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Leave them out of this.

Wherever I end up, whatever I must do, I don't need to drag anyone else down with me.
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I think you just like making things difficult for me. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's the whole point. "Oh, Nico's been through enough already, a little more drama won't be a big deal!" Yeah, because getting a break from all that kind of stuff would've been too easy, right?


Mar. 25th, 2017 08:40 am
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You don't have the slightest idea what you're doing, do you?

You might want to figure it out before we get started. Just an idea! But let me guess: You're not going to listen to me. Don't worry, you wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last. Call me when you need my help fixing this mess, and maybe I'll listen.
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I-- I thought we were done.

[ Nico's voice expresses more emotion than in a long time. It's mostly despair, mixed with a dash of anger and -- as if there's a calming boyfriend over his shoulder -- resignation. ]

You haven't even read about Annabeth's cousin. I know you read that first book about Apollo, and you've preordered the second, but it's only because of me and Will specifically. You don't care about our world in general anymore.

[ Disgusted, Nico shakes his head. ] I don't have time for part-timers.
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No more fish puns, okay? I got it. It's hilarious that you're sending me to "fish" for information about the underwater tunnels away from the base and that you're hoping to "net" more of our friends by sending me this way. Yeah. Super funny. That's about as funny as the "can Percy drown this month?" jokes. [So. Not funny, really.]

Of course it'd be great to see everybody else. Annabeth, Reyna and Magnus have all been there for even longer than me. You don't think they miss people, too? But what am I supposed to do about that? I can't wave my hands and make everybody appear, and no, I'm not asking the reefbacks to go look for them.

[Not yet, anyway. But there's a sigh.] Who knows? If the others did show up on the base, maybe we'd finally figure out how to make cheese for a pizza.
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Okay, first off: all you can eat everything? Say no more. I'm on board.

But I think we both know what I mean when I say it's the rest of it that's.. uh, debatable. Could you maybe not talk about how you want to “ship” me with anyone but Annabeth? Just interested in the one boat, sorry.

And leave Nico alone.
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Do you honestly think you're gonna find a better muse than me anywhere? Ever? Because let me break it down for you right now: you won't. So stop going what-if this and what-about that and but-they're-so-cool blah blah blah. Seriously, do you even hear yourself talk? It's like whining in stereo. Do me a favor and grow a spine before you try and talk to me again, before I bust your nose open or your precious fee-fees.
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First of all, "Cuddle city"? That's a joke, right? It's bad enough you've made me fall in love with someone I've only dated once (and I can tell that will just end great), but now you want to send me to "Cuddle city?"

Please tell me that at least Will might be there. Or that a lot of people die. Then I'd have something to do.

And by the way? The "not my type" jokes are getting so old.
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...You're kidding, right? You really think you can sit there and tell me what to do? Oh, I gotta hear this. What's this bold strategy you've got cooking up? Let me guess. Join a game. Very original.

Don't give me that look. You knew exactly what you were getting into. Or, well, considering you have an entire sequel series left to read, maybe you don't.

Might wanna get on that.
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Yeah, well, Loki's an enormous, badly-dressed jerk. I think we already established that.

cut for potential spoilers )
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Your sense of humor sucks. But if you're really going to do it, hurry up and decide on a what book you're taking me from. It makes a big difference, you know. Especially if I've been getting close to a certain "significant annoyance."
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Uh, hi. Okay. I don't really think I should be here, I mean... the guy in tights said something about zombies? That you like to throw people into zombie apocalypses? I think you're aware of how I feel about apocalypses in general, but if you need me to spell it out for you, no thanks.

Er... ma'am. No thanks, ma'am.

So that's a "no" on the zombies, and a "no" on apocalypses. If you're going to send me somewhere, anyways. That place you're thinking about doesn't have those things, right?

[He shrugs and shuffles his hooves as he rethinks the situation.]

Or... I guess it doesn't matter. If Percy and Annabeth are there, then it's where I need to be, too. I'm just saying. It'd be great if there's no apocalypse, and no people trying to kill my friends. You know... for once.

[ooc: canon point is after the last olympian, for now. i'm currently in the middle of reading the lost hero.]
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Mun, it's great that you want to play me. I'm honored you chose me instead of someone like Jason or Percy. Don't worry so much about my voice, it'll come. Just keep practicing, and good work on the app. It looks almost done and got you got an additional 2 weeks to polish it. But, if you could stop Leo from doing running commentary that'd be great. He does seem more your type. It's a little distracting.

