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Phew! It-a sure feels good to get out and-a stretch-a my legs.


Oh! I have a new game at the end of-a the year? Well at least I-a have some lull between-a adventures this time.


O-oh. I'mma teaming up with the rabbids too... [can he EVER get a break.] s-sounds-a fun...
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See? There was never really any doubt. You worry far too much, Mundane.

But put the thought of 'castmates' out of your mind right now. Ignoring for a moment the waste of time that it is to pine for something so unlikely, my new role is set. While I would never in a million years complain to see Lord Bowser, the possibility of me treating him with anything less than the reverence he deserves is mortifying, even if neither of us would know any better. And the absolute last thing I need to deal with is the Mario brothers, or any of those other meddlesome fools.

Focus on what's ahead of us. There's much work to do if we are to show Astraen our greatness.
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Oh dear... You'd really think he learned his lesson by now!

I just hope Mario will be all right. And at least the dress is cute. Bowser might be an evil megalomaniac, but at least he has style.
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Count Bleck has no time for your petty nonsense. There are other, more pressing matters to handle.

Thus, there is no point in bringing Count Bleck here.

[ So cheerful. ]
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I shouldn't be among your first choices for this sort of thing, you know.

Go look at one of those other girls of yours or something.
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A ha ha ha ha.

Bored, are we...?

Well, this will be a lovely distraction. ~ ♥

Would you like a thank-you card, perhaps?

[ N...no. ]

Your loss. I do nice ones, you know.
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Look, this is all fine and dandy, mun, but I didn't think you'd go through with it! You ain't had me out since GreatestJournal, or what ever that site was called. It's been a while. One night of watching Me an' Mario save Daisy's world and all doesn't really, you know, warrant making a fuss over it.

Just 'cause I been to one alternate dimension doesn't mean I wanna try another.

There ain't no one else out there either. Not from my year. I know your open an' all, to playin' with anyone, but Daisy said somethin' about us not believing somethin' and I really just want to go an' help her out with that.

Oh, ain't she the best?

Right. But first. You needa go to bed. It's like seven in the mornin' in Brooklyn, and yeah, I know you're not in that time zone, but that still makes it like four in the mornin' your time. Go ta bed! If anyone is a'knocking you can talk to em tomorrow.
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Mun, you're way too slow!

I've been there since Halloween and all I've got to show for it is a castle and my Clown Car. You know I want Papa to show up there. And my dad's not gonna be happy that all I have is a castle so far.

I mean yeah, a lot of people won't like Mario if he shows his face there, which is good because he'd be in the way if they did. And I've got that thing to make the good guys look really good so trouble stops hitting my castle every time something happens in the city. But that's only two things done! If we're gonna get anyone from home, especially my dad, we have to go bigger. So go think of where you want us to go that will get me there faster!

Going? Good!

Oh, and since you're going to let me get STABBED later, the least you could do is put some more effort into everything.
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If you ask me, a lesson in patience ought to do you some good. Quit your whining, boy.
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Oh, are you sure about this, Mr. Mun-Guy? [Hey, that sounds like fungi!] I'm-a...not really hero material, you know that!

...I'm not really worker material either! Heh. Doesn't this seem like-a something my brother would be more suited for?
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Look, kid. Not too up for any of this nonsense.

[There's a light chuckle, and Mario Mario shakes his head.]

You wanna find somebody else to do it? That's fine by me, but I've already had my adventure.
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WAHAHAHAHA! Who cares about who else-a shows up? Everybody knows that WARIO is still-a the best person to-a have ever been in dat stupid murderschool, don't make-a me have-a to smack it into dat big oogly head of your's!


Aug. 27th, 2015 07:47 pm
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[DK looks happy enough to be here, as laid back and lazy as he ever is when times are peaceful. He makes simple, approving ape noises until he spots it.

Canon: 'Super Mario Bros.'

Jimmies rustled.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Deep breath in and-

Wruk! Wruk! WRUK!

[One very annoyed Kong slaps his big ol' hands on the ground a few times and rolls around in rage. He even scoops up a barrel and throws it at the tags somehow, splashing them everywhere.

Super Mario Bros that.
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[She winces a little, mostly from the noises her mun is making while watching something she found on the internet. And she might even seem a bit embarrassed.

But she manages to hide it with a grin.]

Well, duh. Of course we're in love. What'd you think?
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Clearly we haven't reached an understanding yet... the fact that I will meet more dreamwalkers doesn't mean I want to leave everything hanging here to, quoting, "go adventuring".

We still have a lot of things to do on the island, Mario, Luigi, Starlow and I. Stopping Antasma is my priority. So no, I'm not thrilled about being kidnapped and surrounded by an assorted selection of undead creatures.

... [Sigh.]

Could you at least stop grinning with the username you chose for me...? Seriously.
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I'm not-a sure about this.

[What's there to not be sure about?]

I thought you had-a forgotten about me, and now you're suddenly picking me back up? It seems-a suspicious.
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You think you're being funny, don't you.

I guess the new username isn't quite as dumb as the old one, but that AU your friend's talking about isn't going to be a replacement for Clairbourn or what few friends I actually had there.

[Are you saying you actually miss the place, Ash?]

Shut up.
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So, you gonna send me to school? Really? A stupid backwater place like that? Guess-a dese losers needed some celebrity endorsement real bad, eh? [ WAHAHAHAHA! ]

It don't matter! I never needed school, so now I'm gonna teach all of-a dese chump change students some real lessons! Like how to-a rob unsuspecting losers! Or how to be handsome like Wario! [ Not like they'll ever get there... ] So why don't ya just get 'doze bozos to polish some-a garlic for me and I can start teachin'!
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I don't-a know, Miss. I know not-a all of these "Short Term" games don't have to involve death but couldn't you pick someone more brave? I know that other guy you have seems a lot more willing to go through this, so why don't know why you can't pick him instead.

[He wants to outright say that he was a coward and didn't want to disappoint his team by just hiding under tables at the first sign of danger, but he wanted to retain some dignity.]


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