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That detective could make a decent phantom thief.

If he wanted to be.
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"Pressured"? Come on, that's a slight exaggeration, isn't it?

What really happened is that you came up with a good pun and stole it before anybody else could touch it. Don't twist the truth just for your own gain.

[A long suffering sighTM.] Well... for the time being, I may as well set up shop here. Don't have much better to do while I'm waiting for you to make up your mind about a home.
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Seems the Phantom Thieves have caught your full attention.

Although it looks like we're not the first.

[Goodness there are a bunch of thieves in this mindspace. He could practically start a new team, but Joker is rather fond of the one he already has.]

Wait until you see the next heist. We're nowhere near done yet.
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I fail to see how you have any right to criticize my tailing skills when you didn't even notice me at first. Obviously this just means that Joker is very observant in comparison to others.


Alright, fine! I suppose a little practice wouldn't hurt.
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... Okay, so.

All this? This is what people call jumping the gun. Look, it's cool that you're excited. Great, even. But would it kill you to maybe slow down? Spoiling yourself silly doesn't count as actually experiencing the story and the LP you've been following is nowhere near done.

No games for me until you've seen it through to the end, got it? Don't think I haven't been paying attention to your ideas.
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I understand that all things come in good time, but I'd still prefer that you focus on my icons and theme before continuing on this... ...I'm not sure what "this" is. Are you certain you'd rather not indulge yourself with better prospects?

Yes, you've mentioned that aesthetics are your secondary concern, while your main priority lies with RPing itself. I can't pretend to be okay with that, but I don't have a choice in doing my best to ignore it. What I cannot ignore is your blatant disregard for logic.

Say you manage to satisfy both of us with the artistic portion of this exploit. What, pray tell, do you intend to do after that?
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Maybe it's just me being skeptical, but I kinda doubt you're going to be bringing me back out for an extended period of time. Like seriously, do you even know how rusty it is in here? Gross.

Besides, I was in the middle of a really fun dream. I dreamt that I was a bird; wings injured but not broken. In agony I'd stretch my wings and sore into the darkness, each flap sending out a shimmering light that pierced the darkness and illuminated-

[...oh. Yeah. Wow. She...probably shouldn't gone into that much detail.


A-anyway, the point is I'd rather go back to sleep than deal with whatever dumb idea you have cooked up in that head of yours. So can we just drop it? Please?
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Come on, son, this isn't the first time I've broken out of a Palace. You really should have seen this coming.

But then again, you never really intended to keep me locked up inside your head, did you? You saw my story as a painful reminder of how stacked the deck is instead of an insulting affront to the house of cards we live in, and even named me appropriately. You saw who I was, what my... confidants... were after, and you approved. Released me on my own recognizance, you might say.

What did you call it? "The stylish yet illegal Let's Play?" I know all about stylish yet illegal... you enormous memelord.

So you're complicit? Suits me fine. Maybe we can make a deal. Maybe you could case some games for me. See where they could use a fellow of my talents. Send them my calling card - An "application", if you'd like.

Then swoop in and steal the heart of a community.

They'll never see it coming.
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Well, well. Look who decided to finally come crawling back. You ignore me for five whole years, and now you suddenly want my attention again instead of the brat you actually play in a game? You're a real selfish bitch, you know that?

[His tone is very lighthearted and condescending as he speaks. He's not actually bitter, really.]

Whatever. I know you're just looking for any excuse you can to keep slacking off on your research paper. Stop fooling around and get back to work already. College students these days...
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You... You...! You finally remembered meeeeeee!

[ Teddie wipes at his eyes. ]

After all this time! Do you have any idea how lonely I've been?! It was unbearable!

[ He sniffles. ]

I want new icons, on the double! You owe me!
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Yeah, yeah. Shit sucks. I hear you. But hey! Look at the bright side. It's just two more months. Could be worse, I guess.

And besides. That's just more time you get to spend with yours truly, right?


Well, geez. Don't look so excited.
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Don't know why you're insisting on waiting. You should know by now that once I decide to do something, I'm in it for the long haul.

