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I don't know what you're thinking. And from what I gather, most of the others don't, either. Though apparently it's not the first time you've 'picked up a character' you thought you'd never touch because, oh, now they're suddenly interesting.

Let's get one thing straight; my inventions work just fine. A few odd troubles here and there is completely normal, and I'd like to point out that after turning it back off and on again it did exactly what I designed it to do!


Fine, next time I'll see about putting a shield on it. Maybe. We didn't need it in the end, anyway.


Mar. 17th, 2017 08:25 pm
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This is ridiculous, just as the last time we crossed paths. You will do nothing - nothing more than take up my time. There are always better things I could be doing.

My time doesn't belong to you, after all. I've debts to collect, and debtors past their due.

my bad

Jan. 16th, 2017 10:48 pm
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Dropped the ball? Pick it back up then, because clearly it looks like I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

Not that I want to encourage half the nonsense you decide to indulge in. Still have some things going after all.
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Oi, I hear you wanna take this thing we got here to the next level! Hehehehe, good! It's about time I got ta stretch the ol' leg an' find meself some new explodin' grounds! So, what's the plan, ay?


[He throws his head back, cackling madly.]

No plan?! I love it! Aw, munny me dear, we're like peas in a pod, mate! Ca'mon, let's go make some beautiful mayhem together!

[I'm looking for a game that's more casual-- preferably without an AC, or with a very chill one! I'm not good at stress, or keeping up with deadlines.]
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Whether or not I have any history with that family is none of your concern.

So drop it.
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You don't have to tell me she's cute, love.

I'm the one she kissed, remember? Good to know everyone else is with friends and family during the holidays too. And to think, you doubted me spending time with Winston. He's my best mate! 'Course I'd be there! ...even if I was a tad late.
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Nǐ xiǎng bùxiǎng duī gè xuěrén ~?

[She giggles and leans over, whispering conspiratorially.]

It doesn't have to be a snowman~!
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Do not mistake me. My not making myself an active threat to them, or anyone, doesn't make me any less of one. Have your fun while it lasts.
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You know, you didn't have to stay up so late setting this up for me. Sometimes it's better not to be seen at all. But I appreciate the effort.

Just make sure you keep it up if you're actually serious. Otherwise, there I'll go— [ raising her index finger high, she mimes tapping on an invisible screen and smiles. ] Poof.
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You're doing this because you want to antagonize... Are you serious? I would question your morals but for now they match up with my to do list. Count yourself lucky.

And all I have to do is wait here and eventually any one of those fools will show up begging for death? Too easy.

[He crosses his arms expectantly.]

Better not be lying about this one. I have a long list of names to cross off and not a whole lot of patience to waste on silly games.
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What's been done is bad enough.
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So, er. About that one place y'just stuck me in!

[his mundane bats her eyelashes. why, is there something wrong?]

Well-- well, I wouldn't say wrong, so much as, er...

... just what're ye gettin' at here, mun?

[Gettin' you LAID, SON.

He turns bright pink.]

Well-- well, alright, then! I think I can live with that, ha, hahahahha! [His laughter is very, very nervous and high-pitched, his fingers fidgeting. Looks like somebody's nervous...]

Nervous?! Me?! Ha! Ahahahahhahahahhaa! Ha! ... aha...
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What's life without a bit of duplicity?

All's going to be just fine, hombre.
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Been quiet, can't complain about that too much. Well, other than missing out on Halloween which is just tragic. Got busy, crunch times and deadlines. Catching up on other things.

Figure out some way to make up for it, maybe.
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"The hype is real." That's what you said, yes? Well get on with it!

It's been a long time coming, after all; querida, pequeño amigo.
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Ah yes, while it is exciting that we're finally seeing such an elusive and new face, there are just as many questions that arise with it.

Aside from that, I am going to miss how festive Hollywood looked with all the decorations for Halloween but, don't be sad, mun. Just think of all the other Holidays coming up that we'll hopefully all get to experience as a team!

There never really seems to be a dull moment around, does there?

I hope we're lucky enough to see and meet some familiar faces around here again. I'm not sure of what this 'game' is you're wanting to find but please remember, I have my duty to those closest to me to make sure they're all right.

Let's just try and do our best and see where Sombre's appearance may take us.

A little bit happy I can finally go back to my normal Valkyrie suit than being dressed like a Witch.
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Let's not get ahead of ourselves eh?

I know I'm a pretty big deal but please, go ahead and continue with the praise and excitement.

I've waited long enough for my time and here I am!

Are you ready?


Nov. 4th, 2016 10:15 am
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Te dije que valdría la pena la espera. Now, don't we have work to do?


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