Also, is it true this place your apping me in is making me to go school? Like a regular school? And that doesn't seem like a bad idea to you? Okay, just checking. Could you also not take me right in the middle of re-attaching Paolo's leg? I think he'd appreciate it.
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It's not my fault you're always too tired to stay awake and do the texting thing on Friday nights.

(Why do you throw me into that, anyway? I don't even have a cellphone! Most demigods don't! Fine, fine, suspend disbelief a little...)

You could at least post me -- and your other reluctant heroes -- into more substantial memes, since you don't want to join games yet. But nope, you get too distracted. Sure, I know what ADHD's like. But 1. I'm not convinced you actually have it, and 2. can you at least try?!

...hmph. At least I should get an outing in the new series with Apollo in a few months. (Um, maybe. I mean, not that I'm saying I'm dating one of his kids or anything. Shut up.)
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[He doesn't say much--or anything, actually, but the look on his face says "really?" while his hands move rapidly through the signs.

Also glaring. Lots of glaring. Because really, that's what we're going with? It couldn't have had something to do with runes, or anything else, no it had to be this one thing.

...what does "it could be worse," mean?]
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Wow. You're really going all out with the torment, aren't you? [dry, dry sarcasm. the Field of Punishment's fondue dip is worse, not to mention the 80s music--] You want me and Ava Ire to become "friends" so you can what, have her betray me? Then, oh what was it . . . I'm supposed to turn her into a ghost? Like I did Bryce? I don't want to. Then she'd be right, they'd all be right. . . . Alvis would think I'm a monster.

[inhale, exhale. right, get rid of those pesky emotions. he had another point, here]

What's more, you throw me into my element. Total darkness, surrounded by shade-like shadows. And they won't talk to me. They aren't ghosts, so I can't make them remember. I can't give them a voice. And to top it all off . . . you "update" me right to when the darkness was trying to claim me. While there is nothing but darkness and firelight. Nice.

Fine. I could deal with that. Sounds like my normal Friday. But no, you couldn't stop there. Because I'm surrounded by these ghost-like shadows shuffling about as if lost, so of course I take responsibility. I'm the son of Hades. No one else can. [even his tone is sick of himself] So I set forth into the darkness, snub my lantern, turn intangible, and gain their trust. Great.

The next day, they're violent. I'm sick of the secrets. I set out, sword in hand, and I try to compromise. Help them find somewhere safe to stay. That big one puffs out like a cat, looms over me. I demand answers--

And I get phantom chest pains and pass out for my trouble. I don't even know why I bother. I'm the worst ambassador ever. Why do I keep trying to be the go-between for anything? I should have just cut them all down.

[groans] I'm rambling. I don't ramble. I've been hanging out with chatty types for too long.

This rant is going to haunt me for weeks. I hope you're freaking proud of yourself.

[oh honey, you know it's not the rant that'll haunt you. just the crushing feelings of inadequacy :)]
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If you had any doubts.

Yes, this is an excellent idea.

I'm awesome to have around.
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Yo, writer girl. Welcome to the P-O-P team. Membership always open. Except for when, you know, it's not. Megalomaniac teens and young superheroes are denied.

Point is, I don't do team-ups. Not a big team player, unless I have to play. So this? [bounces a finger between him and the dude behind the curtain] Not gonna work.

But hey! If you wanna write about me, go for it. Fanfic always gets better PR.

. . . Well. Almost always. Ugh.

Miiiiight wanna study up on your mathematical formulas though. And basic theories. You're not the best with numbers. [thanks for putting it nicely, Cho] No probs. I could tutor you! But, y'know. You write me. [shrugs! totally unapologetic too. what a jerk]

Oh, B.T.W.? Your totally self-indulgent crossover plans for me and demigod kids are not cool. I gotta deal with 'em in here enough as it is. I draw the line at apparent "children" of Athena. I call BS. Virgin goddess means VIRGIN goddess. I don't care what universe they're from. You can't fudge basic myth stuff.

Thor and Loki as brothers notwithstanding. Wev, still flying the B.S. banner.

On that note-- Yo, Cho to Herc, come in Herc! Anybody out there?


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