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  Oh, wow. Long time no see, huh? We haven't been in this place for so long!
Huh? Yeah, we've been in  Ruby City for a while, huh? How long? I can't really remember. At least half a year now, right?
Yeah, it'd be nice to have some of my friends around...
I mean, everyone's super nice, and I've made a lot of friends there.  Even when bad things happen, everyone's there for each other. 
But...I still miss everyone from back home. Dad, the Gems, Connie...
...but. If they showed up, they'd be stuck there too. They don't deserve that.
Well, at least Lion's keeping me company. He doesn't really seem too bothered by anything, even the weird stuff.
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Oh, you cannot be serious.

Absolutely, most certainly not. It's not my fault if you haven't got your hands full enough! There are more productive ways to use your time. For instance, you could most certainly clean your living quarters. In fact, it would be in your best interest just as well as mine to do so.

Listen to me. Chairs are not closets. I know a lot about human dwellings—you can't fool me. Please get your life together and leave mine alone!
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I guess the third time really is the charm, right? Orrr I guess you'd say third game in this case? It's weird that it's been almost six months since you sent me to this Empatheias place, Mun. Time sure flies!

And it's pretty nice here! All of that magical emotion stuff can be super fun, plus there's a lot steampunk-looking things and neat places to explore, and all the people are really nice! [He frowns.] Well, things still do go wrong, and I- I guess I'm... ...It's weird being away from everyone for so long.


...But it's okay! One day I'll go home for good and be with everyone again, right? I'll be right back where I last left off, after that... um, that fusion training session that... didn't go too well... Anyway! That's besides the point. Just stop trying to wish that everyone would appear on that test drive thingy and let's keep on keeping on! How's that sound?

Wait, did you link it? Ohhh, now everyone's gonna think I'm just being sneaky! Oh well...
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Look, it's not THAT big a deal. It sure doesn't change anything about me, so just... I dunno, get your giggles out, and let's move on, okay?
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Great. Thanks. Was hopin' you had enough of gross freaky monster shenanigans, but I guess that's my own fault for bein' stupid enough t'even be a little optimistic about the turn-out with your stupid bs.

At least, for the love of anything, leave my junk alone, alright? Just gimme this one thing. Just one friggin' mercy. It's bad enough I'm gonna get scales, cold blood and all that crap you're plannin' on. Don't act like it's not a reasonable concern.
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I just...

...why couldn't you have given me ALL my memories so she wouldn't get under my skin so easily?

Look man, I tried to listen to her and make nice but she just kept calling me...you know!? And I hear that and all I wanna do is knock her back into the ocean!

Either let me kick her butt or don't make me talk to her again!
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Great. Missed the horrors of grotesque transformation torture, huh? Or you wanna send me to space—? Which, I guess if I had to pick, I would prefer, even if you're subjected to eating goo forever or whatever. How about instead: you just leave me alone!! Criminey!

I don't even know why you pick on me so friggin' much. Why don't you just pick up one of those alien gem ladies or whatever instead? Why you gotta make my bad luck even worse? Haven't I suffered enough supernatural shenanigans on my own?

But fine. If you're so intent on screwin' up my life, just make up your stupid mind and get it over with already.

today's ep

Sep. 8th, 2016 08:38 pm
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What? There's no need to give me that look. It should hardly come as a surprise! I can most certainly be-- [ air quotes-- ] "hard core". I quite literally am, in fact, as the basis of my physical flesh-projection is a gemstone! Hah!

... Well, I thought that was funny.

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[A situation like this requires crystal clear and guided direction, not to mention a firm hand. Sure, there's the tiny matter of her player's fundamental beliefs clashing with Pearl's own, but she's not exactly new to conflicting ideals. The key is to remain grounded and focused on the truth; namely that Pearl is the mind and mouth, and her player, the mere vessel. Saying it outright and taking up an argumentative stance would be a fruitless endeavor, at least if the very brief time she had been allotted for research in this strange dimension serves as any indication. So, she needs to be harsh, but she also needs to be gentle. Balance is crucial, and therefore nowhere as easy as it sounds. Despite her best efforts not to, Pearl still comes slightly condescending, almost as if speaking to a child.]

Now, player... While I appreciate your, erm, enthusiasm in the face of our current situation, I think it would be wiser if we carefully weigh all of our options before making any hasty decisions. We need to keep in mind what is best for Steven, after all. At such a young age, he's going to need me more than ever.

And don't even get me started on Amethyst-- [Already Pearl is talking with her hands, bordering on getting carried away, just not enough to point out a friend's more distasteful qualities in a realm full of potential strangers.] Well, you know how she can be. [She finishes, waving the comment off with a genuine chortle.

A chortle that turns to hollow laughter as tears well in the corners of her pale blue eyes. In a moment the weight and reality of the situation washes over her. There is nothing she can do, which is a soul crushing realization. Pearl can't help it, no more than she can fight off the tears; she is utterly selfish and unable to fathom anywhere without everything she holds dear.]

You can't break up the Crystal Gems!
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You know it's not you, right?

It's a big event! There's a lot of stuff going on, and everyone's really busy with it all! There are plenty of other posts up that haven't gotten any responses yet!

I get that you're nervous about testing me out and all, but you really don't need to worry so much! Just be patient, and relax. People will show up, and it'll probably be loads of fun! There's nothing to stress over.

It's just a thought, after all.
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I don't want to go anywhere. I'm sick of moving around so much. The barn - Earth, it isn't home, but... it's the closest thing I have. And I don't want to start all over again in some place completely surrounded by strangers! Why would you even want that for me?

Especially with your... tastes. I don't want to go anywhere you'd think of putting me, okay? Just... stick to memes. I can handle those.
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This is some kind of sick joke.

What exactly do you expect to happen? Do you think I'll 'calm down' or something? Do you expect me to make nice with all those rejects and weaklings? Do you really think I'll get along with Rose Quartz?

It isn't going to happen. I'd rather stay a mindless beast. If you put me somewhere with her, or with any of her worthless soldiers, I promise you, I will not stop until they're all SHATTERED!
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I don't care if your 'Steven Bomb' just ended and you think it's the perfect time to shove me into each and every one of these miserable shipwrecks you call 'games', I'm not interested. The one you already stuck me with is a pain enough.

No, I'm not having fun, there OR in any of these other places you're looking at. What about being stripped of everything that makes life meaningful is FUN to you?

... Ah yes, that's right. You enjoy watching other beings suffer. That's why I'm here to begin with isn't it?
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No. I'm not going along with it. You've already put me in there once! I thought we both agreed that it didn't work out.

...I mean, I guess I can't argue that you think you have a better grasp on my voice now, but the answer's still no. Just stop and go back to messing with your "OCs", okay? I'm not your puppet.

[Well, actually--]

Don't remind me.
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Of course Lapis and I make excellent roommates. What did you expect? You could say that I'm practically an expert now on having Earth fun – and in such a brief amount of time, too! It must knock your stockings off to watch how fast I pick up on these things. Like my my morps! Aren't they genius?

Honestly, Lapis is lucky to have me. And once my metal-controlling powers grow stronger, I'll only become even more useful and impressive! Nyeheheheh!!

Nyeheheh. Hehehe. Hem.

You think I'm "getting too full of myself?" I'm not sure that I follow. What am I supposed to be "full of" if not "myself?"

…I'll admit that a few of these Earth expressions really don't make any sense, even if you take time to sit and think about them! But I will understand them all soon enough.


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