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I... I didn't mean for all this to happen. I was just sick and tired of being ignored and forgotten all the time. But Wash, but Earth... I... I

Why make such a fuss? This is our chance! Our chance to get back at those who wronged us all! A chance to make them pay! A chance to begin my crusade to destroy the universe once more!!!!

No, no. This isn't right O' Malley. You can't do this. You're not real anymore. You're just a piece of what once was!

Perhaps. But which would you rather have? Am I merely a memory of the Alpha's anger riding your mind and body about once more, free to do as I please? Or am I merely something you have made to cope with your own true feelings?!
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[That was kinda harsh.]

Look, just because you're going through some nostalgia trip doesn't mean you need to drag me into it. I have a lot to do.

[Crickets chirp.]

It's not easy looking after these squads, but somebody's got to. And since I'm the only qualified officer...that's me. [Sighs.] Fuck my life.
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I think you and I need to have a little talk, especially if you are going to go ahead with this ridiculous plan of yours. I don't need a new home. I don't want a new home. I'll even give you the short version.

The answer is "no".
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Ah-huh. Hmm. Yeah.



Nope. Not feelin' it. You want someone that'll do stuff? Try Simmons. Assuming his voice will stop cracking for five seconds if he so much as looks at you.

See, this other thing you're doing, the whole 'sit in bed doing nothing but order greasy takeout' thing? I'm all for that. Does this place do Chinese?

...At least go halfsies on that milkshake.
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Figures you'd think of me after all that. Shit got pretty heavy huh?

What was it the Director always said? "In the face of extinction, any alternative is preferable."

Don't think even he'd have seen this one coming.
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can't make me.

don't care if wash is going.

i owe carolina a good kick tho.
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What do you mean you wanted to play me because "nobody else does"? You clearly made a mistake. Nobody plays Grif. G-R-I-F. Grif!

That's what you meant to say, because why would anybody play that moron? There's no point! Who'd want to play someone who does nothing all day when they could play the brave and courageous leader of Red Team? So obviously he's the one you'd play to fill out the roster. Then you made an account for me anyway, because he doesn't goddamn deserve it.

Now we've got that settled, where's Simmons? Simmons! Get yer ass over here. And bring my shotgun! In case there's any dirty Blues on here. Not that anyone would play them either!
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I do not doubt that you are pleased with this account name. However, do you not think you are taking this Christmas theme too far? It is true that I am 'old' and I know this is why you found it so clever. It is only that the will of my creators was that I should act as a gatekeeper. I do not impart their gifts to just anyone. Please be mindful of this in the future.
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You miss me? Of course you miss me! We had a good thing going, you and I, until you decided to fuck that up and leave me hanging.

Which is not how our little arrangement works, by the way. You don't get to say how or when this ends. I do.

Oh. But you're not actually planning to take me anywhere, are you? Ha. Riiiiight. You keep telling yourself that.

We both know you're stuck with me, whether you like it or not.
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You know, the whole point of my character is that no one can understand me. That's the joke. And you're thinking to send me to a place with a "universal translator"?

[ That's the general gist of things. As long as you don't meet anyone who scares you as much as Locus, though, you should be fine. ]

But did you have make this post pretending I'm already there? As if the translator there is already working on me?

[ If I want to practice what I'm going to be doing there, well, yes. ]

Fine, whatever. See if I help you. I'm just going to keep doing things the way I always do them.

[ I wouldn't expect anything less. ]

Fuck it

Jan. 9th, 2016 08:03 am
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Just one thing. No biggie.

First, sit down. [pushes mun down] Smile.

[draws closer and with a tone dripping with confidence] I'm in charge here. Me.

Got it?

[a wink]
Now watch me work my magic on these morons.

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I dunno, I think you should go with that other guy. I mean, I'm pretty uncomfortable with this. [It's not a competition, Doc.] It feels like a competition! Just let him win!

You probably won't even be able to get in until February anyway, why not just take it slow, relax, connect to your feelings. You know, really dig down deep.

Spoilers for Season 13 )
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So, we're back again, huh?

[ He folds his arms over his chest and glances around, giving a little nod. ]

Good. I think I like it better here. That tumblr place gets a little bit...hectic, and you run into the strangest people sometimes.

[ A beat. ]

Not that there aren't strange people here too, I guess. But you know what I mean. I think this is a better fit for us.

But, uh, one question? Are you planning on throwing me into another one of those games again? Because I'm not so sure I'm hugely fond of that part of this.
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Well, this is a transparent fishing attempt.

I suppose with an active test drive and the low queue, it is a good time for it.

Though I'm still not sure I'm for this. As much as I would like to see certain people, Kyriakos is full of bullshit I wouldn't wish on them. Plus it's not like I'll be able to protect them as much with the team I'm on, and the amnesia is a pain in the ass. Either I'm lying to someone about what happened, or I have to give 'so you're going to remember me being a major dick, but I get better' speech.

No? Still gonna fish?


Can you at least not giggle at the idea of them meeting Aoko? Her plotting with Epsilon is bad enough.

Dear Diary

Oct. 11th, 2015 04:32 pm
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Don't mistake the fantasy you've built up in your head as fact.

It's a logbook.

A simple method to record and keep track of important information.

[Locus, Honey. Do you even understand what you're doing late at night?!]

Stop. Laughing.

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Oh hey, like, here I thought you totally forgot about me! Which we both know isn't right, cause even the ugly guys who write the show I'm in didn't forget about me, so why would you?

[Yeah... wait. no.]

Anyway, you should totally get me into one of these places. Come on, hook me up with something awesome!

... and I guess if bro is there that's good too. Or maybe that angry grey guy that choked me... [Wistful look on her face. Not that it can be seen that is.]

That was way hot.
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This is. by far. your dumbest idea yet.

[The tone is all Church. But the voice is, um. Higher? Less masculine-coded than usual.] You wanna know how I know this is your dumbest idea yet? Because it's your idea and it's your most recent one.

Seriously, what are you gonna do with me, huh? Not a whole hell of a lot! What a waste of a halfway decent username, asshole, now you gotta live with the fact that you've got yet another version of me in your head, except how different am I going to be? Oh sure, sure, 'I have to consider all the changes there might be in relationships and social standing', bitch it's 500 years in the future, I think I can handle a bunch of dickwagging cockbite guys. The only difference is more space lesbians, I guess.

Although that is pretty sweet in and of itself.

(Also, just so we're clear? You totally should've just used Lady Sif icons. You know how badass I am, might as well let the whole world know. Come on.)
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I can get hunted down, kidnapped, and brainwashed into forgetting everything that happened to me ever, so some sleazy music label can make money off of me when they put me in a band. [ Literally the worst reason he can imagine to hunt down and brainwash someone, but ehh. What isn't stupid anymore, when he's honest about it? ]

Ooor I can remember my whole life and get a huge impossible favor just for living in a city where I'm supposed to be intimate with people? As in have sex. With women.

Come on, that's not even a hard decision! [ Not for the guy who'd end up in the actual situation, anyway. ] Always pick the sex city. It doesn't even have to be that one! Pick any sex city! This is my fucking destiny!
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Sososo, this is like, a vacation, right? I don't have to do anything?

Where's captain Tucker and everybody else?

Seriously, does that mean I don't have to go in for training for a while? I was gonna show Agent Washington my aim was getting better buuuut it wasn't actually exactly so maybe we're better off this way.


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