could be something just a little cooler, you know?

["Such as?"]

--Uh. Well, I haven't really given it much thought. Um. What would be a cool power to have?
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I understand it's not an easy choice to make, nor should it be. Each person carries their own choices and experiences to create their own 'melody,' and together they create a grand one. Still...

[ Slowly, a smile graces her lips—soft, fragile, and with notes of sadness. ]

A decision has to be made. Afterward, we can only honour and uphold it.
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Oh my, this is certainly a surprise! I do hope we'll work well together. As they say, you never know until you try! That's a wonderful philosophy to live by!

...unless you're trying to figure out if you can fly by leaping off the top of a mountain, but I doubt there are many people that foolish. [It almost sounds like she knows someone who might be tempted to try a stunt like that, doesn't it?]
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What? Got nothing better to do? Now that's just sad, babe.
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[Mithos is quick to voice his displeasure, because of course he is.]

Do you think I care a single bit about your nostalgia? I don't. Do you think I'm a fool? I know you'll just grow bored and cast me aside again.

[If looks could kill, the glare on his face would probably murder about ten people on the spot.]

You humans are as predictable as you are miserable. I refuse to play this game with you.
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I can't say I mind the chance to get out a little bit, but I'm also not sure what your intent is with me, here. You can't really take me much of anywhere, after all.

While I wouldn't mind seeing a familiar face or two, either, I also do have to wonder how my presence would effect them... Perhaps it would be better if you let me fade.
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It was not a necessary evil. [ There is the barest of sighs upon his lips. He got enough lip from Velvet each time they crossed paths in canon. Does he have to explain this to his mun, too? ]

It was simply... necessary.

[ Asshole. ]

It is a Shepherd's duty.
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Well I suppose this can be an... interesting venture. Whatever this is...

But I'll have you know that I will not forget what my mission is, and why I am journeying with Velvet and the others. You will not sway me from my task.
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Hey Miss Mundane,

I know you've had a rough time lately, but I'm glad to see everything is starting to get better for you. Life is tough, but I know you can make it through whatever comes your way. 

If you think you're ready to give it another chance, I'd love to see everyone back in Empatheias too. There's so many people that I miss and some many new faces to greet. I wonder if Roxas is doing okay...? I hope he's not too depressed since I've left...

Well both be okay. I have faith that we'll make it through this together.
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So lemme get this straight...

[well my man, there's really nothing to get straight but he wants to go ahead and try anyways- it seems.]

You have no plans for me, you just wanna let me out and 'see what happens?' ...Huh, not like I'm really complaining though, guess that's all really anyone can do when they're just getting started. Me? Don't worry- I'm pretty easy going. Just let me fight the battles I wanna fight and we won't have any problems.

[let him run wild, basically.] Now, where can a guy get a decent drink around here? Gotta wet my whistle before I really go all out. Heh!
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--well, this is unexpected. What's the matter, got nothing else to do?
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Artorius. Innominat.

[ Two names that the masses speak with reverence, with awe. But here the names are acid upon her tongue. She seethes the two names, but only for a moment.

And then the anger boiling beneath the surface manifests abruptly. ]
It doesn't matter what world they're in! [ Yep, she's shouting now, throwing out her arm wildly. ] Send me where they are, so I can end this once and for all--!
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[SOMEONE IS YELLING. But what else is new for Arietta the Wild.]

Stop it! I don't want to see any of them here! This place has enough terrible people in it without you trying to bring in those murderers!

I can get by just fine without anyone from the Order here -- just like I always have!
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Salutations, my lady. I am most honored that you have given me your time and attention while you engage in this most curious form of entertainment, though if I may, perhaps you'll care to enlighten me as to your purpose in doing thus?

...and what is this 'shipping' that I keep hearing about? Am I expected to engage in naval combat?
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Oh, what a tragic tale! A talented, kind and beautiful witch, forced into the service of a stranger! Forced to bound from place to place at the whim of a capricious master, with not a say in the matter! What will become of her? Where will she go? Who will she meet? Will there be any way to make a few gald along the way? Whatever the answers may be, I, Magilou, shall square off against the unknown with a smile upon my face and a song in my heart!

...and say, since you're in charge now, the least you could do is treat a girl to a decent meal. Maybe a nice prickleboar stew with a side of bread. Oh, and roasted eel with seasoned potatoes would be nice on the side. And we simply can't forget dessert, so a nice peach tart with extra whip cream. And you'd be a dear if you brought out something sweet to drink. If you expect me to dance for you, I'm going to need some fuel first.

((Just starting Lionel Island in the game, so please no spoilers beyond that. Thanks!))
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I don't have the time to be dragged into this little scheme of yours.

[Someone's not looking too happy about being around here, and it manifests in an audible "tch" and a glare that could kill.]

Getting to know other people from other worlds? Making friends? What do those have to do with taking my revenge on Artorius?
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.... Understood.

Now that you feel my own story is complete, you want to finally find where you can take me. Though, if I may -- I'd like to go somewhere where I can continue to be of help to the people. I don't disagree with your reasons for doing what you're doing, presay. However, if I'm going to postpone my mission back at home, I'd like to continue my goal in another way.

I can't quite understand why you're so interested in me meeting with other malakim, though. Laphicet and Eizen are back at home, aren't they? Then, what's this about you continuing to insist that you'd be so interested in me meeting more? Shouldn't my efforts be focued elsewhere?


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