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Oh no, you don't. I didn't escape the First Order just so you could send me out into [he makes a dramatic, sweeping gesture to indicate his surroundings.] whatever this is. I've heard things, lady. Bad things! Bad, all around! [okay, so that's a lie. maybe some things that happen in these places aren't terrible, but listen. he's on a roll now.]

I'm done being told what to do, like I don't know right from wrong. I'm done being ordered around. I have a mind of my own, okay? Just because it's fun for you to come in here and boss me around doesn't change that. That's what this is, right? You getting your kicks, making me run around like your puppet?

Well, no thanks. Put me back where you found me. I'll-- [he falters, here, and his next words carry a bit of uncertainty as he looses some of his steam.] I'll be fine. You'll see.

[whether or not Finn believes it, even he isn't one-hundred percent sure. but he is sure about his next statement. his voice is quiet, but undeniably steady.] And if not, then at least it was all for something good.
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Yes, please try and contain your excitement and surprise, I do have a face, no I am not a walking suit of armor.

Did you really think that I was?

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 Miss Mun,

"Why not?" Maybe because I shouldn't be here. Or if that's not enough, why don't you return to your Jedi in a computer, or to your ISB deserter?

[mun can do three Star Wars characters. Sometimes. Would love to do five or six, but not enough time.]

[he sighs]

Last question: why me? You're not even 'apping' me. And giving me a temporary PB just shows it's a rushed post. What's the point? Let me go back.
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[This is not the Darth Vader you're looking for. That might not be immediately obvious while he's contemplating his username, but it definitely is once he starts talking, in a voice that sounds suspiciously like Jack Black rather than James Earl Jones.]

Wow. You have no chill, mundane.

Hey, you know what might help you calm down a little? You should come to the gym with me and the Moffball. I know, dude's kind of a stiff, but if he can do it, so can you. Come on, don't be like Palps.

...Seriously, don't be like Palps. He's writing crappy poetry to his ex now and it's just...

[The expression of secondhand embarrassment is so acute and universal that the helmet doesn't diminish it in the slightest.]

I don't even know what I'm gonna do with the guy.
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You're more than a little late to the whole "May the Fourth" party, y'know...

(Yeah, I know. Yeah, I know.)

Anyway, good to see I haven't been forgotten about, of course that reminds me that I need to have a talk with you about how bad you are at keeping in touch, but that can happen later. I guess you just remembered me on a whim and that means you don't have a real plan.

So, I guess we're just going to be winging it like usual...


Well, it'll work out alright. A lot has happened since, sure that just means we should be a bit more wiser.
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Yesterday's pun isn't very amusing.

What is it that you want from me? What fulfillment do you expect to obtain by putting me here. I realize that you want me to speak to people. I realize you think people might want to speak to me, but I don't want to speak.

[[OOC: Sorry, I put the mod post tag on it by accident, and it won't let me delete it. Apologies!]]
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I'm flattered at the sudden interest in me again but, like before, don't you think this is a little presumptuous with jumping the gun like this? It's not like you have much of a plan for either of us with all of this.

[ honestly, you'd think the mun would have more of an interest in a jedi and not so much a senator. ]

But I suppose if you want to give it another go, it's not like I have much of a say in the matter, do I?
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Luke will teach me everything I need to know. I'm ready to learn and I'm ready to face...the Dark. I can't run from it forever and I can't let it hurt anyone else.

[She is afraid, but she won't give into that fear and run anymore. Besides, where can she run? Away from Luke? What good will that do her?]
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[He tilts his head slightly before he speaks]

I understand fully as to why your voice spills with heart ache but you must understand that most great stories come with terrible loss.

[He gives a bit of a small smile]

There is hope within this new story and the Force is strong.

I know you won't forget that.
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Well... that's going to leave a mark.

And I know you never really decided how I got human, but if it happened after that, you'd better give me some kind of kick-ass scar!
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I do not want to play any more of your little games, mun, and the past should remain where it is.

I do not forgive and I am not going to forget but I do not want to relive any of it.

I do not need anybody's sympathy as much as I do not want their mockery.

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Apr. 9th, 2017 03:52 pm
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I-- well, I find it fun that you want to join a game with me.

Astral, even.

I just think ... well. May the Force be with you, right?
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You want to send me to a game where- No. No no no, no, hell no.

Not even the First Order ever- what's WRONG with you people?
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You are under a misguided way of thinking if you believe I want to see any Jedi in the city.

Encouraging them will only get them all killed.

Let that be your only warning.
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Why do you think this is a good idea? Hmm? Listen, I've got things to worry about that are a lot bigger than this... whatever you even call this, what do you call it? This whole thing. The situation you're putting me in.

It's not a partnership. I'm telling you it's not. And since the thing about partners is both of them needing to agree to be partners, there's no hanging onto that one. I'm not here to do anything you say, no questions asked. I've had my fill of that.

So frankly, I'm just starting to feel co-opted right about now!
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It has been 86 days since you last saw the movie for the second time, and you still are thinking about me.

I suppose I should say I'm flattered. I'm not, though. You should really move on.
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See, no one ever listens to me.


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