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Oh darling, you really are predictable. I expected you'd be back at some point, but really like this, here? There are plenty of other versions of me to go around, ones that exist outside this little bubble. Why not play with one of them I'm sure they'd be a bit more... malleable.

Now unless you have actual plans for me, I suggest you move on. I'm a very busy woman.
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So, let me get this straight.

You want to send me to a game where I get turned into a bloody people-eating monster!?

You're still upset over what I did to Sherlock, aren't you?
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I loathe that you made me display my emotions uncontrollably in that event.
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Don't I get a say in this?

If you won't listen to me, at least listen to reason. You've got an inconsistent work schedule and you've only just rekindled this hobby of yours a month ago.

Besides, you know what happened the last time.

Tu Shanshu

Jan. 26th, 2017 08:32 pm
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Um, no. We don't need a happy family reunion.
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So are you actually going to stick around this time? It's not just because I'm going to be back on the show is it? Not that it won't be nice to see Sherlock and Joan again, I've missed them.
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That is what you were calling me last time we ran around this circle of whether you wanted me here or not, isn't it? Or should I go with the trend and say "player"?

Your ability to make no sense continues to astound me. You wear my words around your wrist, yet you've never come back to this journal even once since the first time you tried it, oh, four years ago, was it? In fact, you've seemed rather insistent on ignoring me all that time. But give you an episode you hate--

There are plenty of reasons you could have woken me up, but I wasn't expecting it to be purely because you believe that Molly Hooper deserves an apology.

[Yet, here he is, and he's just not going to admit that he agrees about that point.]
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That Eurus. Whew.

[Such thirst for the Holmes siblings. There's not a fourth one out there, is there?]
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My Dear Player,

You just watched the Series Finale of a Television program, yelling throughout the episode "What the f_cuk is this?" is really counter-intuitive.  You were watching that programme.

Of course it's nothing like the books and they completely rewrote everything, but you know these writers!  They go for what they think is "DRAMA!"

Just... go back to your happy headcanon and move on with your happy life and forget you ever liked the show or me or Sherlock or John to begin with.  Better yet, pack us up and put us away.  You had already decided to do that following the Christmas Special.  I don't know why you insisted on Torturing yourself like this...

<3 Mary
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I don't need John to take care of a sick child. How hard could it possibly be?
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Yes, I know you're probably going to need a massive canon update in every single game I'm in. I know you had no idea I was capable of saying that out loud. I suppose it is amusing to know that I can still surprise you.

No, it's not physically possible to scream continuously until January 1st.

Tu Shanshu

Dec. 8th, 2016 12:16 am
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No, I don't want any more people in my apartment than are already there. It's a two bedroom and isn't that big to begin with. There simply isn't room.
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If you believe that you've wrapped your tiny mind around the nuances of my behavior, the breadth of my influence, and the deep wells of my creativity--

I assure you. You are quite mistaken.


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