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Why are you writing that fic? It's harsh enough to make it a co-written crossover with the Ace Attorney fandom, but then you go and make Ash the victim? Really? Really?!

*He sighs, drops his arms to his side.*

I'm glad he survives, but don't you think that's a little cruel? He's only twelve...
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[And because that red-headed brat keeps insisting that they're wrong about stuff;]

What the Shellder are you talking about? Alternate universe whatnow?

[Blue, you're opening a can of worms here.]
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[Red is without a doubt a man of few words, but at the prospect of going to a new game, he does have at least one thing to say - to ask, that is, his eyes wide with intrigue.]

Super powers?
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[This GSC!Rival - Nikolai, actually - is very a cranky young teen.] Heir, not Grunt. Doesn't matter if he disbanded them like the coward he is, I was the Heir. That means I'll never be a mere Grunt, so get that idea out of your thick skull. Plus, my methods are nothing like Team Rocket's. I'm not a coward or a tyrant or anything like them! That stupid man is wrong!

Don't think I don't see your plans, either. Hmph, like such a thing as 'mega-evolution' is true, or that Kalos had a war. Everyone knows it didn't, and the 'but alternate timelines' is a weak answer.

Don't think I'll allow you to just do what you please, either.
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Congratulations! Hard to believe our journey only started 'bout a month ago, huh? And now we've got all the badges and beaten the Elite Four and Team Plasma! It's been... eventful.

[There's a touch of wistfulness here that subdues that pride a bit.]

I just hope N's doing alright out there, you know? We've got a lot to think about, me and him. And there's still the Seven Sages for us to find- we can't let Team Plasma hurt anyone any more, got it?

So: More exploring, more training, more work! Let's get to it!

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But I don't know how to take care of them, mun.

I'm only almost fifteen, not a gillion years old and wise, and just because I can take care of Firewing and Titanbane doesn't mean I can do this. They're legends! What do reshiram eat? what about kyurem? More to the point, they're babies now, but babies grow so fast! What if I can't train them and they hurt someone? That's bad, so very very very B A D. Bad.

I - I can't just let them go, either. The parents are dead because of That man, and there's poachers and stuff and legend hunters, and they where kinda entrusted to me, so I- I have to be able to care for them. Somehow, without finding what I need a book, meaning this is gonna be super hard.

Plus, I'm gonna get in so much trouble for having eight pokemon on me, and three are super rare, and you know what means-!
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There's nothing wrong with Lillipup, but having five of them just so you can spend the early hours wandering around in tall grass and taking advantage of Pickup is a waste of time! Anyway, you know for my "official" team you should probably just rely on the manga for guidelines. It's either Tepig or Oshawott since Snivy seems to be Rosa's pick. I don't really mind either since they're both great. Emboar's as bold as I am and Samurott's underrated. We could just settle it by letting me have all three, you know!

I... guess what I'm really here to say is I can't believe it was seriously between me or Drayden. His entire face is a beard! I'm seriously offended that you even had to consider the choice. Uncool.
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Enfin, un magnifique retour! It took you long enough, but all is forgiven. You may ease those strained shoulders as you no longer must carry that weight for I, the great Looker, am now on the case!

[ Yet he can't seem to avoid looking as if he's in a rush, like he's distinctly aware that time is a very precious thing -- that many don't have for him. Sure, he doesn't always come off the most professional, but he manages to get the job done and within the guidelines laid out for him. Why, he's pretty alright, even!

The point stands that he's reliable. The only thing is, he's not exactly on duty right now so a certain something might be more of his focus right about now...

So, before we get down to business, how about lunch? Is there a name for the meal between lunch and dinner... linner, maybe? Well, we're going to have some linner. I have a few suggestions on where to go, let me just get out my notepad...
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Honestly, mun.

You and I both know I never really died. I'm happily engaged with two kids, in about six plus different universes. You're just not content with that because its been more than a year and we're both in a rut.

