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It's 1 in the morning... no, 2 in the morning and you have nostalgia already? GO TO BED.

Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that you stayed up to watch the new GF I might have actually forgiven you. But then you woke me up, and there's not even food available. Not that I'm hungry but still...


Just... go to bed. Find me a meme tomorrow, post in your OWN for once, and let me sleep until morning. You can go make that Maya journal when you wake up.

No love.
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[Yukari is smug, which is her default state, if you really think about it.] So, should I lump you in with the rest of the fangirls?

[You and Akira-san just work so well together!] Ufu-! I know.

[You know holding hands like that means it's love, right? I've seen all the dramas.]

Hmmmm, is that so? That's quite an interesting interpretation. Shouldn't you let Akira have a say in this?

[...and dropping honorifics...!! How can you NOT 'ship it?]

I wouldn't be surprised if the fan clubs join together with that thought process. It's all the same to me, as far as I'm concerned.
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Well, then! Is that a little better, mundane? I'm ready to proceed, but only with the assurance that you'll be anything but. [Mundane. In case that wasn't abundantly clear.]

It might be a small delay before things really pick up, though with a classmate showing their lovely face this weekend, excitement may be coming sooner rather than later.

[A small chuckle - 'ufufu!']

You seem confident in your handling of me. I can certainly appreciate that. But let's not delude ourselves - some of this is going to be a new challenge for you. But your eagerness will count for something, no doubt.

At the very least, it will prove to be quite interesting.
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I'm fine with it, really! So long as I get to play with you and everyone again!

[ and somehow she's still optimistic about it. ]

I know you're nervous and everything, but don't worry! So long as there's love, I can prevail through anything! I'm invincible, after all! I can totally fend for myself, powers or no powers!

[ her expression then softens. ]

You can do it. We both can.
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Goodness, isn't this interesting...are you absolutely certain that I'm the one you wish to invite in? You're acting upon quite a few assumptions, even, to your credit, you are usually spot-on with them lately. I guess this isn't your first walk in the park, so to speak.

Just play nicely~! And don't be surprised if you find me as unpredictable as a cat.

(Though I must say, mun, bravo on the journal name. So very clever indeed.)
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Well...this hurts.

To be fair though, you said it was a white snow? You say the character is someone you can relate to a lot?

I suppose make sure you know what you're doing. Just don't leave me hanging.
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So you're currently marathoning a series other than mine, and wonder if you can finish my canon review? Mun, I appreciate your unwaving enthusiasm...but you still don't have a direction yet.

I guess keep digging. But if I really have to deal with possibly dying, I won't be happy...you could do better than that.

I'm sure.
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Greetings, player.

While I am aware that for common and strict definitions of princess that this username is technically correct, but I won't forget that you're making fun of Haruka, Kirara, and Minami.

As well, I'm very displeased with the presence of those 'icon' images of that person I once was.
spoilers??? )
Please, do refrain from putting those to use, player, and treat my friends well, and we can get along. That... 'game'... you are looking forwards towards putting me in will likely have them, regardless of how different our relationships may be.

Regardless of these complaints, I still look forward to... working with you? Playing with you? Whatever the case may be.
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 I'm happy at the prospect of going back to Waverly Bay! But, mun, I want to make more friends this time too. I hope updating my canon point will help with that.
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They look so cute! I'm so excited! I'll do my best to be the best Precure senpai ever, like last time!

[are you gonna show off your eyebeams again?]

What else?

[oh god.]

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 I'm aware you'd like to try again with a game, Mun.

But I like my name, thank you very much.
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You came back!

Thank you for always supporting me, Miss Mun! I was really in a pinch today... but I pulled though.

Um, so... can we go back? I want to thank everyone!

Not yet...? Then--I'll wait!
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Of course you miss me! I'd miss me too! [ ALL SMILES before....Hime pauses for a moment, thinking. ]

In all seriousness, if you're gonna do this, then we've gotta do it right and we've gotta do this fast. [ cue the tiny blue frown. ] A lot of my friends aren't there anymore. Which isn't your fault! And I can definitely make more! But if I do go back, I'd like to be able to know somebody there, y'know?

[ to which Hime solves this problem by...shouting into the ether. ] YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE, EVERYBODY I KNOW!

[ pause, grin. ] That should work.
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Could you kindly refrain from looking down on me? This may be a new culture, but I'll assimilate. Your worries are needless.

[ When she stops putting on airs, however, Towa visibly deflates. She even looks a bit worried, glancing up at the name of the community, and when she speaks, she almost sounds hesitant. ]

...now, what...exactly...does "player" mean....?
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Uh, Ms. Mun? I really appreciate the fact that you've decided to post me here but shouldn't you finish the canon first? I don't want to mess this up or anything because you haven't seen it all yet.

...though it would be really cool if I ran into any superheroes or giant robots. [ bluuuuush ] Ah, b-but you don't have to find any on my account! Don't worry about me! And you should really finish the canon first before doing anything!
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Miss Mun,

There's no need to worry, you'll have time next round to finish my application! I know you can do it! But until then I'm confident Hime will be just fine on her own. She's come a long way as a Precure and I know she's giving it her very best in the meantime. Of course that means I'll need to make sure to bring plenty of the honey candies too! I'm sure something from home will give her an extra boost of confidence.

But until then you should be confident too! I'll be here cheering for you until the next app round and even after that!

Oh! And make sure to eat at least one bowl of rice today as well. Not only is it a great source of energy but it's great for keeping up high spirits!
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Hey, don't you have a a whole other series to watch? And some movies? My icons aren't even from anything you've seen yet, so don't you think you're rushing things?

[ Aka 'oh my god why are you doing this to me and if you never finish those you might leave me alone'. ]

So isn't it a little early for those memes you put me in? You shouldn't even be thinking about entire games yet. And don't go looking for Honoka players just so you can put her through all the same stuff you're doing to me either!
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There's nothing wrong with being a bud!

[ she is so offended... ]
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....This decision certainly might have been premature, but you can only grow by challenging yourself. Have confidence, and pay close attention--

--you "aren't sure what my dream is yet"? What sort of enigma do you take me for?


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