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I know "Sora's a hero". [Andy does some airquotes there.] I still hope...everyone's alright. [Himself and his mother, but also his toys--that's not ever going to stop being a weird thought, now that he's out here and knows the truth.]

And...Sora's still a kid, even if he is a hero. It's going to be dangerous for him.
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[Watches his mun scream and flail around like hyperactive fan over the latest Kingdom Hearts thing. Woody could only twitch slightly as he saw the excitement for this game canon that features him and his friends in.]

I-I see you're excited...

I mean I love the designs sure.

Not sure I welcome what happens in the story though...
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...I know I'm "good with kids".

I don't mind babysitting, honestly. But that doesn't mean that's the first thing I want to do long has it been since we last talked? Three years? Four? 

[probably. livejournal.]

There isn't a rush. Let's just...wait. And see how things go.

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[The emotion squeaks a little. Mun's paying attention to her again...?]

H-Hi again... it's been a while...

Um... a-are you sure it's gonna be okay to send me there? It's okay if you don't want to play me anymore... I don't mind it up here. I-It's not so bad...

B-But if you wanna, I'm not gonna complain... I just wish we could find someone else from Headquarters... it's been so long since we've seen anyone. [Does anyone else from her world even come around anymore...?]
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 Well, well, well! Now, this is a surprise! Definitely not an unpleasant one either, I mean, this whole place looks awesome! Like a tubular network of dimensions that converge at this point, and they're bringing all their emotional baggage with 'em! There are people here with powers I never even would've dreamed of! Wow, that' nerdgasm, right?

Just think of how much fun we could have with them.

...Ditching the cape, though. Hope you understand.
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I don't blame you for having to go... you said you might bring me back there someday, right...?

W-Well, at least it's a good decision... I think Joy would agree, too.

A lot of my friends have gone too... but there's still others there that I'll remember when I go back...

[She lets out a sigh, clasps her hands together close to her, and looks down at the ground.]

It's just... gonna be kinda lonely in here for a while... but I'll be okay... you said you were gonna try and find others with emotion muses, didn't you? It won't be like this forever...

... [An awkward pause follows.]

U-um. M-Mun? You might want to go to bed... you can't survive on two hours of sleep for much longer... you need your rest...
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[He looks up from the newest edition of The Mind Reader, brow furrowed and jaw clenched. Putting the paper aside he jumps down from his seat and marches over, points an accusatory finger.]

Hey you! What do you think you're doing? I don't have time for this! I shouldn't even be here. I'm supposed to be in Riley's head, not yours! I'm an emotion, not some dumb imaginary friend or whatever this is.

Nice going with the name by the way. What, you couldn't find something less imaginative?

[Well if I wanted to be funny I could've just used 'Short-tempered' or a variation thereof...]

Oh sure, let's go for the obvious joke about my height. That'll show me. "Boohoo, I'm so short. Boohoohoo, I look like a red brick."

Get over it!
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[siiiiiiiiiigh] It's Monday......

Wait, um... You want me to stay here? [said with an uneasy look while pointing to a small circle drawn around her.]

[trust me. it will be fun!]

That doesn't sound very fun—

[don't be silly! just stay in the circle until the end of the day and you'll have fun before you know it!]

I don't know...

[see? you're already having fun!]

Not really.....

[just stay in the circle dammit!]

[siiiiiiiiiiiigh] I don't like this game very much...
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Ah, Lady Mun, we meet once more.

And what is it you've got for me this time? I've not the patience for your little games.

[Just bear with the Mun.]

[That earns a small glare]

And just because you've seen the trailer for my daughter's appearance, does nae mean that I'll be making such an appearance in this...Once Upon a Time
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... I'm really not sure about this.

[Have a little more faith than that.]

But... I keep telling you... it's not mine or any other emotion's place to go inside someone else's mind...

[It'll be in at least another month or so. You might even see one of your fellow emotions before then. I'm sure they'll help.]

That... I really don't think that will work. I think they'd agree with me, at least...

[Look, you want to help him, right?]

I do wanna help. But it still... it doesn't feel right.