Just admit you miss your friends here. Come on, now. Once you do that, we can finally figure out what the next step is.
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I'm really starting to question your strange sense of humor.

I understand the whole point of revealing our secrets of our alternate selves, but did you have to reveal my AU's secret about asking out different ladies from his/my college days?!

[Sycamore then sighs to this as he put his hand over his forehead.]

I really can't understand what kind of plots you've made lately...
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 [A Floette with a black flower? They might've seen that, sure, but why do you think they'd remember it so clearly?

There are thousands of that species out there, after all, and Mew's always travelling. One Pokémon with a strange accessory wouldn't catch their attention for long. Especially if it didn't want to play!]
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(The glitch starts laughing manically. Oh dear...)
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Look. If you want to get back into the roleplaying mold, do it! If you want to have me hop in the fray, then do it! Otherwise you seem to be enjoying your self imposed isolation just fine.

It's just you can't go thinking about joining a game, draw up some ideas for it...then go do nothing. That's happened way too many times. Given you only seem able to play me when you're pepped up and have a blossoming mind, that has to mean something.

I don't care if I have to yell. I don't care if I have to fight another criminal organization. Hell, I don't care if I have to meet men in tights roaming around in a forest. Make this shocking, make this spiffy, make this exciting. Otherwise, let me resume my research.

There's way too many Pokémon I have to catch up on, too. Over 300...and you don't even plan to play these newer games. Although you might reconsider that?
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Give me my team. Then we can talk.
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1/ I do not 'justice rant' like the rest who share the Azai name in fiction, so kindly cease the laughter. ... It was once or twice. no more than that, no matter what Kaede, Oichi or the retainers say. Please, this is hardly fitting! It as almost as if you wish to mock me!

2/ While I agree that there is a multitude of reasons I should be thankful for in light of everything, should not Voicetesting me wait until you both have a firmer idea worked out before you start? I am not sure 'IDK, ally with Kenshin and Shingen around the halfway mark; then Nobunaga gatecrashes the party like a boss' is good enough for the middle of the war, or for you to be making noises about finding an Oichi and Noh.

3/ 'Yaksha comes after Kigan/Cragspur and is terrifying' and 'battle for Ryuu/Dragnor is Hell because Dragons' is not much better, even if my soon-to-be brother-in-law does not posses Zekrom; hydreigon in battle are... not something I'd wish on anyone, and first only to the Fuuma and their zoroark. At the very least, I kept my head, and I shall pretend I did not see such flagrant disrespect towards human skulls in that joke you and his mun made. 

4/ Please begin the wedding planing at once. For my love Oichi, no expenses shall be spared on this day.  
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You know that thing you tend to do where you drag me back out every three years or so whenever a new mainline game comes out? Really getting old.

...Hell, I'm really getting old.

Wes, you're 22.

Sure feels that way when there are champions in other regions less than half my age, just saying.


Jan. 9th, 2017 12:52 pm
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Well, I mean, y'gotta start somewhere, right? Or, er, re-start somewhere! Yeah!

And if life gets crazy, you know that your friends will stand beside you and help you through it, right? That's the whole reason you came back in the first place-- it's great!

[ a determined look! Clenched fists! The biggest smile! ]

Let's go on an adventure somewhere!
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Hey! It's only a cheap move when other people use it! I mean, if it helps you win a bunch, then who cares? At least it's not Stealth Rock, ugh, that's always the Worst.
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Eheh, hey there! I'm glad to be here, but I gotta ask... Why me? I mean, I know you were thinking about that Wes guy earlier and he's all cool and mysterious and I'm just some kid...

[Yeah, some kid who knocked Cipher out for good. Unfulfilled sequel bait notwithstanding. Point is, you don't get enough credit.]

Oh, uh, well, I'm not complaining! Like, seriously, I'm flattered! Anything you wanna do, I'm totally up for it. ...Or if you just wanna bum around, I guess that's cool too.


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