[Yes, you do know, Shinji. Having a castmate for a hot second would hurt Minako more than not having one there at all, at this point.]

Well, whatever, you do your thing and I'll do mine. I'm still gonna be here in January. Besides, it ain't like you have to do anything fancy with me once I can cook.

(OOC: Femtag continuity because why the hell not. Dudetags welcome, but he'll be confused. XD)
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Game time! And not that one over there you've been playing non-stop, my game! Refresh my voice so we can have adventures, mun!

[Groans... Why are you so loud, Teddy? I don't want to hook up my PS2]
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Hey there, lady. Long time no see.

And now I'm gonna get a little Team Leader on you, sorry. I know you've always had me on the back-burner as a 'permanent muse', and that's really cool of you. I like this space. But you also remember how much energy it took to write me, right? Don't bite off more than you can chew. That's how you get overwhelmed with tags and then lose all motivation for all your muses all at once. You're in a really good place with that other girl, with a lot of her friends coming in this month. Focus on her and give her that second chance at life she's wanted.

Me? Of course I wanna see everyone. I always will no matter where I go or what happens to me. But you know, I'm okay with waiting. I have nothing but time on my hands. What's the rest of eternity to me?

I'm kidding. Sort of. What I mean is, be really sure you're going to keep playing me if you take me somewhere. I can deal with people forgetting about me, not remembering me, or just plain not liking me. It's an occupational hazard of being a spin-off character. But I don't want to come back just to fade away again. It'd be a waste.
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Ain't you got anythin' better to do with your time?!

[ he's all made of piss and vinegar. huffing and stomping his feet like a ill-tempered horse. ]

Shaddup!! You don't just pull a guy from what he's doin' to put 'im in this type of shit! You didn't even ask for my damn opinion! When was the last time you even looked at where I came from, huh?

...Whaddya mean half a year ago?!
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Wow. So. We're really doing this, huh? You're gonna put me on a spaceship. Do you - Do you even realize what this means for me...?

[Adachi swallows a little, looking somewhat dejected. Until...]

This means I get to be a space cop! Ahahaha!

[...he grins like the absolute loser he is. Oh boy.]

Y'know, partner, this reassignment's something I could actually get behind for once. I mean, seriously. How cool is that?! I'll be just like that one guy - you know, from your comics? Granted, I don't get any fancy power rings, but... ehhh.

Something tells me I'll get by.
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Aren't you tired of this? Running back and forth, never really knowing whether you're coming and going? I mean, I get that you're invested and you're interested in the possible interactions, but there comes a point when you need to let things go.

You haven't even canon reviewed since the last time, and that was- what? A year ago? Maybe two?

But hey, it's your funeral. If you want to crash and burn, far be it from me to stop you. You do you, I guess.
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You want to find a game for me? I think that might be fun! But also a little scary... I never been in one before, like what if there are monsters or Shadows out there? If Zen's there then it wouldn't be so scary... But I don't mind seeing anyone else, like leader or Yuki.

Um, take your time with it! I know you haven't been in a game for a long time but we'll find one together! Maybe one with lots of food!
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You want to send me into space? I know I don't care much about school in general but I have never shown any interest in space. And you think I would be best suited to serve as some sort of communications officer? Mun are you feeling alright?

Yes yes I know I had a way of getting Yu-kun to do things. But he was the only that was actually nice or listened. What makes you think it will be any different as part of the fleet?

Alright alright, yes I promised to try and be a better person and use those around me as mirrors for who I really am and how the world sees me. But I only just made that promise how is going on a reality space show supposed to help to that end?

At least tell me there's shopping there that I can do when I'm not doing whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing.
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Hey mun, it's... been a while. Look, I appreciate the thought, I really do. I'd give just about anything to see what kind of art Chidori could have made, but... it wasn't to be. I've got no regrets, and I will never forget her, but... you're not going to be able to change what happened.

So y'know, just... don't let it bother you. I'm fine, I promise.


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