I guess... I guess we'll see later... but I still have some concerns about this...
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[So ever since the mun has seen Lava short, Stitch quickly grabbed his ukulele in order to try and learn to play the song. After a couple of weeks of practice, he seems to be getting a hang of it.

Now to attempt to sing the song while playing the ukulele at the same time 8|a]

A long, long time ago there was a volcano
living all alone in the middle of the sea
He sat high above his bed watching all the couples play
And wishing that he had someone, too.

And from his lava came this song of hope that he sang
out loud everyday for years and years...

[Feel free to sing along or even just listen to the little alien's musical stylings c:]

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[OOC: Possible spoilers for the Inside Out playset, at least for the first level, and in the comments as well.]

Read more... )
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It's about time ya made a journal for me, what took ya so long anyway?!

You're way too cautious.

[And you're way too impatient.]

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Empathy... that's a big responsibility, though... a-are you sure we're up to this...? We gotta make sure everyone else is okay with me using it before we try...

Oh, and... you don't have to put so much work into making more icons for me... I mean, 44 is a lot, and you keep finding more... and it's not even October yet. I really appreciate it, though... it makes me kinda happy...

But... are you sure you wanna try apping me to another game...? I-I mean, it's a little difficult... getting any of us into many types of these 'games'... that's what you keep saying, and I have to agree... it's really not easy to find the right kinds of places for us... there's too many scary games... too many games where I wouldn't be useful at all...

Joy and the others up here trust you, and I do too... but please don't overwork yourself...
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Hey, what's wrong with that!? I think it's great, you know! I mean you've already been doing so much with Sadness and Disgust, and honestly, I couldn't be happier! Well, okay, you technically have all five of us in the headspace here, but you're taking it slow! That's great!

And hey, I'm really proud of Sadness. Think about all she's done so far! I wish I could be there too, but you can't have all your eggs in the same basket! Er, game! [That would be bad anyway, Joy.] Hey, I'm fine watching from in here!

Besides, I gotta say, you've been making pretty good decisions about how much you can do at one time, and taking on less because more is stressing you out is good! I mean challenging yourself is a great thing, don't get me wrong, but you can't take on too much or it just gets draining, y'know?

I mean you've got a pretty good grip on things right now, in those games. What could happen?

[Please, please stop invoking Murphy's Law, Joy.]

[Cross-posted to [community profile] dear_mun]
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I'm sorry I'm making you sad... I keep doing that... but... is that what 'muse feedback' means...?

[Kinda... but it's okay, really.]

But... but it's hard not to be sad sometimes. I try, I really do... I want to help...

[But you do help. I'm glad that you're here.]

Everyone else seems glad I'm there too... but I really wanna see someone else from home again...

[It's only been three days.]

But three days is a long time to be alone... and it could be weeks... months... years...

[It won't be that long. And you've got other friends! If no-one from home comes, at least you've got them.]

...Yeah... you're right... at least I have them...
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Oh... hello... where am I? This isn't headquarters... or Riley... did I get kicked out because I wasn't useful...? I guess that has to be the case...

[Come on, pick yourself up, it's not that bad.]

But I'm no use to anyone... see what I've done...? I couldn't even stand in a circle that Joy drew for me... I can't keep my hands off of important things... that's why I'm here, isn't it?

[A little help, please?]
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Okay, first thing's first. No. I am not going anywhere here. How did you even get us out of Riley's head? Don't you have emotions of your own in your head?

Secondly, if you're going to do this, you at least need to watch it again. Seriously, one watch and you're going through with this? I'd even agree with Sadness, this is a terrible idea.

But fine, whatever. You do what you think you've got to do. Apparently I have no control over what you do, if the others in this... 'headspace' of yours have told me anything. [She rolls her eyes.]
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Um...hi? I'm Riley

...but I guess you already know that? That's really weird.

I'm not really sure what I'm doing here but could I go back home? I don't want Mom and Dad to worry about me again. I want to get back to hockey too. I've got to try again.

I don't really get that account name either. I don't think it's even a word.


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