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Look, pal, I don't-- this isn't really something I'm on board with, here. At all.

I know ... this is kinda the whole point of-- [ vague gesturing ] --this.

But, c'mon. Can't even cut me a little slack? After-- after everything I've already been through? You can't-- you can't be seriously thinking of sending me someplace worse. Right?

Fuck, man ... can't catch a break no matter what.
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Well then.

At least I know that I'm not cut out for a career in family social work.

Har. Har.
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[Practically coughed out from a quasi-laugh.]


You thinkin' I ain't waiting, too?

Nahww. You're in goooooood company... [An emphatic point.] partner-in-crime o' mine.

Suuuure! I coulda done without losing that -- [Creeping kinda-whisper.] -- certain special you-know-what -- I coulda sure as all hell well done without that!

[Aaaand tonal spike and halfway shouting!]

But you know what?! I'm liking what I'm hearin' about this place!

You keep me away from all that - [Airquotes.] - "god" bull-shit and... [Edge of a chortle.] ...I keep eatin' my mama's cooking...

And you and me?

[Claps hands together, laces fingers!]


We are gonna have a damn good time!
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We've been over this already, kid. Of course I'd love to have a piece of the action again. Just leave Moira and Natalia out of it. There's a lot of things I don't want to relive, and that chapter of my life is on the top of the list -- and don't go getting any ideas about any Wesker encounters.

Look, if you miss me, just say it. Don't go doing anything we'll both regret.
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I get it. You want nothing to do with games or boxes or whatever. Trust me. I get it. You think I'm a fan of being trapped in a places,  just come on... you know what I need to do, already.  Also let's face it, there's not much call for any of us in the headspace to only be in memes.

...Look what I'm saying is...

(A sigh as his mun shakes their head adamantly.)
  ...Some help you are. First you get me stuck having to face down Eveline and now this.

In any case, I guess I really am stuck with you for the time being. You don't seem all that interested in letting me go and at least you can't cutting my limbs off, so...

Fine. Lead on. Got nothing better to do.
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Congrats. Have a round of applause.

[like, two shitty claps.]

I don't really give a damn. Just let me keep the bike, alright?
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[ said dryly after a long pause: ] Umbrella.

You hear one mention and you are suddenly reminded of me? Do not make me laugh.

You put your money on things that do not concern me. When you are ready to pay up, come talk.

To put it simply: If it does not pay, I am not interested. Understood?
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...So this is the door that opens, huh?

I'd rather it stay closed. It's over. It's done.


I'm done.

Just leave me alone. I don't feel like playing any of your fucked up games. I had enough of those thanks to Lucas and the rest of his family.

Thanks to Evelyn.

Just...leave me the fuck alone.
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(A very slight raised eyebrow at the choice of username.)


You might want to reign that sense of humor back in.

(ooc: I'm still crazy early in the game, tho I don't mind spoilers. Do what you gotta do to help me voicetest this guy.) 
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It doesn't matter what happened. If they don't want to be my family, I'll find a new one. I don't need them!

I'm sure I'll find even better Mommies and Daddies wherever we go. And if they don't want to be my Mommy or Daddy...we can make them!

Let's go play!
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Ya'know, if I had a dollar for every time you brought up my family, I'd probably have 50 mil. by now — just saying!

Look, there's always gonna be some asshole trying to pull this kind of shit. Just be glad it's not my family this time. Shit, I sure as hell am.

Yeah, I heard for the gazillionth time about Albert's upcoming appearance. You don't have to remind me. It's not my problem.
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Look, I know you're happy I'm not gonna be there, but that doesn't mean I'm okay with it — Of course I'm worried about her. You never get used to it no matter how many times this plays out. You also know damn well I'd kick his ass all over again if I could. That's two reasons why I should be there.

By the looks of it, they're gonna need all the help they can get.
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Yeah, yeah, kid. Happy New Year. Not my fault you were too drunk to say it on the actual day—

Christ! Um—NO! How about we don't run into any 'friends' this year. The ones you have in mind are the kind I need like a bullet to the head.
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I'm getting real tired of hearing you whine every time something happens. Some of us here are trying to sleep, and I'm not talking about me. I'm talking for the guy who paid me in booze to say that to you. Now that that's out of the way... [takes a go at the bottle.]

Would I have liked to have been in another game? Maybe not so soon, but sure. Eventually I'd get tired of sitting around. But I think I speak for everyone when I say we could all use a vacation. Let them have their fun now and eventually they'll come around. Who knows, maybe it'll be the great big reunion you've been pining over for the past 4 years. We had a small one. That's okay with me. Be grateful for what you have and stop sweating the little things.

I'm trying to reason with you, kid. Don't make me have to scold you.
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[ Why am I always the target of everyone's sick joke amusement? ]

You're kidding, right? You want to send me to a place where I have to relive the nightmare all over again? As if living it once wasn't enough...

We've all been through hell and back. Doing this all over again isn't going to help anyone and it sure as hell isn't going to help me.

[ There is a brief pause before she motions to throw a hand up into the air while shaking her head. ]

This is a waste of time.

Why are you laughing?

You''re sick. There's something seriously wrong with you.


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